Where Is Maja Radanovic? Weight Loss Journey Of The My 600-Lb. Life Subject

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Looking at current photos of Maja Radanovic, you would be forgiven if you doubt that she is the same obese woman who joined TLC’s My 600-Lb Life. The show follows people who are struggling with their weight and we’re talking more than 600 lbs here. They enroll for a one-year fitness program that is of course televised. Thus, their progress is captured by viewers.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, makes most of the decisions for the participants during this period. He comes up with diet plans for each individual according to what suits them better and also suggests an exercise regime that can facilitate their weight loss journey. In any case, where the foregoing didn’t work on a participant, the doctor takes extreme measures and performs a gastric bypass which usually works. Maja Radanovic resorted to getting the surgery before she recorded tremendous improvement. She is now living a better life with several pounds of weight gone.

Profile summary of Maja Radanovic
  • Name: Maja Radanovic
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Place of birth: Portland, Oregon
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Siberian
  • Weight before My 600-lb: 689 lb
  • Weight after My 600-lb: 592.5 lb
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Occupation: NA
  • Best known for: My 600-lb Life
  • Maital status: engaged

Who is Maja Radanovic?

She is now a reality television personality who came to the spotlight as a participant on My 600-Lb Life show on TLC. However, before the incredible transformation she recorded on the show, Maja was an overweight American woman with chances of dying from complications that could come out of her condition. She was born to Serbian parents in the United States but at the age of two, divorce drove her family apart and she was raised by her mother. To make ends meet, her mother had to work several hours and this didn’t have a good impact on little Maja.

It is safe to say that Maja’s initial obese condition originated from her parent’s divorce. She had to live her life without her father who disappeared completely when she was ten years old. Her mother always left her with relatives and she felt unloved. To console herself, Maja turned to food that she consumed excessively. Gradually, eating became the only way she could lift her spirit anytime she felt downcast and by the time she finished high school, her weight already climbed to 400 lbs.

As expected, low self-esteem haunted her as she was bullied by her peers, and even her family, including her mother, criticized her for being overweight. Unfortunately, a fast-food restaurant was the only place she could secure a job and that meant cheap junk foods were available all the time. At the age of 24, Maja was weighing more than 500 pounds. Her fiancee of four years called it quits with her because it became apparent she won’t be able to conceive with her weight.

A life-threatening health issue inspired her to seek help

In addition to losing someone she loved because of her weight, a bigger problem found her. She did find love again with a man named Christian but a life-threatening health issue was waiting around the corner. Maja was diagnosed with Lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling of the limbs.

It got so bad that getting out of bed became a problem and she was in so much pain. Her boyfriend would help her wear her socks and assist her in moving around. This went on for a while until it dawned on her that her mobility was at stake, her life as well. Thus, she joined the show to turn things around.

Chronicling Maja Radanovic’s My 600-Lb Life journey

Resolved to get her body back on track, Maja Radanovic traveled from Portland to Houston to meet celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. At this time, her weight had already climbed to 689 pounds, making her eligible to join My 600-Lb Life. She joined season 7 of the TLC show where Dr. Nowzaradan patiently groomed her back to health. Maja lost more than 100 pounds of fat by the time she finished filming her episode on the show.

Christian was beside her when the weight loss journey started and remained there for a while until he just packed his things one day and left. Maja was devasted and turned to food once again to get solace. According to her, Christian was one of the reasons she decided to lose weight, so she could have a family with him. Thus, it pained her that he left but with Dr. Now’s counsel, she realized she was better off without him.

Maja continued her battle with obesity and emerged victorious in the end. However, she needed more than dieting and exercise to lose weight. She went under the knife to aid in her weight loss journey but in the end, it was worth it.

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Maja Radanovic has continued to lose weight since My 600-Lb Life

At the end of her time on the show, Maja shed a lot of weight and went home with 592.5 lbs. She looked happier and according to her, her body felt lighter and healthier. She couldn’t be more determined to carry on with life, feeling better about herself.

More than just losing over a hundred pounds on the show, it appears Maja took her doctor’s recommendations very seriously. Recent pictures of her show she lost more pounds after leaving the show. She has also been busy posting her meals on Instagram and it seems she has been eating the right things. For those wondering where Maja Radanovic is right now and if she maintained a healthy weight, your answer is right in front of you. The reality TV star has done a good job with her body and she is still making efforts to live a healthy life.

Why Maja Radanovic and Gina Krasley took legal actions against My 600-Lb Life producers

Megalomedia which is responsible for the production of the show has faced a lot of lawsuits, including the one Maja and her co-star Gina slapped them with. The duo sued the company for issues relating to their episodes on the show, including negligence and “breaching their duty of reasonable care.

The two are not the first to lawyer up against the production company. The late LB Bonner’s family also filed a lawsuit against them for negligence and more. Four cast members have now filed lawsuits against Megalomedia through attorney Tony Buzbee.

Fast facts

What happened to Maja from my 600-pound life?

After her time on the show, Maja went back to her life and continued to lose weight. She also lost her boyfriend during the show but it seems she found love again as revealed in an Instagram post she shared in 2021 but didn’t reveal his identity.

How much weight has Maja lost?

Maja Radanovic’s weight before My 600-lb was 689 lb but she left the show weighing 592.5 lb.

Where is Maja Radanovic now?

Maja Radanovic is now a Conroe, Texas resident and has continued to shed weight and live a healthy life.

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