Who Is Michael Chakraverty, Ethnicity, Where Is He From?

Michael Chakraverty
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Profile summary of Michael Chakraverty
  • Name: Michael Chakraverty
  • Date of birth: 1993
  • Age: 31
  • Nationality: Scottish-Indian
  • Education: University of Edinburgh
  • Parents: Sam and Nicole
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Baker, theatre manager, writer, fitness, instructor, social media star
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @mschakraverty

Michael Chakraverty is a Scottish baker and reality TV star known for his participation in the British Bake Off contest. Lovers of the Great British Bake Off who were opportune to watch the series’ 10th season will know the inter-racial baker Michael Chakraverty who was eliminated during the seventh Week. Michael is a Newcastle-upon-Tyne native who grew up in Ilkley before moving to Scone. The reality star wears many hats; he is a baker, theatre manager, writer, fitness instructor, and social media sensation. Ethnicity-wise, the baker is a mixture of Scottish and Indian genes, little wonder he was able to create those sumptuous recipes on the set of Great British Bakeoff where he took the sixth position.

Who exactly is Michael Chakraverty and where is he from?

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1993, Michael Chakraverty spent the earliest part of his growing up years in Ilkley but in 2000, he relocated to New Scone. His dad has been identified as a medical doctor and goes by the name Sam while his mum, Nicole, who earns a living as a teacher and professional musician was the one who taught him how to bake. Michael is of mixed ethnicity with Indian and Scottish heritage; he has a couple of siblings – all boys.

In the male-dominated home of the Chakravertys, the parents took pains in ensuring that the children retain their heritage. For Michael, he was introduced to baking the moment he could reach their kitchen counter. In fact, growing up in the small town of Scone helped the baker a lot, according to Chakraverty, his small-town upbringing was what gave him ample time to perfect all the baking skills from his grandmother’s recipes. Even now that he is a Stratford-upon-Avon resident, the reality television star still holds fast to his small-town roots.

Though we don’t have any details on his early academic achievements, the baker went all the way to the university level, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.

This is how Michael Chakraverty became a baker

When Michael Chakraverty was still very young and impressionable, the emerging reality star started baking under the watch of his mum Nicole. According to the records, he got a lot of encouragement from his mother who would always be available to watch over him in the kitchen. As Michael started to advance in his knowledge of baking, Nicole exposed him to some of the Chakraverty family recipes, and between both parents; Nicole and Sam ensured that Michael’s Indian and Scottish heritage was celebrated in their son’s baking endeavors. As he gained more confidence in his abilities, the baker started creating his personal recipes.

Chakraverty became a reality television star in his mid-twenties

Michael Chakraverty was just in his mid-twenties when the series 10 of The Great British Bake Off started taking in applications in 2019. According to Michael, he never dreamed of appearing on the show as he only applied out of boredom. It all started on a fateful evening when he happened upon a promotional item encouraging the public to send in their applications.

Besides, having nothing better to do at the time was what prompted him to apply. Thus, when he was contacted by the organizers of The Great British Bake-off, inviting him for an audition, the feeling was that of shock and blind panic.

This was the prelude to Michael’s appearance on the set of the 10th edition of The Great British Bake Off after he emerged successful at the auditions. The highlights of his participation on the show include – Week Three (Bread Week) when he achieved Star Baker, as well as receiving a handshake for his delicious signature Keralan Star Bread. Michael had a bad experience in Week five’s Technical Challenge as the baker experienced a panic attack. He later described the experience as one of the most stressful and nerve-racking situations in his life. Unfortunately, Michael never made it to the end of the contest as he got eliminated in Week Seven.

Even after the show, Michael still remains a passionate baker who has tried every known discipline in baking. However, the baker’s strength lies in pastry and baking and he draws inspiration from the flavors of his Indian heritage.

His writing career

Apart from baking and theatre management, the reality star has another profession as a writer for diverse publications. This includes the likes of Metro HuffPost UK, Catapult Magazine, and The Guardian. The Guardian took him on as a live blogger in 2020 and the same year, Metro UK employed his services as their regular columnist.

Michael serves as a co-host for the menkind podcast alongside Mark Watson. On the show, they x-ray the concept of masculinity, taking on guests like Alastair Campbell, Tom Daley, Jackie Cox, Thomas Page McBee, and James McVey.

Michael Chakraverty works as a theatre manager and fitness instructor as his day job

While he was still a student of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, the reality television star worked in the theatre. He started at The Edinburgh Playhouse and upon graduation; Michael moved a notch higher into theatre management. The inter-racial baker joined Royal Shakespeare Company where his services were employed as a House Manager.

Michael Chakraverty loves to get out of the kitchen sometimes and hit the gym. Perhaps, this is why he can sample all that goodies and doesn’t add an extra pound. The reality TV star does not just hit the gym for his personal benefit; he is equally a fitness instructor with his own clientele. Michael also works for a social care organization for kids

He is a social media star

While his popularity as a baker continued to grow, Chakraverty deemed it necessary to launch his own Instagram page where he shares photos and videos of all his bakes. Besides, Netflix’s YouTube Channel uses him as a front for their regular baking videos. His social media channel is also used for collaborating with various brands.

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Chakraverty is unapologetically gay

Michael Chakraverty

Michael and Henry image source

In 2012, the baker declared his gay status, and while on the baking show, speculations ran rife that he was an item with his Great British Bake Off co-star Henry Bird. Many photos of them looking cozy have surfaced on social media.

There was one shared by their co-star, Alice Fevronia where the duo was spotted looking snug with “BAE-ke Off” as the caption.

A cuttie Twitter post soon surfaced from Michael Chakraverty, congratulating Bird’s run on the baking show with Salt-N-Pepa lyrics?

Upon Micheal’s exit from the show, Bird referred to him as “one of the finest of men,” which was rather suggestive, given the speculations about them.

Henry once made a post with screenshots of them hugging on set with subtitles “THEY GROAN”?

Fevronia’s Instagram post saying “But how many couples can you see” came with an image of Henry kissing his co-star Michael on the cheek.

However, no confirmation or rebuttal has come from either of the bakers, thus, it might just be mere speculations. The question still remains is Michael Chakraverty dating Henry Bird? Watch this space for updates.

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