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Marika Sila
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Marika Sila – born March 18, 1992, is 32 years old.

Marika Sila is an Inuvialuk actress, social media influencer, content creator, and activist from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The world is full of people from different origins and backgrounds, with everyone trying not just to earn a living but also to make a name for themselves. In the global entertainment industry, this also applies as there are people from all areas of the world. Marika Sila is a Canadian actress whose heritage is an area of interest.

She is mostly known for the role she played on the television show The Twilight Zone, where she played a lead character. A woman with many talents, Marika is very popular on social media as a result of her skills which include hoop dancing, acting, skiing, fire spinning, and more. We take a trip through the social media sensation’s heritage and journey to stardom.

Profile summary of Marika Sila
  • Name: Marika Sila
  • Date of birth: March 18, 1992
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Place of birth: Yellowknife, NWT
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actress, stuntwoman, hoop dancer
  • Years active: 2016-present
  • Net worth: NA

Who is Marika Sila and how old is she?

Marika Sila hails from the Canadian Inuit tribe and she is currently 32 years old. Her family is from the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada, specifically the Tuktoyaktuk Hamlet in the region. She was born on March 18, 1992, and as a child, she grew up in Yellowknife, another Hamlet in the NWT. Marika Sila’s age seems to be counting backward as she appears younger with the years.

Talking about her early days, not much is known as Sila has largely lived a quiet life and rarely reveals information about herself. It is not clear if she is an only child or has siblings, the identity of her parents has also remained largely a secret.

However, it is clear that the actress is hugely proud of her ancestry and is prone to make educational content on the realities of the Inuit people in modern times. She takes pride in describing herself as a Canadian Eskimo.

Marika Sila’s career is multifaceted

Sila’s career in entertainment is not limited to just acting, she is also a stunt woman with some mindblowing skills which she often shares with fans on social media. This tiny fact about her was the way she started her career in acting, taking up a number of stunt performances in films. Sila’s first acting project was a very minor role on the first season of the television show, Lucifer where she played a barfing girl.

Her next role in a film was in the short film Nisowak, this was her last performance before her breakthrough the following year. The actress was also the lead character in another short film, The Last Walk. For her performance, she was nominated for the award of Best Emerging Actress in a movie at a film festival in San Francisco.

Marika’s stint on Twilight

As a person who worked in the film industry but only on the fringes, Marika always had information about shows and movies she could possibly act in. However, for The Twilight Zone remake, she got a call to come audition which in itself was a surprise to her, but when she got the call, all Marika felt was that something good would come out of it and she was willing to see what it would amount to.

She knew that the show was a really cool one, especially as it kept getting referenced and mentioned by directors and producers. As an entity, the original show was already a huge part of pop culture, and being part of the process of remaking it was something she looked forward to doing in her career.

The show’s remake is about Sergeant Yuka Mongoyak, a woman of Inuit ancestry, just like Sila, who becomes the first person to take up the job of a sergeant in Alaska.

Getting the role was a multifaceted experience for her, as it was not just the most tasking job she had ever taken on in her life, but it also addressed some issues that are personal to her, such as the rights of indigenous people and issues with the environment. Upon getting the role, Sila had to catch up on old episodes of the show to learn more about the role she would be taking on.

She co-founded RedPath talent

In her quest to help the younger generation, Marika Sila co-founded a talent program known as RedPath. The program targets young people to guide them on ways to achieve their life’s goals without compromise. To achieve the goals of the program, the stuntwoman has traveled to different locations in the United States, Europe, and Canada, talking to youths about sobriety, mental health, and bullying. She equally performs during her tours, creating awareness of how important it is to be aware of one’s environment at all times.

RedPath aims to reach out to more young people through schools and communities in her home country of Canada. The empowerment programs organized by the organization have helped a lot of people learn a few life lessons that come in handy at different stages in life. This is something Marika is very passionate about and goes to any length to see it through.

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Marika Sila is a gymhead

As previously mentioned the actress used to work as a stuntwoman and one way that stunt people practice for their job is by spending a lot of time in the gym. For Sila, her life changed even when she was at the gym, as this is where she was when she got the email telling her that she had gotten the Twilight Zone job.

The actress is also popularly known for her skills with the hula hoop. In her itinerary of stunts is also fire spinning, swordplay, and staff handling. For her skills with the hula hoop, she won the Canadian Hoop Dancer of the Year.

Marika Sila also works as a motivational speaker and does this on the Redpath talent program which she co-founded. The program features other programs that address bullying, mental health, and addictions.

Fast facts

How old is Marika sila?

Marika Sola is currently 32 years old as she was born on March 18, 1992.

Who plays Yuka in Twilight Zone?

Playing Sergeant Yuka Mongoyak in Twilight Zone is one of the popular works of Marika Sila.

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