Brooke Markham: Revealing Facts About The Foursome Star

Brooke Markham
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Brooke Markham – born February 15, 1988, is 36 years old.

Brooke Markham is an American actress who is renowned for her roles in projects like Friend Request, Foursome, In the Dark, and Cassandra French’s Finishing School. Indeed, she has made a statement with her talent as an actress. Additionally, she has also established her writing skills in some motion picture projects. Though her career is still picking up and in its budding stage, she is fast gathering up steam and we have all the facts about Brooke Markham you would like to know here.

Profile summary of Brooke Markham
  • Name: Brooke Markham
  • Date of birth: February 15, 1988
  • Brooke Markham’s age: 36 years old
  • Place of birth: Roseburg, Oregon, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Roseburg High School, Portland University, LAMDA
  • Parents: Connie and Patrick Markham
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Occupation: Actress, writer
  • Years active: 2013-present
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @brookeamarkham

Education and early life of Brooke Markham before fame

The Friend Request star was born in the United States, precisely in Roseburg, Oregon. Her date of birth is given as February 15, 1988. It was in the same city where she grew up with her family and attended Roseburg High School.

Brooke furthered her education at Portland State University where she pursued a degree in liberal studies, graduating in 2011.

Portland State University exposed her to acting

While she apparently knew about acting before college, it didn’t really occur to Brooke that she could carve out a career from it until she went to the university. As far as she can remember, she didn’t nurse any childhood dreams of becoming an actress until her freshman year in college.

Subsequently, Brooke joined and started playing stage roles in local theater productions at the school. She was also associated with Portland-based Artists Repertory Theatre and Bag&Baggage Productions. After Portland University, the actress further honed her acting skills at LAMDA in a two-year program.

Brooke Markham ventured into acting because of her crush on a boy

When Brook Markham entered college, she hardly had any interest in the performing arts until she saw a certain young man whom she fell for. Like the typical person who wants to be noticed by their crush, Brooke joined the acting class where the boy was also a member.

In the process of getting the attention of her crush, Brooke caught the acting bug. Though her love interest didn’t work out as she had hoped, she found another crush in the performing arts. She now credits the mystery boy for triggering the actor in her.

Her transition from stage to screen was smooth with her LAMDA experience

Brooke Markham didn’t limit herself to stage performances in school. She soon transitioned to the camera and made her on-screen debut in a short film titled Rehab and the TV show Guidance with minor roles. Resolved to making acting her career, Brooke acquired more skills at LAMDA which exposed her to bigger opportunities.

Upon her graduation from LAMDA, Brooke joined the rest of her talented counterparts in American showcases in London. There, a casting director spotted her and asked her to come for an audition which she did. Subsequently, she landed the part of Isabel in her first feature film – Friend Request. Filming for the movie took her to Capetown South Africa where she stayed for three months. Friend Request was released in 2016, four years after filming.

Logan Paul and Brooke Markham shared the set on Foursome

Foursome is a YouTube Premium series that revolves around four major characters played by Jenn McAllister, Meghan Falcone, Rickey Thompson, and Markham while Logan Paul depicted the role of McAllister’s on-screen brother.

Brooke’s role on the show came to an end after season 2 but the series is still ongoing. Her next role can be seen in Deidra & Laney Rob a Train where she appeared in 2017. The movie premiered at Sundance and can be viewed on Netflix. Around the same period, she joined the cast of the TV adaptation of Cassandra French’s Finishing School and an Amazon series titled A Kid Called Mayonnaise.

Brooke Markham is now playing the role of Jess in CW’s In The Dark TV series. Her character is a lesbian who loves to experiment in the bedroom with her partner. But in real life though, the actress is straight in terms of her sexual orientation.

Writing credits

As a writer, Brooke wrote a short film named Ember. The 32-minute-long flick is her brainchild and she also produced and starred in it. The short film centers on a young woman who, in an attempt to get rid of the stress in her life, turns into a roofie. Furthermore, she uses a dating app known as Ember to find someone who can help her with her laid-out plans.

Brooke’s love for movies tilts towards the 80s horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street. She also loves Stranger Things and has already watched the entire show more than once.

Brooke Markham’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • Guidance as Bridget – 2015
  • Foursome as Imogen 2016-2017
  • Cassandra French’s Finishing School as Claire – 2017
  • A Kid Called Mayannaise as Candy Alonzo – 2017
  • In the Drak as Jess/Jessica Damon – 2019-2020


  • Rehab as Cleo – 2013
  • Affirmations as Woman – 2016
  • Friend Request as Isabel – 2016
  • Dying to Kill as Jenna – 2016
  • Deidra & Laney Rob a Train as Claire – 2017
  • Dominique’s Baby as Dawn – 2017
  • Ember as Rochelle – 2017
  • Dude as Goth Girl – 2018
  • The Final Girl returns as Ginny – 2019

Who is Brooke Markham dating?

The Foursome star is not one to be secretive about her love life. She often shares pictures of herself with her boo who has been identified as Jose Rojas. He is a musician who plays the bass guitar. Jose goes on tours with different bands and also performs at local venues.

Aside from his musical exploits, the bass guitarist has also done a few business ventures in the past. Nonetheless, he is more passionate about his music.

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Meet Brooke Markham’s family

Connie and Patrick Markham are the parents of the Friend Request star. From the information available to us, she grew up with a brother and sister in Roseburg, Oregon, where she was born. Brooke’s position in the family has not been confirmed.

What we do know is that she comes from a known family as many people are familiar with her folks. Perhaps the fact that the family is on the affluent side explains that. Her father works in the media space through his own company named after Brooke. He is serving as the president of Brooke Communications which manages a lot of Roseburg radio stations and local publications. Patrick Markham is also the owner of Fly Away Travel and has a spot among a group of investors identified as Lotus Media Group.

The occupation of Brooke’s mother has not been confirmed. Likewise, what her siblings do for a living is also a mystery. She seems to be the only one in her family with ties to the acting industry.

Though his name is not really known, Brooke shares a close relationship with her grandfather. He is that family member that makes her feel better every time she is home.

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