How Old Is Vanessa Lucido, Is She Related To Ricky and Marty Lagina?

Vanessa Lucido
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Profile summary of Vanessa Lucido
  • Name: Vanessa Lucido
  • Date of birth: 1986/1990
  • Place of birth: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Utah University
  • Parents: Lou Lucido (father), Elizabeth Drew Lucido (mother)
  • Siblings: Anthony Lucido and Rusty James Lucido
  • Occupation: Drilling business
  • Net worth: NA
  • Years active: 2008 to date

Vanessa Lucido is into the drilling business and has leveraged her craft to become a reality TV star. Fans of the History Channel reality television program The Curse of Oak Island are sure to be familiar with the name, Vanessa Lucido – the take-charge, ever-smiling blondie from ROC Equipment company who is always spotted in the hardhat. Vanessa who is the CEO of the drilling company joins treasure-hunting brothers Marty and Ricky – known as the Lagina brothers in excavating the HB borehole on set, but that is not the only thing to take note of about the blondie. Keep reading this piece to learn more about the professional life of the Chief Executive Officer of the drilling company, ROC Equipment. We have also added info about her personal life.

Vanessa spent her formative years hearing the sound of horses and drilling equipment

Vanessa Lucido’s exact date of birth is not clear, but according to some reports, her year of birth was 1990 and some others say it is 1986. She is the only daughter of Lou Lucido – who earned a living in the drilling business. Vanessa didn’t grow up as an only child, the American shared her childhood with two brothers known as Anthony Lucido and Rusty James Lucido. The trio spent their growing up years on their parent’s ranch, experimenting with horses and drill rigs. The CEO’s childhood experiences were what inspired her love for horses. According to Lucido, she was only exposed to two sounds during her formative years, the growling sound of heavy machinery in the drill rigs churning up the ground and the sound of horses as they canter around in a pasture. She also enjoys embarking on sporting activities such as long-distance relay runs.

Going by what is visible, the Lucido family seems to be all into the kind of work that involves heavy machinery. One of her relatives (an aunt) is the owner of a successful blasting company. However, nothing much is known about her other relatives, including their mother

After studying Humanities, Communication, and Marketing at Utah University, she bagged a Bachelor’s degree and later went back to obtain a Master’s, graduating in 2016.

Vanessa Lucido is heavily involved in the drilling business

Vanessa Lucido

Vanessa on the set of The Curse of Oak Island image source

Between 2008 and 2011, Vanessa Lucido was working at her family company, Becho Inc. as a safety director. After Becho Inc. was sold by the family in 2011, her dad went on to launch another company ROC Equipment. Her family suffered a personal tragedy that saw the death of their father in 2012; the cause of death was listed as an industry-related tragic accident. The patriarch of the Lucido family was 59 at the time of his demise.

According to the Lucido family tradition, the first child to graduate from college takes over the leadership of the company irrespective of position. Thus, Vanessa who happened to be the first to bag a Bachelor’s degree became the chief executive officer of ROC Equipment after the death of their father. The CEO was just 26 when she assumed leadership, her youth notwithstanding, she already learned all she needed while working alongside her dad and two brothers at the drilling contracting company, Becho Inc. Besides, their father’s sudden demise hit her like a wake-up call, leading the young boss to be perceptive, strong, and strategic.

Currently, the ROC Equipment drilling business is involved in History Channel’s reality television program, The Curse of Oak Island (sixth season) where Vanessa Lucido teamed up with treasure-hunting brothers Ricky, and Marty Lagina to excavate an HB borehole on the island.

She has turned ROC Equipment into a multi-million dollar business

It is common knowledge that Lou Lucido set up Becho Inc with $300 in 1979 and grew the business to a great extent before selling it off to launch Roc Equipment. But since Vanessa took over in 2012, the company has broken new frontiers and widened its horizons. In fact, it has gone from a medium-sized venture to a multi-million dollar business. She is versed in retail and heavy equipment which is not a surprise, considering her kind of job. Her accumulated experience has also made the American national a professional safety consultant.

The CEO leveraged her contractor field experience and safety training to bring viable improvements to their equipment. Vanessa is totally involved in the company, actively participating in all their events. Away from ROC Equipment, she functions as a member, as well as an exhibitor at events for DFI, ASCE, and ADSC. The CEO also belongs to the DFI’s Women in Deep Foundations Committee. Her contributions are evident in the ADSC/NCCCO Drill Rig Task Force and she took her father’s company beyond the shores of the drilling business to found a toy company for children.

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Vanessa earned the admiration and respect of her co-workers through sheer hard work

Vanessa Lucido’s brothers who are just as driven couldn’t help but admire their sister. According to Rusty who is the older one, she is a stranger to failure, he has described the CEO as a high achiever with what he called a magnetic personality. Her other colleagues have confessed to being humbled by the drilling boss’ business sense and drive as she puts her nose to the grindstone every day.

According to her COO at ROC, Dawn Winters, Lucido does not just have the natural ability of multitasking, the chief executive officer of ROC Equipment can do it on a grand scale; besides, she does things with an admirable style. Vanessa has been praised for her propensity to get involved in all aspects of the company – whether small or big; in fact, she has her fingers on the pulse of the business.

She is a mother of one

Though we don’t have any information regarding the boss of ROC Equipment’s marital status, it is common knowledge that Vanessa Lucido is a mother. She has a beautiful daughter, though her name and other info are not in the public arena.

How much is Vanessa Lucido worth?

As earlier mentioned, Lou Lucido started his drilling business with a paltry $300 dollars, though the company grew before his death. However, under Vanessa’s watch, ROC Equipment has grown to become a multi-million dollar venture. Her net worth is said to be under review and will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Relationship between Lucido and the Lagina brothers

While they seem to share admirable professional chemistry, the Lagina brothers are in no way related to Vanessa Lucido. She did grow up with two brothers but they have been identified as Anthony Lucido and Rusty James Lucido. The Lagina brothers, on the other hand, have one sister whose name is given as Matina. However, Lucido has shared notable career moments with the brothers, especially on TV.

Lucido teamed up with The Curse of Oak Island reality TV show to promote ROC Equipment and take the company to a whole new level. The company is involved in helping treasure-hunting brothers Rick and Marty excavate the HB borehole. Though a retired postal worker, Rick Lagina is pursuing a longtime dream of unraveling the truth behind the Oak Island mystery which he read about when he was just 11 years of age.

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