Are Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins Still Together? Inside Their Relationship & What She Does For A Living

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Among the plethora of reality television shows available to be consumed by fans, Temptation Island is one of those that serve scandalous and sizzling entertainment to its audience. The show stands out by mixing people in relationships with single people to test the boundaries of those in relationships. Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins were contestants on the show’s fourth season.

The two were one of the four couples who appeared on the show. Their relationship and faithfulness were tested severely while they were on the show, but was their love for each other able to stand the test of the island? A quick walk down memory lane will shed more light on their time together and where they are now.

Profile summary of Nicole Tutewohl
  • Name: Nicole Tutewohl
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 5 feet and 7 inches
  • Occupation: Reality TV, fitness expert
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA

Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins met at the gym

For a lot of people, their relationships start from the places they spend a lot of time. This theory also applies to Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins, for them, it was at the gym. Nicole is a fitness enthusiast and because of this, she spends a lot of time in the gym. On the other hand, Collins is equally interested in bodybuilding and fitness. As fate would have it, both of them used to go to the same gym in Minnesota and that was how they met.

There was an instant attraction between them when they first met but Nicole had a boyfriend and nothing could come out of their meeting. This was the situation until a year later when they met again and this time, Nicole was single. Having experienced an attraction for each other in the past, they were interested in what it would feel like for them to date, thus, they decided to get into a relationship.

Are they still together?

By 2019, Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins had been dating for more than two years and were already living together. Karl brought up the idea of them joining the show that year, which Nicole was skeptical about, but she decided to go on the show after Karl was able to convince her. Apparently, she wasn’t sure their relationship would be able to withstand the pressure that might emanate from the show.

The goal of Temptation Island is to test the boundaries of people in relationships and see if the love they have for their partners is one that can stand their attraction to other people. Before Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins joined the show, she was worried that the show would tackle the problems in their relationship and that they were not strong enough to fight it off. She was right.

Subsequently, their relationship ended even before they left Temptation Island. But what could have caused this rift between the couple in such a brief period of time?

A lack of trust was one of their problems

Before Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins became part of the fourth season of Temptation Island, Nicole had her reservations about their relationship, she was very much aware of the strain that comes with participating in such a show but Collins had no such fears.

When they got on the Island, the couple tried to the best of their ability to keep their relationship intact. Particularly, Nicole, who was of the opinion that Karl was the love of her life, spending time with Tyler – one of the other contestants revealed that she was ready to be loved in a way that differed from what Karl was offering her. It also did not help that before they got on the show, they had stopped caring for each other deeply and were only performing the motions of people in a relationship.

The final blow that sent their relationship to the rocks was when Nicole asked Tyler to come to her bed. In retaliation, Karl had sex with Britney – another single contestant on the show. This compounded the trust issues they had in their relationship, leading to an ultimate end of their love story, at least for a while.

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The aftermath of Temptation Island for Nicole Tutewohl and Karl Collins

She may have lost her man briefly on the island but Nicole walked away with a whole new perspective on life. During an interview, she shared her thoughts about what she had learned on the show and that the best part is to remain true to herself. She is now convinced that what matters is her happiness and she doesn’t have to adjust to other people’s standards to keep them around her.

Since that season of the show ended, it has become clear that Karl and Nicole have found a way to patch things up between them. Britney also claims to have enjoyed a weirdly close bond with Karl while on the Island. Meanwhile, Nicole did not throw a pity party as she is often seen with her former Temptation Island castmates, hanging out and enjoying life. She is also still active in the gym like never before.

She seems to have moved on to another phase of her love life with Karl and the two are often seen on her Instagram account either working out or cozying up to each other to the delight of their fans.

What does Nicole Tutewohl Do for a living?

There are certain things that come from being on a show like Temptation Island, and one of them is a high level of fame, for someone like Nicole Tutewohl, this is very important.

One of the high-priority things in Nicole’s life is fitness and although she devotes a lot of time to working out and keeping fit, she leads a life as a Business Development Manager at Gartner. She has been with the research and business advisory company since January 2018. Nicole has also found a way to monetize the fitness part of her life by working with One Brand protein bars.

Couples from Season 1 of Temptation Island who are still together

Temptation Island has had five seasons with the first one airing in 2001. There were four couples in the first season but when it came to the producer’s attention that one of the couples had a kid, they were disqualified from the show, leaving only the other 3 couples to participate.

Out of the three couples, none of them is still together. Not even Andy Lukei and Shannon Roghair who got married while they were on the show. They had two kids together but are now divorced.

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