How Much is Former Child Actor, Brock Pierce Worth?

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The latest estimation of Brock Pierce’s net worth pegged it at $1 billion. Though the former teen star launched his career in the movie world, he quit acting at the age of 16 to concentrate on business. Pierce thus became a crypto expert, digital entertainment guru, and gaming giant, who has co-founded and led several known ventures.

Though he encountered difficulties on his way up the ladder, Pierce persevered and today, the entertainment expert is named among the richest crypto gurus and gaming experts around.

Brock Pierce’s profile summary

  • Net worth: $1 billion
  • Date of birth: Nov 14, 1980
  • Age: 43
  • Place of birth: Minnesota
  • Nationality: The United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Actor, Entrepreneur, businessman

What is Brock Pierce’s Net Worth?

Pierce enjoys a net worth of over $1 billion. The former child actor turned businessman prides himself as a versatile man who diversified his sources of income from a young age. He was barely 16 when he decided to leave the movie scene and pursue other interests in business, virtual currency, gaming, and more.

Pierce’s income sources

The Minnesota native has created diverse sources of income in his career life starting from acting. Pierce’s move to the business world yielded both positive and negative results but the crypto mogul overcame all his shortcomings and is currently dubbed one of the richest crypto and gaming experts of our time.

Brock Pierce’s Career started as an actor

Pierce was a toddler when he started appearing in television commercials. The Minnesota-born child actor earned his debut major acting role in 1992 on the set of The Mighty Ducks as young Gordon Bombay. He went on to do a reprisal of the role in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

In 1996, he landed a starring role in First Kid as Luke Davenport. Following this, he played cameo roles in 1994 Little Big League, Ripper Man in 1995, 1995 Problem Child 3: Junior in Love, Three Wishes (1995), Earth Minus Zero (1996), and 1997 The Ride.

He is a Digital Entertainment Network Guru

Obviously, Brock Pierce’s acting career turned out to be short-lived. The former child actor was barely 16 when he left the movie scene in the later part of the 1990s.

Joining efforts with Chad Schackley and Marc Collins-Rector, he established Digital Entertainment Network, albeit as a minor partner. The company was saddled with the responsibility of delivering unique episodic content over the Internet targeted at niche audiences. Pierce takes the credit for producing DEN’s debut show, Chad’s World – a pilot for gay teens.

The company reportedly raised over $88 million USD in venture capital and the then 18-year-old Pierce held a one percent share which saw him earning an annual salary of $250,000.

DEN was on the right track and almost had an IPO when the company was swept away by a storm of controversies. Marc Collins-Rector’s case of sexual assault on underage boys led them to withdraw the planned IPO in 2000 and a few months later, DEN shut down business after filing for bankruptcy.

A Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Expert

Moving on, Brock Pierce joined Bradford Stephens and his brother Bart Stephens, and together, the trio launched Blockchain Capital (BCC) – a venture capital firm in 2013. In October 2017, the company reportedly raised $85 million USD in two venture funds.

The firm also raised a third fund leveraging digital security offerings on the blockchain which is one of the foremost traded security tokens.

Pierce worked with the startup, Mastercoin which raised huge capital through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2013.

Alongside a group of investors, Pierce made plans to buy the assets of Mt Gox in March 2014 using a Cypriot entity known as Sunlot Holdings Ltd. Mt Gox previously lost 850,000 Bitcoin which led them to file for bankruptcy.

In May 2014, Pierce became the Director of the Bitcoin Foundation through an election, though the organization became insolvent in July 2015 following the resignation of members of its Foundation.

Forbes magazine named Pierce among its “top 20 wealthiest people in crypto” in February 2018 with his net worth ranging from $700 million to $1.1 billion.

In 2014, Brock Pierce went on to co-found the cryptocurrency Tether alongside Craig Sellars and Reeve Collins. Though Tether did far better than Bitcoin in trading volume, Pierce left the venture in 2015 but described it as an important innovation in currency.

The cryptocurrency mogul later co-founded Block. one, which released EOS.IO software. The ICO reportedly raised over $4 billion – this was recorded as the largest in history. He became Block. one’s chief strategy officer in March 2018 but resigned before the end of the month to focus on community building.

In June 2021, Brock Pierce led a global delegation to El Salvador in a bid to proffer advice to the government concerning their proposed formal adoption of Bitcoin as the country’s national currency.

Internet Gaming Entertainment became his major focus in the early 2000s

Pierce became the founder of IGE (Internet Gaming Entertainment) in 2001. The firm initiated the MMORPG currency-selling services industry. Within one year from, 2004 to 2005, Internet Gaming Entertainment bought out seven smaller rivals with over $25 million. This included auction platforms, fan and content sites, and more.

Going by Pierce’s 2005 estimates, IGE accounted for over 50 percent of this virtual market in the United States, summing up about $500 million in yearly volume.

Brock Pierce sought the assistance of Steve Bannon from Goldman Sachs and Breitbart News in a bid to seek venture capital. In February 2006, they struck a deal which yielded $60 million. Out of this yield, Pierce received $20 million for his minority stake.

The following year, Pierce was chucked out of the venture after it failed in a class-action lawsuit.

Going forward, Pierce started investing in the gaming industry by founding network – a network of sites focused on MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games). It features such games as Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Rift, D3DB, Wowhead, Torhead, Thottbot, and more. Zam was eventually acquired by Tencent (the Chinese Internet and Tech Company) in March 2012.

2001 was when the gaming expert launched IMI Exchange or Internet Gaming Entertainment invested in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG).

Between 2004 and 2005, the firm raked in $1 million on a monthly basis and later earned an annual gross volume of over $500 million.

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Titan Gaming/Playsino

2010 was when Brock Pierce was recruited by Titan Gaming and he join its board members alongside other gaming veterans. That same year, Titan Gaming bought Xfire online gaming network from Viacom. Intel Capital gave Xfire around $4 million in fresh funds in October 2011 and since then, Xfire and Titan Gaming have been operating independently.

News broke in April 2012 with claims that Titan Gaming was set to rebrand as Playsino and the makeover was to be accomplished with Pierce wielding the big stick as the Chief Executive Officer. The new CEO also got $1.5 million of fresh funding. However, he was ousted as CEO in 2013.

Pierce has served as a board member for Xfire, Playsino, IMI Exchange, Spicy Horse Games, GoCoin, FGL,, Mastercoin Foundation, and more. He has served with Clearstone Global Gaming Fund as its Managing Director and has been with BTC China as an investor and Bit Angels as a member investor.

Roundtable Media

In June 2021, Pierce went into collaboration with David Bailey James Heckman to co-find the company, Roundtable Media, and the firm is still thriving to date..

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