Daisy Kelliher Was a Cast Member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Meet Her

Daisy Kelliher
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Daisy Kelliher – born May 28, 1988, is 35 years old.

Daisy Kelliher is an American reality television star best known for her appearance on the first and second seasons of the Bravo Network series, Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Kelliher who hails from a yachting family background knows her way around a sea vessel as she started sailing in her formative years. Thus, when she became a yachtie, the cast member hit the ground running. Little wonder she did a great job in the first season which led to her second appearance in season two.

Profile summary of Daisy Kelliher
  • Name: Daisy Kelliher
  • Date of birth: May 28, 1988
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Place of birth: Dublin Ireland
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Education: NUIG Shannon College of Hotel Management
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Occupation: Reality TV star
  • Years active: 2021
  • Net worth: $1 to $5 million
  • Instagram: @daisykelliher87
  • Twitter: @Daisykelliher

What is Daisy Kelliher’s nationality?

Daisy Kelliher is an Irish national, she was born on the 28th of May 1988 in Dublin, Ireland. Daisy is currently 35 years old and her ethnicity is listed as White.

Her personal information on the set of the reality show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht reveals that the Dublin native comes from a long line of yachties. Her grandfather Eddie Kelliher made a name during the 1964 Olympics representing Ireland in a yachting contest in Tokyo. Eddie who was born in the Tralee, Co Kerry part of Ireland was married to Doreen Kelliher – a Valentia Island native.

From Dublin, Eddie joined the Dun Laoghaire–based Royal Irish Yacht Club, representing Ireland in the Dragon class during the Summer Olympics hosted in Tokyo Japan.

Though Daisy Kelliher’s parents’ names have never been mentioned in the public space, they are all yachties. The family has a company that offered the reality TV star a temporary job after the Corona Virus caused her to lose her job.

In fact, it was her dad who encouraged Daisy to try her hands at yachting. The female sailor’s mom and aunties were all into yatching. The entire Kelliher family belonged to the Dún Laoghaire yacht club (via Meaww).

The yachtie’s early educational achievements are not known but she is an alum of NUIG Shannon College of Hotel Management. Daisy’s hobbies include painting, singing, and doing makeup.

What does Daisy Kelliher do for a living?

Though she is listed as a yachtie, Daisy Kelliher first worked for a couple of years in London but the type of job she did is not known. After she heeded her dad’s advice to go into yachting, Daisy relocated to the southern part of France at the age of 25 where she launched her yachting career.

As a child who spent a better part of her life on boats, Kelliher and yachting were like the proverbial duckling and the seas, and before long, she proved that she knows her way around a boat.

Daisy Kelliher Below Deck Sailing Yacht

When the Bravo Network’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered on the 3rd of March 2021 at 9/8C and aired on the Bravo channel, Daisy Kelliher boarded the ship in Croatia as one of its cast members. She joined Parsifal III as its new Chief Stew, chief stewardess, and the head of the yacht’s interior team. She works alongside others like Dani Soares who functioned as her second stewardess and the position of the third stewardess went to Alli Dore.

Coming from a yachting background, the yachtie who is considered to be a yachting legacy had a lot to live up to onboard. Many cast members like the chef and chief stew found themselves on different pages with increasing miscommunication and mistrust, giving rise to an extremely volatile working relationship.

The department heads and yachties were busy undermining each other’s authority, coupled with arguments that build up via the vessel’s different chains of command. Needless to say, the tension between the exterior and interior teams hit an all-time high.

With new safety measures in place, the crew was forced to stay on the vessel in between charters while dimming the lines personally and professionally. It goes without saying that this led to a boatload of nauti-yachties. See the list of Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members below;

  • Glenn Shephard Captain
  • Colin Macrae Chief Engineer
  • Natasha De Bourg Chef
  • Daisy Kelliher Chief Stewardess
  • Dani Soares 2nd Stewardess
  • Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux Deckhand
  • Sydney Zaruba Deckhand

Kelliher still bonded with cast members nevertheless

The quarrels and loggerheads notwithstanding, Daisy Kelliher still managed to bond with most of her crew members. She later went live on Instagram to reveal how enjoyable her time in production was and how the group managed to overcome all the outrageous moments they encountered and still worked well together in the end. Daisy described her co-stars as pretty strong, a bit dramatic, and a good team but with crazy personalities.

After Daisy Kelliher wrapped up production on the reality show, she remained on the island of Antigua very close to the water to figure out her next move. However, she was called up to join season two of Below Deck which was published on the 22nd of February 2022.

Where is Daisy Below Deck now?

In recent times, the reality television star kicked off the series called Pita Party on IGTV with Alli and Dani. The episodes of the new series feature the ladies as they furnish viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at what actually transpired while filming the second season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

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Daisy Kelliher is on social media

Daisy Kelliher has a few social media accounts through which she interacts with fans. On Instagram, the reality TV star is @daisykelliher87 where she gets busy sharing posts about her day-to-day activities, travels, and career. The handle currently has many followers. On Twitter, you can find her at @Daisykelliher.

How much does Daisy Kelliher earn?

The Below Deck cast member has not revealed how much she earns on an annual and monthly basis but it is obvious that appearing on both the 1st and second seasons of the Bravo Network series boosted her fortune to a great extent.

Her total net worth is yet to be confirmed by trusted sources but there are quite a good number of media outlets claiming that she has between $1 million to $5 million.

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