Things You Didn’t Know About Clark Backo, Background and Rise To Fame

Clark Backo
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Clark Backo – born 1993 is 31 years old.

Supernatural has been on the list of television shows that dominate the small screen since it first aired in 2005. Created by Eric Kripke, the CW series has helped launch the careers of many and pushed others like Clark Backo further under the spotlight. Backo is also known for her role in The Designated Survivor among other projects. She further has more in the pipeline with a career that shows so many prospects.

Due to her relatively young career, not many details have been made public about the actress. Nonetheless, she has achieved quite a lot in a short time in the industry. We gathered a few facts you probably didn’t know about this Canadian beauty.

Profile summary of Clark Backo
  • Full name: Clark Backo
  • Date of birth: 1993
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Place of birth: Montreal, Canada
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2012-present
  • Notable works: Designated Survivor, Supernatural
  • Spouse(s): NA
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Net worth: estimated at $700k

Clark Backo was born and raised in Canada

Though the bulk of her work as an actress is in the United States, the actress is actually a Canadian by origin. She was born in Montreal, Quebec, but grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Clark Backo was allegedly born in 1993 but we don’t have a specific date yet as she has not been generous with such details about her past.

Growing up, she took her academic life seriously but that didn’t stop her from honing her acting skills. Though she went to a university for sciences, she took acting classes, as well as attended scene classes at Straeon Studios with Jock MacDonald.

Backo now has a sturdy career in the United States but we are yet to confirm if she has moved over to Hollywood for good or still residing in her home country of Canada.

Clark Backo is of mixed ethnicity

Looking at her, it is clear that Clark Backo has a mixed heritage and one part of her is African. Though she hasn’t shared much information about her early days as a child and what growing up was like for her, she seems to cherish her family a lot, including the ones in Africa.

The actress has a Caucasian mother while her father is black. One of her Instagram posts suggests her origin can be traced to the central African country of Cameroon. In the post which she shared with fans in 2020, Clark posted a picture of a black woman whom she called Thoumi Christine – her grandmother. According to her, she met the woman when she was still a baby and she is yet to see her again.

How Backo’s father influenced her career choice

While she enjoyed dancing and modeling from an early age, it was the stories she heard from her father that inspired her to be an actress. Backo’s dad is an enthusiastic storyteller and in true African style, he used to tell his kids stories from when they were young. These stories sowed a seed in Clark who made up her mind to become an actress, probably to depict similar characters in her dad’s stories.

Before the decision to pursue acting was made, Clark Backo was into dancing as a child. She also tried modeling but acting won in the end. Howbeit, her acting career didn’t take form until her high school days.

Clark Backo made her acting debut in 2012

Her acting career professionally started on the set of Beauty and the Beast in 2012. The project is a Canadian TV series which means she started from home before spreading her wings to other industries. She played a guest role in one episode of Beauty and the Beast with the title Proceed with Caution.

Her next project came in 2015 when she played another brief role in Remedy Season 2, as well as appeared as Lydia Lourdes in Hemlock Grove. In 2016, she was seen in three more projects – Shoot the Messenger,  – a TV series where she played the role of Avril Trong, in Sadie’s Last Days on Earth where she played the main character’s best friend, Brennan, and a short film titled Going In.

Supernatural, Letterkenny and Designated Survivor shot her into the spotlight

Though Clark Backo has been in a lot of small and big screen projects, her works can be found more on the former. Her role in Wynonna Earp and The Girlfriend Experience were received with good reviews but her real rise to fame can be traced to the time she spent on the set of 21 Thunder, Supernatural, Letterkenny, and Designated Survivor.

She gave life to the character of Patience Turner in Supernatural. Wayward Sisters is one of the episodes she appeared in Supernatural and it was supposed to be a pilot to a spinoff but the network didn’t pick it up in the end.

Other TV shows to her credit include Birdland, Random Acts of Violence, The Handmaid’s Tale, Seven in Heaven, and more. She also has other recent projects and more in the works, including Confession, No Running, Happy Place, and Love at Look Lodge.

Clark Backo

On the set of Supernatural — “Wayward Sisters” image source

Clark Backo experienced a panic attack on the set of a film

While filming the 2020 movie Happy Place, the Canadian actress had a panic attack, the first time she experienced such. The ordeal reminded her that she needs to listen to her body sometimes. For someone who has been in the industry for years, it is expected that she wouldn’t be prone to suffer such incidents but it turns out it can happen to anyone.

Her castmates and crew members helped her through the experience and she felt good while recovering from it.

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Clark Backo’s movies and TV shows


  • Sadie’s Last Days on Earth as Brennan – 2016
  • Going In as Nora – 2016
  • Birdland as Girl on Train – 2018
  • Seven in Heaven as Nell – 2018
  • Random Acts of Violence as Todd’s Mother – 2019
  • Love at Look Lodge as Lily – 2020
  • Happy Place as Samira – 2020
  • No Running (post-production) as Amira
  • Confession (post-production) as Jillian

TV series

  • Beauty and the Beast – 2012
  • Remedy as Rhianna – 2015
  • Hemlock Grove as Lydia Lourdes – 2015
  • Shoot the Messenger as Avril Trong – 2016
  • Wynonna Earp as Shae – 2017
  • 21 Thunder as Emma Lavigueur – 2017
  • The Girlfriend Experience – 2017
  • Designated Survivor as Ava – 2017
  • Supernatural as Patience Turner 2017-2018
  • The Handmaid’s Tale as Genevieve – 2018
  • The Hot Zone as Liz / Liz Gellis – 2019
  • Letterkenny as Rosie – 2016-2019

Acting is not her only forte

Naturally, Clark Backo is a performer but she has also used that talent to impact other people’s lives. She is committed to airing her opinion on any matter and has leveraged the power of social media to get her messages across to her numerous fans.

Backo also loves to travel and has been to places like Japan and of course, the United States of America. The nature of her job has made it even easier to travel to different places. She is yet to get married and has not shared details of her personal life with us.

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