Jami Gertz is One of Hollywood’s Richest Actress: How Much Does She Make

Jami Gertz
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Jami Gertz is one woman that deserves a mention on the list of the richest American actresses of all times. The Chicago Illinois-born movie superstar is currently worth a Jaw-dropping $3 billion which accrued from her acting career, business, investments in sports, and other ventures.

Gertz’s career journey began on the small screen doing television commercials and with time, she started scoring cameos in both the movies and TV series. After she got married, the American entertainer moved into sports and business which skyrocket her net worth.

Jami Gertz’s profile summary

  • Date of Birth: Oct 28, 1965
  • Age: 58
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
  • Place of Birth: Chicago Illinois,
  • Nationality: United States Of America
  • Profession: Actor, Film Producer

What is Jami’s Net Worth

Gertz became a billionaire in 2019 but the Chicago native has not always been rich. She started building her nest in 1981 when she earned a cameo on the set of On the Right Track playing Big Girl. Jami’s fortune grew over the years and in 2018, her net worth was listed as $ 500 million. At this stage in her career, the actress was already investing in business ventures with her husband.

In 2019, she crossed the billionaire milestone with a net worth of $1 billion and the next year, she doubled her fortune to $2 billion. The year 2021 saw Jami Gertz with a bank balance of $2.5 billion and towards the end of 2023, her net worth was recorded as $3 billion.

No doubt, recent reviews will reveal a higher fortune for the celebrated actress and businesswoman.

How much does she earn?

Reportedly, the A-list actress earns around $20m million on a monthly basis. However, her annual income is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $250 million. Jami only got to this stage in her financial standing after she joined her husband in business and sports.

Jennifer’s income sources

The celebrated actress’ income sources include acting roles, business, sports, and her brilliant marriage.

Jami earned big from her acting roles

The movie star started her career as an actress. Then, she was seen in several minor roles in different productions. Her debut movie role was witnessed in the romantic movie, Endless Love followed by the situational comedy, Square Peg where she played a co-starring role from 1982 to 1983. She was seen in a single episode of Different Strokes as a child actor and later joined the cast of The Facts of Life in a recurring role.

Jami Gertz started getting significant attention in towards the later part of the 1980s when the Chicago-born actress starred in the movies, Less than Zero, Crossroads, Quicksilver, and The Lost Boys.

Her other known productions include Jersey Girl, Twister, Still Standing (CBS sitcom), The Neighbors (ABC sitcom), Sixteen Candles, Solarbabies, and Quints.

In addition to her onscreen roles, Jami also knows her way around on the stage. She has undertaken some stage roles including the 1993-produced Wrong Turn at Lungfish.

Thanks to her acting roles, Jami has won a good number of awards and has been nominated for many. The top Hollywood actress can boast a Primetime Emmy Award, a Razzie Award, The Stinkers Bad Movie Award, a Young Artist Award, and more.

She has a huge business acumen

Jami Gertz became a businesswoman after she married her husband, Tony Ressler, and together, the power couple invested in different areas like sports, entertainment, venture capital, and more.

In 2015, the American actress joined effort with her husband to acquire the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association. Jami served as the Hawke’s representative during the NBA draft lottery for the 2018, 2019, and 2020 drafts.

They have a stake in the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball as a part of a powerful investment group that purchased the MLB team.

Apart from her business ventures with Tony Ressler, Jami also has a good number of personal investments. She takes the credit for establishing JG&A, LLC, a known consulting firm that targets start-up firms, providing them with guidance and entrepreneurship advice.

Her enterprise, Henry Rose is listed as a lifestyle collection of well-crafted home goods, essential apothecary items, and beautiful accessories.

She stands as an advisor to high-profile tech companies. This include firms like Zinc Health where she functions as Strategic Advisor on issues about Women’s Health Initiatives. She is also with Women@Work Ventures as one of its Advisory Board Members.

Apart from the aforementioned, Jami has also invested in stocks, venture capital, cryptocurrency, private equity, mutual funds, index funds, bonds, and more.

Jami Gertz once worked as a perfume designer

During the 1980s, Jami Gertz took a hiatus from acting roles and traveled to Paris where she started a job with Lanvin as a perfume designer. However, the lure of the glittering world of the movies was too strong to resist and she returned to the US around 1986 to continue with her work in the entertainment industry. This was when she scored her Twister role which went on to gross a whopping $494 million on a global scale.

A great portion of Jami’s fortune came from her brilliant marriage to Tony Ressler

Though Tony Ressler was far from rich when he married the Chicago-born actress, the L.A.-based businessman later became a billionaire. Tony made his initial fortune from the management firm, Ares Management which he co-founded in 1997. Reportedly, the company manages assets of over $136 billion. Tony reportedly owns 33% of Ares’s equity.

Tony is a co-founder of the private equity company known as Apollo Global Management which manages assets of over $300 billion.
Together with her spouse, Jami Gertz debuted on the world’s billionaire list in 2015 when their combined net worth hit $1 billion. By 2017, the couple could boast over $1.8 billion fortune and in 2020, their bottom line hit $3 Billion. Currently, Kami alone has $3 billion while Tony comes richer with a whopping $5.7 Billion.

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Jami Gertz’s real estate investments

Jami Gertz and her husband own properties in some of the most expensive areas in the United States. The couple’s primary abode is located in Beverly Hills. The dwelling is reportedly in the most exclusive gated community of the Hills situated at a mountaintop with an enviable 360-degree view of L.A.

Jami and Tony’s Beverly Hills abode has high-profile neighbors like Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, and several other A-listers in the entertainment industry. The worth of the house was estimated at $60 million.

Apart from their palatial Beverly Hills home, the couple also has another choice property in Malibu. This piece of real estate is located in Broad Beach, one of the most sought-after parts of the area. Jami and Tony’s Malibu residence is a beach house estimated at over $30 million. The couple uses it as a serene getaway when they want to escape from their busy schedule and it also holds weighty financial value.

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