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Zoila Chavez
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Zoila Chavez – born August 25, 1950, is 73 years old.

Zoila Chavez is a housekeeper, actress, and reality TV star best known for the role she played on the set of the Bravo television show, Flipping Out. The reality star worked as Jeff Lewis’ Director of In-House Operations on the set of Flipping Out and was Jeff’s longest-serving staff member who would withstand his extremely bad temper. The reality TV star retired in 2017 as the show’s 10th season was ongoing and is currently shuttling between her country, Nicaragua, and the US.

Profile summary of Zoila Chavez
  • Name: Zoila Chavez
  • Date of birth: August 25, 1950
  • Zoila Chavez’s age: 73 years old
  • Place of birth: Managua, Nicaragua
  • Nationality: Nicaraguan
  • Education: Drop out
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Occupation: Housekeeper, reality TV star, and actress
  • Years active: 1998
  • Net worth: $500k
  • Twitter: @ZoilaChavez
  • Facebook: Zoila.Chavez

What is Zoila Chavez’s age?

Zoila Chavez is 73 years old. The reality television star was born on the 25th of August 1950 in her hometown, Managua, Nicaragua. a country in Latin America. It goes without saying that Chavez is a Nicaraguan by citizenship, however, she is of Latino ethnicity

Zoila has not said much about her background and formative years but she comes from a large family where her mum had to work till her old age.

At a point in her life, the reality TV star had to call off her academic pursuits to go look for employment and support her family. The reason behind her decision to drop out of school was that her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

What does Zoila Chavez do for a living?

While she was still going to school, Zoila Chavez was nurturing the dreams of joining the teaching profession but dropping out of school put paid to that aspiration. At age 10, she was already working and earning stipends as a laundry maid. From washing clothes, she gained employment in a shoe factory.

With three daughters to feed, Chavez soon realized she wasn’t making enough to put food on the table. This realization informed her decision to relocate to the United States where fate and providence were waiting in the form of interior design mogul, Jeff Lewis to elevate the mother of three to a better life.

She gained popularity in reality TV

Zoila Chavez eventually moved to California where she scored a temporary job with television celebrity and real estate agent Jeff Lewis as his weekly housekeeper in 1998. The job proved to be a stroke of good luck for Zolia as she was soon promoted to permanent staff, leading to her being cast in the Bravo Net Work reality television show, Flipping Out.

The show revolved around Jeff’s life in LA and his entourage consisting of Jenni Jenni Pulos – his project manager, Gage Edward – his boyfriend, Megan Weaver – his business manager, and Zoila who served as Director of In-House Operations. The show’s main focus was house flipping and interior décor, including Lewis’ real estate consulting business.

From the first season of Flipping Out to its 10th season, Zoila Chavez battled her boss’ short temper and with time, she became a very significant figure in his life. Though people view Jeff as a tyrannical guy, compulsive, and obsessive, Chavez was never afraid of him and remained on his good side for 18 long years.

Jeff and Zoila‘s relationship was so good that the real estate agent surprised her on her birthday in 2011 by financing the plastic surgery she needed. This special birthday gift by Jeff was also covered in some episodes of Flipping Out.

Zoila Chavez didn’t record an appearance on the 11th season of the reality show as she resigned in August 2017, ending an 18-year-long working relationship that changed her life for the better.

She has since appeared in other reality TV shows, including Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, The Jeff Probst Show, and Lopez Tonight. In all these programs, she starred alongside her boss, Jeff.

Where is Zoila Chavez now?

When Zoila Chavez failed to appear on the set of the 11th season of Flipping Out, fans and the viewing public started asking for her whereabouts and it soon came to the fore that she exited the show during season 10.

Jeff and Gage were bringing so many nannies to take care of their baby girl, Monroe at the time but none lasted. However, one of the nannies called Gemma accused Chavez of forcing her out and confronting the housekeeper with the allegation that led her to walk out of the mansion, leaving her key behind. Zoila never returned for the reality how’s the 11th season, and Lewis later told People that she retired.

Even though their professional relationship didn’t end on a good note, Zoila Chavez and Jeff Lewis still managed to salvage their personal relationship. Talking on the set of the SiriusXM show in October 2019, the real estate agent said he now has Zoila’s sister working for him.

When he appeared in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2018, Lewis confirmed he has kept in touch with Zoila since she retired and just sent her a text message during the week. The Flipping Out boss also said they might be having dinner soon.

On Chavez’s current whereabouts, Lewis said she shuttles between Nicaragua and Los Angeles. Nicaragua is where she is staying and often visits her daughter in LA. In fact, the real estate agent revealed that his former housekeeper graced Monroe’s third birthday party which was a moment of great happiness for them, given that Chavez acted as the baby’s surrogate grandmother.

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Zoila Chavez is divorced

Zoila Chavez has been married and divorced once. Zoila Chavez was just 18 when she got married, though the name of her spouse has never earned a public mention. The details of her wedding are not known, thus, we cannot say exactly when and where the ceremony took place.

However, she went on to have three children with her husband, Elizabeth, Johana, and Carolina – all girls.

In 1979, after the war broke out in their home country, Nicaragua, Chavez’s husband abandoned her and left with another woman for the United States. Zoila only stayed back long enough to divorce him and also moved to the US, leaving their children with her mother.

She surely has accomplished a lot in her life and it wouldn’t have been possible if there wasn’t a guy named Jeff. During her 18-year-long stay at Jeff’s, she battled the short-tempered nature of the TV personality because she knew there was a loving guy behind him.

Fast facts

Where is Zoila from Flipping Out now?

Zoila mostly resides in Nicaragua and from there, she visits her daughter in the United States.

Why did Zoila leave Flipping Out?

Zoila did not come back for the 11th season of Flipping Out because she retired after walking out of Jeff’s mansion. She was accused of forcing one of Jeff’s nannies named Gemma out of her job and didn’t take it lightly.

What happened to Jeff’s housekeeper?

Jeff’s housekeeper, Zoila Chavez retired from the job after 18 years.

What episode did Zoila leave Flipping Out?

Zoila Chavez left Flipping Out during season 10 – episode 9 and has not returned since then.

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