10 Exciting Movies Like Gone Girl Everyone Needs To See

Movies Like Gone Girl
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In September 2014, the psychological thriller Gone Girl was released to much acclaim and praise. For David Fincher, the film’s director, it became the highest-grossing project in his career. The film which is based on a novel of the same name by Gillan Flynn follows the life of a couple’s progress to disintegration and marital breakdown. In the lead roles are Rosamund Pike, who plays the wife (Amy Dune) – a villain plotting her husband’s downfall, and Ben Affleck, a cheating husband (Nick Dunne) whose infidelity drives his wife to murderous ends. For obvious reasons, many would want to watch more movies like Gone Girl after seeing the psychological mystery thriller.

Gone Girl is undoubtedly a piece to binge on. However, in case you need something new and similar to the award-winning thriller/mystery, there are related movies that can equally keep you on your toes.

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

  • IMDb: 7.8/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 87%
  • Metacritic: 71%

In this film, Daniel Craig plays journalist, Mikael Blomkvist who decides to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young woman from a wealthy family. For this purpose, he enlists the help of a computer hacker called Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara. The duo unravels more than they initially bargained for as the search progresses.

Based on the 2005 novel titled ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson, the psychological crime thriller film shares a number of similarities with Gone Girl, such as having the same director, David Fincher. He directed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo three years before Gone Girl. The two films are adapted from novels and tell a thrilling tale that unravels as the plot thickens.

2. Dark Places (2015)

  • IMDb: 6.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 23%
  • Metacritic: 39%

From the writing desk of American author, Gillian Flynn comes yet another story that is sure to be right up your alley if you are a fan of Gone Girl. Based on Flynn’s novel of the same name, the 2015 release stars Charlize Theron as a young woman who witnessed the death of her mother and sister when she was a child and accused her brother of the murder.

The twists and turns, as well as the surprises that the film has, make a great fit for anyone who loves such mystery films. Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, this neo-noir mystery film turned out to be a critical and commercial flop despite having popular stars in the roles.

3. The Prestige (2006)

  • IMDb: 8.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 76%
  • Metacritic: 66%

This film is right up the alley of Christopher Nolan, a writer, and director who is known for his complex yet brilliant stories. It follows the lives of magicians who have a simple trick and manage to drive another magician to madness and his eventual death. Like the other films on this list, you are thrown into a world of suspense and action as each scene leads to another.

The 2006 mystery thriller film is based on the 1995 novel of the same name written by Christopher Priest and was released to positive reviews. It also earned $109 million worldwide against a budget of $40 million, raking in two Academy Awards nominations.

4. Gone Baby Gone (2007)

  • IMDb: 7.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
  • Metacritic: 72%

This 2007 neo-noir mystery crime thriller film is the first project to be directed by Ben Affleck and he equally co-wrote the screenplay. It stars his brother, Casey Affleck, and Michelle Monaghan as two detectives who are trying to uncover the abduction of a young girl.

A thrilling movie, Gone Baby Gone will sit right with lovers of Gone Girl. The film is based on Dennis Lehane’s 1998 novel of the same name but was released on October 19, 2007. Gone Baby Gone was a critical success with Ben Affleck lauded for his directorial debut. Amy Ryan also scored an Oscar nomination for her role.

5. A Simple Favour (2018)

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 84%
  • Metacritic: 67%

This movie is perfect for people who like thrillers but with a hint of comedy. Anna Kendrick is Stephanie Smothers, a single mother who is also a vlogger trying to learn the whereabouts of her missing friend. Unlike Gone Girl which is completely somber and deals with a serious subject, this has a hint of quirkiness that makes it fun to watch.

The film is an adaptation of the 2017 novel of the same name by Darcey Bell. The black comedy crime thriller film was praised for the twisted plot, as well as casting. It went on to surpass its production budget of $20 million to gross $97 million worldwide.

6. The Girl on the Train (2016)

  • IMDb: 3.9/10

A more recent version of this mystery psychological thriller was released in Hindi, in February 2021. The American version, however, was released in 2016, based on a novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins, and follows the adventures of a divorced alcoholic who gets entangled in an investigation involving a missing person.

This film is currently available on Netflix and promises to be a fun watch for lovers of thrillers. With an income of $173 million at the box office worldwide on a budget of $45–50 million, The Girl on the Train was definitely a commercial success but the reviews were mixed. Nonetheless, Emily Blunt gained nominations at prestigious awards for her role in the movie.

7. Prisoners (2013)

  • IMDb: 8.1/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 81%
  • Metacritic: 70%

When bigshots like Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, and more grace the cast list, nothing but the best is expected and that’s what you get with Prisoner. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal lead a star-studded cast who are all on the search for the daughter of Jackman’s character (Keller Dover) who has been kidnapped by a couple alongside her friend. This film is a buffet of surprises that keeps you on the edge of your seat for its entire run, and the end leaves you wanting more.

Aside from grossing US$122 million worldwide against a budget of $40 million, Prisoner also landed on the list of top ten films of 2013 put together by the National Board of Review. The film scored a nomination at the 86th Academy Awards, for Best Cinematography.

8. Shutter Island (2010)

  • IMDb: 8.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 68%
  • Metacritic: 63%

A film that actually deals with the mental capability of its characters and is set in a psychiatric facility on an Island, Leonardo DiCaprio is a Deputy U.S. Marshal who is slowly losing his mind as the film unfolds. He has been sent to the facility to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients there and ends up becoming a patient himself. The American neo-noir psychological thriller film was released in 2010 but based on a 2003 novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane.

Grossing $299.5 million at the box office against a budget of $80 million, this psychological thriller also made it on the National Board of Review’s top ten films of 2010.

9. Zodiac (2007)

  • IMDb: 7.7/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 89%
  • Metacritic: 78%

Yet another one of those films like Gone Girl by David Fincher where the tropes of thriller, suspense, and mystery are employed. Unlike his other films on this list, this is based on the true-life story of the man known as the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who went on a rampage in the San Francisco Bay areas circa the 1960s and 1970s, while playing a game of cat and mouse with the cops.

The film is an adaption of the 1986 non-fiction book of the same name written by Robert Graysmith. With a rich cast list that boasts the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Robert Downey Jr., Zodiac went ahead to become a critical success, though that much cannot be said of the financial side. It grossed $84.7 million worldwide on a production budget of $65 million.

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10. Seven (1995)

  • IMDb: 8.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
  • Metacritic: 65%

This 1995 crime/mystery film follows the activities of a serial killer on a mission to murder people by the rules of the seven deadly sins. The characters depicted by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman – detectives David Miller and William Somerset respectively are tasked with the responsibility of bringing the killer to justice.

Like Gone Girl, David Fincher also directed the psychological crime thriller which was released on September 22, 1995. Upon its release, Seven joined the list of top earners of the year with an income of $327 million. It was also a critical success with positive reviews.

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