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Brittanya O’ Campo
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Profile summary of Brittanya O'campo
  • Name: Brittanya O’Campo
  • Date of birth: 7th of July 1985
  • Place of birth: Oxnard, California, United States
  • Age: 38
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Unknown
  • Parents: unknown
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Occupation: Reality star, actress, modeling, businesswoman, social media sensation
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: $6 to $8 million

Brittanya O’campo is a woman of many hats, she is a reality TV star, an actress, a social media sensation, a model, an author, and a businesswoman. Though she came to public notice on the sets of reality television shows, the Californian-born star soon landed other gigs, modeling for several magazines. O’campo has one movie credit to her name and has gone on to become a sensation on social media.

Brittanya O’Campo is from a large family

Growing up in a family of six children was far from easy for Brittanya O’Campo. She was born in Oxnard, California, on the 7th of July 1985. The O’Campo family is a male-dominated one with four boys and two girls, though the boys’ names are not known, the actress’ only sister has been identified as Tiffany O’Campo who is a businesswoman. Brittanya is the last child in the family and she has admitted that her large family background is where her great confidence stems from. That is why she can confidently compete with any crowd without a modicum of fear.

Though his name was never mentioned, Brittanya’s father was a criminal who served time in prison, worsening the family’s financial status that was already bad. The actress was just 15 at the time and had to leave home to find work in order to assist her mum. However, she later went back home at her mum’s bidding. Even though the reality star’s dad was away from the family for years, it never affected Brittanya O’Campo’s love for him which she has expressed publicly. Father and daughter sure do share a close affinity as Brittanya once expressed gratitude to her dad for accepting her just the way she is.

Brittanya’s career took off from reality TV

Today, the American actress is known as a model and businesswoman but it all started in reality television for Brittanya O’Campo. The Californian native was first featured in the Rock of Love Stardom where she made the top six and later appeared on Charm School with Ricki Lake – a show targeted at converting the badly behaved women from Rock of Love Stardom into well-behaved ladies. Apparently, Brittanya behaved really badly in Rock of Love Stardom to merit a spot in Charm School with Ricki Lake where she made it to the finals before they eliminated her; this was in 2009. The actress was also spotted on the show, I Love Money.

She scored spots in several magazines

While Brittanya O’Campo never emerged the winner in any of the reality television shows she appeared in, they did create other inroads for the actress. Appearing on such shows made her a target for several magazines that later hired her services as a model. Consequently, Brittanya graced the covers and pages of several top-notch magazines, including the likes of MMA Sports, Rebel Ink, Spire, Savage Tattoo, Tattoo (Czech Republic), Tattoo Energy, Obscene, and many more. All these happened within a short span of eight months.

Brittanya O’Campo is one multi-talented woman

With three reality shows, Rock of Love, Charm School, and I Love Money, Brittanya O’Campo was fast creating a niche for herself on the entertainment scene. However, the ensuing gigs from over 22 magazines secured her place as an A-list celebrity in the modeling world. As if that was not enough, the Californian-born beauty still went on to make her big-screen debut in 2012 on the set of Dysfunctional Friends – a comedy-drama movie where she shared the screen with industry greats like Wesley Jonathan, Reagan-Gomez Preston, and Stacey Dash. O’Campo was featured as Lexus in the film.

With the reality television shows, modeling, and acting gigs, Brittanya’s career portfolio was already overflowing, but from what is obvious, the American star didn’t stop there. She still made a foray into the writing field by co-authoring a book called Millionaire Self Talk.

Brittanya O’Campo is a social media sensation

Brittanya O’Campo is one American celeb who is at home on social media. She sure knows how to leverage the available platforms in boosting her image. On Instagram alone, O’Campo’s followers have exceeded six million and still counting. If her countless raunchy photos on the picture-sharing platform are anything to go by, it’s no surprise she has many followers. Previously, the reality star had a run-in with Instagram authorities which is where she set up her shop. According to the story, she greatly violated the IG’s content policy, leading to the deletion of her primary Instagram account which already had many followers. However, from what is obvious, the social media star is back and better.

With her own name, Brittanya launched a couple of websites on Apple and Google, including an official fan app. What’s more, she has a private video site known as BrittanyaTV where several of her hardcore fans can pay for viewing her private videos.

She co-owns an international clothing business

Even with all her numerous commitments in the entertainment world, Brittanya still found enough space to extend a finger into the wheeling-dealing world of business. She launched an online clothing company, 187 Avenue; the store is dedicated to the sale of Brittanya merchandise such as t-shirts, phone cases, and many other bits and pieces.

She had a brush-off with the authorities in 2008 but why was Brittanya O’Campo jailed?

In 2008, Brittanya O’Campo attacked a lady with a fancy drinking goblet known as a pimp chalice, the resultant wounds had to be stitched and Brittanya went behind bars for six months after pleading guilty to the offense. Ventura County Jail was where she served her jail term.

Who Is Brittanya married to?

Brittanya O’Campo is a married woman and her husband has been identified as Lucky Moe Razavi – an Iranian-American who functions as the chief executive officer of the company called the Digital Media and Entertainment Group. Nothing is known about how they met and exchanged marriage vows but it is believed that they got united in a private ceremony which they had to elope to achieve. Brittanya seems to be doing well on the matrimonial front as her spouse has proved to be very supportive of her endeavors.

Meet Brittanya O’Campo’s children

Brittanya O’Campo Razavi has two children (all boys) from her marriage to Moe Razavi. Her boys were born in quick succession, 2011 and 2012. However, she was already a mother before marriage; the reality star was only 15 when she gave birth to her first child. Being too young to take care of a baby at that age, Brittanya gave the child to her grandfather to raise. The name of the child and sex is not known. Brittanya is presently a Los Angeles resident with her spouse and two sons, her first child is not part of the spotlight the family enjoys.

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What is Brittanya O’Campo’s net worth?

According to reports from Forbes International, Brittanya O’Campo’s total fortune falls between $6 million to $8 million which she accumulated from all her endeavors including modeling, acting, reality TV show, business, and the likes.

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