Cassidy Boon: Who On Earth Is The Self-proclaimed Satirist?

Cassidy Boon
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A self-proclaimed satirist, Cassidy Boon has joined the league of most hated people on the internet as a result of her rants about sensitive topics like rape culture, racism, and feminism. She literary thrives on controversial comments with an aim to raise dust on social media and also enjoy her 15 minutes of fame in the process. From saying that eating the food spread known as Vegemite is racist to slamming a lawsuit on a man who rescued her from drowning, internet users have seen the supposed satirist make a lot of uninformed and arrogant analyses of social issues that are considered sensitive. Howbeit, her background has continued to be a mystery but we have some interesting facts you need to know about Boon.

She’s a Canadian

The actual details of who she is have constantly eluded us but Cassidy is known to be from Canada. Nonetheless, her family and birth details are not known. What we do know is that her Twitter account and YoutTube channel were created in 2015 while the controversial articles she has come to be known for started appearing on Stately Boon around this time.

According to pop-culture site Konbini claims, Boon is merely a ‘hysterically cold Canadian comic’ and she just wants to ruffle more than a few feathers while satirizing the contemporary notion of feminism.

Cassidy Boon is basically an American blogger who writes controversial articles for satirical websites

The self-proclaimed feminist supposedly writes for some satirical blogs like Stately Boon and she is also the brain behind the #MaleLivesDontMatter hashtag. Under the hashtag, she said men who commit suicide don’t matter as much as women. Her provocative satire has caused outrage on social media on several occasions, amassing strong opposition from those who think her views are way out of line.

It has become apparent that she uses her controversial comments to seek internet fame and it appears she achieved some of her goals. However, many people have written her off as unbalanced, uneducated, and unsophisticated. As such, Facebook is laden with groups with names like Ban Cassidy Boon, Cassidy Boon Removal, and Cassidy Boon is Not a Feminist and they are all coming for her head.

Some of Cassidy Booon’s controversial comments

Cassidy Boon


Yeah, it’s okay for men to commit suicide but not women, according to Cassidy Boon.

Eating Vegemite is racist

Australians were the target of one of her controversial comments when she suggested that the food spread known as Vegemite was black because Australia is racist against Aboriginals.

‘Ever since the 1950s-or whatever-vegemite has been a way to symbolically make white Australians feel superior to Aboriginals by literally eating their f*****g skin in a jar,’ she said.

To show support for Aboriginals, Boon offered a solution that will require the launch of a #BanVegemite campaign.

‘A man saved me from drowning, but now I am suing him for rape because he touched me’

Yeah, she wants to sue a man who saved her life. Apparently, Boon almost drowned at a lake when she was knocked unconscious after hitting her head. She began sinking down to the bottom of the lake but the good Samaritan intervened and saved her. Now, she wants the man sued for touching her while she was unconscious without her consent!

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If a man refuses to have sex with a woman, it is rape

Oh well, we are a bit confused here. But then, that’s Cassidy Boon for you.

Inside Out is racist

Do you know why? Because there are no black emotions there, even though we didn’t see a white one in the animation.

Caitlyn Jenner shouldn’t be a woman

We don’t really know what this has to do with anything but Caitlyn Jenners is now a woman and you just have to deal with it.

Star Wars is sexist

Apparently, the lightsaber weapon in Star Wars is red because it points to a woman’s time of the month. We didn’t know that but Boon is spilling the beans now.

Māori’s Haka supports rape and violence against women

For all we know, the Haka is just a ceremonial dance in Māori culture but Cassidy Boon seems to think otherwise.

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