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Emmeline Bale – Who Is Christian Bale’s Daughter and How Old Is She?

Emmeline Bale
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Emmeline Bale (full name: Emmeline Luka Bale) – born March 27, 2005, is 19 years old.

She is an American model and celebrity child who is best known as the daughter of English-American actor Christian Bale, whom he had with his wife, former actress and make-up artist, Sandra “Sibi” Blazic.

Christian Bale earned his status as one of the top guns in Hollywood with a masterful performance in the 2000 film American Psycho where he portrayed the character of the infamous serial killer Patrick Bateman. Since then, his acting career has gone from strength to strength with several awards as a reward for all his hard work. The Dark Knight actor places a high premium on family values and on several occasions he has gushed over his daughter. This article unveils all there is to know about Emmeline Bale.

Profile summary of Emmeline Bale
  • Name: Emmeline Luka Bale
  • Date of birth: March 27, 2005
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Place of birth: Brentwood, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Parents: Christian Bale (father), Sandra “Sibi” Blazic
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: Student
  • Instagram: @emmelinebale
  • Twitter: @Emmalinebale
  • Facebook: Emmeline Bale

How old is Emmeline Bale?

Emmeline Bale is currently 19 years old. She was born Emmeline Luka Bale on March 27, 2005, in Brentwood, California, United States. Her birth sign is Aries, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Emmeline Bale’s birth in the United States makes her an American citizen but there is more to her national heritage than just being American. Her father, Christian Bale was born in Wales to American parents, and although her mother Sibi Blazic was also born and raised in the United States, her Serbian heritage is quite evident in the fact that both her maternal grandparents are Serbians.

Emmeline Bale is not the only child of her parents. She has a younger brother named Joseph Bale who was born in 2014. Not much is known about him though as their parents have done much to shield them from media and public view. Christian Bale’s first daughter has spent virtually the entirety of her life up to this point in Los Angeles, California. However, details of her formal educational background have hitherto been kept a secret.

Judging by her age as of 2022 though, she is most likely a senior rounding up in high school. Nevertheless, the name of her high school is not known to many.

Emmeline Bale is a model and an aspiring actress

Emmeline Bale seems to have joined her parents in the entertainment business. As previously mentioned, her father Christian Bale is an actor while her mother Sibi Blazic used to work as a make-up artist and is also a former model who, alongside other accomplishments in that field of endeavor featured in the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin’s New York Times best-selling book, Face Forward. She appeared alongside other iconic figures like Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, and Julianne Moore.

Sibi’s experience as a stunt driver saw her feature in her husband’s The Dark Knight, where she rode in one of the cop cars chasing Batman through the streets of Gotham. She was also a personal assistant to actress Wynona Ryder. Emmeline Bale appears to have chosen to toe the same career path as her mother did in the modeling business. The young model is already making solid strides to accomplish her dreams in the industry.

She made her debut on the fashion model runway during the 2021 Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Venice alongside 5 other celebrity daughters, including Deva Cassel, daughter of actress and model Monica Belluci, Leni Klum, daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum, D’Lila Star, Jessie James, and Chance Combs, all daughters of legendary rapper Puff Daddy.

In 2022, she returned to the Alta Moda fashion show hosted by Dolce & Gabbana in Piazza del Duomo, Sicily, Italy. While there is no doubt that Emmeline is currently focused on her career as a model, she still retains ambitions to become a recognized actor like her father. Judging from the things her father has said about how she would visit the set of his movies when she was a toddler, it would really come as no surprise when she eventually kicks off her acting career.

Emmeline Bale’s height is not known

Emmeline Bale’s body measurements, including her height and weight details, are yet to be revealed to the public. However, judging from the kind of job she is currently involved in, it is clear that she has the kind of body that suits her career as a model.

Emmeline Bale is not in any relationship at the moment

The celebrity child appears to currently have a single-minded focus on her career at the moment, and as such, she is not investing her time in any romantic relationship at the moment. Given her age and stunning physical appearance, it won’t be hard landing any man of her choice when she decides that it is time for her to start dating.

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Bale’s parents have been married for over two decades

Emmeline Bale’s parents Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic have been one of Hollywood’s most stable married couples ever since they eloped to Las Vegas to be joined in matrimony by an Elvis lookalike in one of the numerous wedding chapels in the area. Christian Bale has repeatedly talked about how he had always been against the idea of marriage, a mindset he developed from a young age after witnessing the mess that was his parents’ marriage.

That mindset changed when he met and fell in love with his wife in the late 1990s after they were introduced by a mutual friend in the person of Wynona Ryder. Emmeline’s mother was the actress’ personal assistant at the time while her father was a co-worker of the actress at the time. The couple soon began dating and exchanged marital vows in 2000.

They waited five years before welcoming their daughter Emmeline and a further seven years from then before welcoming a son named Joseph in 2014. Emmeline Bale’s father has talked about the poor relationship with his parents and has expressed his determination to see to it that his own kids know how much they are loved and valued. So far, he appears to have lived up to that commitment and despite not saying much about it, Emmeline can attest to the truth of that.

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