Who is Somaya Reece and How Much is She Worth?

Somaya Reece
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Somaya Reece – born May 17, 1983, is 41 years old.

Somaya Reece is a Salvadoran-Puerto Rican actress, reality TV star, and recording artist with a net worth of $4 million. For a good number of people, adulthood is a mere reflection of the kind of childhood they passed through, but the story is different for Californian-born actress, reality TV star, musician, and businesswoman Somaya Reece. The bi-sexual entertainer’s childhood was replete with all the ugly negative vibes one can think of. However, despite her challenges, Somaya was able to overcome them and is today rated among the most successful celebrities in the entertainment world.

There are a plethora of facts about this reality television star that would interest fans. For one, Reece got into the trap of teenage pregnancy at 15, had her child murdered by the same man who gave him life, and got engaged to a woman but the relationship never got to the ultimate conclusion of a marriage.

Profile summary of Somaya Reece
  • Name: Somaya Reece
  • Date of birth: May 17, 1983
  • Somaya Reece’s age: 41 years old
  • Place of birth: South Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: College
  • Profession: Acting, music, modeling, business
  • Somaya Reece’s net worth: $4 million
  • Instagram: @SomayaReece
  • Twitter: @Somaya_Reece
  • Facebook page: @Somaya_Reece
  • Soundcloud: @SomayaReece

How old is Somaya Reece?

Somaya Reece was born in Los Angeles, California, on 17th May 1983. The American is of Salvadorian ethnicity and the daughter of an abusive mother and an alcoholic father who gave her hell as a growing child. Her formative years were littered with ugly stories like running away from home, joining a dangerous gang, getting pregnant at age 15, and losing her baby at the hands of her boyfriend. She dropped out of school at the tender age of 11 but later joined The University of California, Los Angeles.

Despite her rough formative years, wealth and fame found her nonetheless

Getting acting roles after college was a struggle for the Californian native as she was forced to join her mum in her work as a hotel maid. However, we would not be wrong to say that it was providence that took her to the hotel because that was exactly where she was discovered by agents from William Morris which brought a complete turning point to her life.

She soon appeared in over 45 commercials while scoring modeling gigs. Her acting debut came in 1998 in an unaccredited role on the set of a TV series and she has since starred in films like The Scorpion King, The American Psycho, Slammed, The Girl from the Naked Eye, Ride or Die, and many more. Her TV series credit includes Girlfriends, Famously Single, Love and Hip Hop, and First Family of Hip Hop. She is also a known rapper with chart-topping songs released on YouTube.

Somaya Reece is an acclaimed businesswoman with several business ventures to her credit; they include a clothing store, clothing line, and fitness brand, as well as several weight loss products. The actress’s “This Fits Me” products sell fast on Instagram and she has a fitness blog dedicated to fitness issues. She is the founder of Get Slim Detox Tea, a very successful company that has boosted her income by millions of dollars. Her partnership with Lady Luck resulted in The Greatest Entertainment and La Rosa Ent – a joint TV production, as well as a record label venture.

What is Somaya Reece’s net worth?

Somaya Reece’s net worth was last reviewed in 2019 and was estimated at a tidy $4 million and no doubt, this figure must have appreciated since then. The actress earned her fortune through multiple sources, including acting, music, modeling, and of course business. Reece’s company Get Slim Detox Tea is one money-spinner that has attracted Forbes Magazine which reported that the company made above $2.5 in income until 2017. The multi-talented entertainer has also been involved in some commercially successful movies, a good example is the film Scorpion The King which amassed over $165.3 million at the global box office.

Five facts about Somaya Reece

If you have any questions about Somaya Reece, keep reading, we have assembled some really interesting facts about the star of First Family of Hip Hop.

1. Reece’s long list of failed relationships brought her out of the closet

Perhaps her longest relationship so far was the one she had with rapper XO. The duo became an item in 2002 and stayed together until 2011 when they decided to call it quits. Double dating doesn’t seem to be an issue with the singer because, it became obvious that while she was with XO, Somaya Reece was having something on the side with Joe Budden – a known American broadcaster. Rapper Ray J came into her life in 2013, however, that was also short-lived.  she was equally an item with Love & Hip Hop Star Cisco Rosado.

At this point in her life, the musician was already jaded with male partners and was ready to come open with the truth about her sexuality. In 2015, she found solace in a same-sex relationship, dating American fashion runway queen Jessica White. Talking about her sexual orientation, Reece said she has always felt more attracted to women than men and at a point in her life, she developed complete hatred for the male gender with regard to relationships. Since she came out of the closet, Reece has dated other women like Shanell Jones, also known as Lady Luck. She made it clear that her sexual attraction runs to tomboy females.

2. She has one official engagement behind her

Somaya Reece

Reece and Lady Luck image source

They were in the finale of the reality television show First Family of Hip Hop when Lady Luck proposed to Somaya who gave her an answer in the affirmative. The same-sex couple got officially engaged on the 20th of March 2017 with plans of a lavish wedding ceremony underway. When they failed to rush into matrimony immediately, Lady Luck explained it away, saying they just want to enjoy each other first and are yet to fix a date for their big day. Besides, they were still doing some investigations and studying each other.

However, their proposed wedding was something that was never meant to be as the duo called the engagement off in November 2017. Though they kept things hidden after breaking off, confirmed it later. Reece has since remained single as she believes that dating is not a priority in her life as confirmed by her Instagram post on the 8th of February 2019.

3. The singer suffered an abusive relationship as a teenager, leading to the death of her son

Somaya Reece was barely in her teens when she started dating. Though she declined to mention his name, the American musician had an older partner who exposed her to untold abuse. According to Reece, he used to knock off her tooth, bust her head, and severely brutalize her. The guy’s reason was that he won’t allow her to date another guy if she won’t be his woman and this was exactly where her hatred for the male gender started from.

Even in the midst of all the physical abuse, the Californian native fell pregnant and had a son for her abusive boyfriend. Important to note that she was only 15 when she became a first-time mother. Reece’s pregnancy got her kicked out of her home and she had no other choice than to move in with her boyfriend’s family and continue to live in fear. When she eventually gave birth to their son, the little boy died at the hands of his own father who had no qualms about murdering him; Reece said remembering how her little boy died untimely tears her up.

4. Her weight problem made her go under the knife once

Very few people know that the slim and slender Somaya Reece was once a size 18. The Would You Still Love Me hitmaker was extremely overweighed as a teen which led her then-boyfriend to insult and abuse her, telling the singer to try starving so as to lose some pounds. The guy tried to change Reece because he was convinced her fat body won’t allow her to match his level.

Not only her boyfriend, but Reece also had to contend with so much criticism regarding her eating disorder in addition to weight issues. Saddled with all these, she was forced to take the decision to go under the knife for the first time in her life for breast reduction surgery. Even after undergoing the successful surgery, it didn’t bring an end to the female musician’s weight problem as she also had to work on her body.

Somaya Reece adhered to a strict balanced diet and after three years of pushing herself to the edge, she finally got her dream body. Now, the reality TV star can look back and say that her breast reduction surgery was one of the best decisions she has ever taken in her whole life.

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5. She has a robust presence on social media

With the level of success that she has acquired in the showbiz industry, one would expect the actress to have a palpable presence on social media and that is exactly the case with Somaya. She is on Twitter @Somaya_Reece and Instagram @somayareece. She tweets regularly with over 285k followers while she has more than 470k followers on Instagram.

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