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Margherita Mazzucco
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Margherita Mazzucco – born in 2004, is 20 years old.

Playing Elena Greco in My Brilliant Friend was the nudge her talent needed to manifest and that singular role sent Margherita Mazzucco right to the spotlight. She has since gone global for her interpretation of the role which many who have read Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels which the show was adapted from, confessed to the fact that she was the perfect choice for the role. The young actress also agrees with that notion as she has expressed concern for what will become of the character if she leaves. She often worries that the next person to pick up the role might not do justice to it.

Upon its release, My Brilliant Friend received favorable reviews with Mazzucco’s role getting part of the praise and credit for the success of the show. Being new to the spotlight, not much information has been made public about the young emerging actress but one of the intriguing things we have learned thus far is that she joined the cast of My Brilliant Friend as a complete novice with regards to acting.

Profile summary of Margherita Mazzucco
  • Name: Margherita Mazzucco
  • Date of birth: 2004
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Place of birth: Naples, Italy
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 1.66 m
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2018
  • Net worth: NA

Margherita Mazzucco was born in Italy

Born in 2004, Mazzucco started acting in 2018. Fifteen at the time, Margherita Mazzucco tasted the world of performing arts for the first time on the set of My Brilliant Friend. Before she auditioned for the show, she had not been to any other audition in her life. She subsequently beat more than 9,000 aspirants to clinch the role.

Meanwhile, acting was not on the cards for her before she got the role. She never dreamed of a lifetime in front of the cameras and was actually gunning for a career in language or working as an architect. Margherita had things already planned before the flyer for the audition happened to find her through a friend.

She finally made up her mind to try out for the role and even waited until the last day before auditioning. After much scrutiny, directors picked her out of the thousands of talented girls who must have come for the spot.

She has the support of her mother to build a career in acting

Most parents might see a budding career in acting as a waste of time but not Mazzucco’s mom. She was the one who lifted her spirit by encouraging her to go for the audition after seeing the flyer. Her mother apparently saw the potential in her daughter and didn’t want her to miss a chance to tap into it.

Saverio Costanzo takes credit for showing her the ropes in the performing arts

Having landed the role of Elena Greco as a total novice, Mazzucco had to be pointed in the right direction when filming commenced and this was where Italian film director Saverio Costanzo came in to save the day. The actress credits him with showing her the ropes when she started acting for the first time.

From facial expressions to the tricks evoked when facing the camera and how to ensure the perfect interpretation of her character, Saverio helped her become the known star she is today.

At first, the character of Elena Greco did not resonate with Margherita

After beating thousand of people to get the role, Mazzucco realized she didn’t like Elena’s character. She felt they were worlds apart, making it difficult for her to fit into the part at first. To her, Elena was too calm for her liking but this feeling didn’t last as she soon realized she actually shares a lot in common with the character as she told the Guardian.

Elena might appear reserved when you meet her for the first time but over time, you would see another side of her that reveals a determined and courageous woman.

Margherita Maccuzzo wore extra padding on set and got fake acne for the role

Because her character in My Brilliant Friend is in her teens and going through puberty, Elena had to give her body a boost to look the part. For this, she wore extra padding in the necessary places.

She also spent a lot of time with the makeup experts to give her facial acne. This was necessary for the role and the result was worth the hours put into it.

Margherita Mazzucco didn’t ditch school to go into acting

Considering how overwhelming it could get trying to combine acting and school, it was expected that Margherita might leave school to focus on her career but that is not the case. Although her character is among the major ones which meant more time on set, the actress still found a way to keep up with school work.

According to her interview with the L.A. Times, one of her teachers encouraged her to continue with her education while acting on the side. Mazzucco would finish filming and rush off to school to take tests and do other school work and she made it clear that nobody gave her special treatment.

She is not a social media enthusiast

Though there are a few accounts with her name, Margherita Mazzucco doesn’t seem to be interested in social media. Unlike most people her age, she doesn’t spend time sharing her life on the different social media platforms available. As such, her personal details are not out much.

The Instagram and Twitter accounts in her name are said to be fake and not linked to the actress.

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TV shows and movies Margherita Mazzucco takes credit for

In all, the Italian actress has appeared in four motion picture projects. Aside from My Brilliant Friend which brought her global fame with her first outing, Margherita has depicted roles in other TV shows like My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name and FREE HBO: My Brilliant Friend.

In the movie department, she has only recorded one credit to her name. She played the main character in the film Geniální přítelkyně which also has Saverio Costanzo as the director. More roles are expected to come her way since she seems to have warmed her way into the hearts of many, including movie fans and directors.

Recap of Margherita Mazzucco’s acting credits


  • Geniální přítelkyně

TV shows

  • My Brilliant Friend
  • My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name
  • FREE HBO: My Brilliant Friend
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