Karla Charlton: 10 Lesser Known Facts About The Gold Rush Star

Karla Charlton
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Karla Charlton is a British Columbian native known for her appearance on Gold Rush.

Those who love to watch adventurous shows on the Discovery Channel will have no problem recognizing Karla Charlton, especially since she began featuring on Gold Rush as a survival expert in 2017. Her charisma and character on the show have endeared her not only to her co-stars but also to the show’s fans worldwide. Also, her skills in navigating and surviving in the wild are packed with vital information which equips many people with what they need to know to survive fierce conditions while hiking and other outdoor adventures. We bring you more information about her that you may not currently know but should know.

Profile summary of Karla Charlton
  • Name: Karla Ann Charlton
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Place of birth: Vernon, British Columbia
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Reality TV star, survival skills expert
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA

10 interesting facts you didn’t know about Karla Ann Charlton

If you are eager to know a bit more about the survival expert on the Gold Rush, here are 10 facts that throw light on who she is:

1. Family history and early childhood

Karla Charlton’s ancestry can be traced all the way back to Sweden where her grandparents actually came from, but as her great-grandfather was an adventurer/explorer, he journeyed all the way from his home country to Canada where he eventually settled down.

Karla herself was actually born in Vernon, British Columbia, but her parents raised her in the Yukon region of Canada, where the rolling mountains and vast lands kept calling her to embrace her own life of adventure and discovery.

2. Karla’s ancestors were pioneers in the Yukon

Karla’s great-grandfather was the one who journeyed all the way from Sweden to Canada and being the adventurer that he was, he finally settled in the wild Yukon in the Northwestern part of the country, doing so as one of the very first settlers in this uninhabited part of the country. He was a wilderness guide (while alive) and a gold miner as well, who fortunately struck gold and finally settled in his new home. Karla has often referred to him as probably her main inspiration in her life and career, and she definitely inherited her adventurous spirit from him.

Karla Charlton and Gold Rush costars

Karla Charlton and Gold Rush costars – image source

3. Her stint on the Gold Rush show

Karla Charlton practically shot to national and global prominence when she joined the Gold Rush show on Discovery Channel in 2017.  She was brought in as a trail/survival guide expert when the cast members of the show were having a very hard time navigating their way through the wilderness in search of their much-desired gold. Her presence brought great calm to the nerves of the cast, who didn’t have to worry about getting through the wilderness anymore, but rather channel their energies towards gold exploration and discovery.

4. She sparked dating rumors with a co-star on the show

Karla was once rumored to be dating one of her co-stars on the show. The castmate is identified as Rick Ness the rumor spread very fast like wildfire. The suspicion was initially raised when fans noticed that she was posting a lot of pictures with Rick on her social media handle where they were always having fun together. The rumors went into overdrive when she posted a picture of herself in some kind of Yoga pose on Instagram with the caption “Rick Ness is my spirit animal”, with Rick himself also describing her as being “like a sister” to him. It however turned out that there were just very close and not romantically involved at all.

5. Social media presence

Karla Charlton is very active on Instagram where she regularly posts pictures of her adventures in the wild, sharing spectacular pictures of the wild in its raw and unadulterated beauty, as well as some wildlife that she comes across. She also loves sharing exquisite cuisines that can be gotten from the wild in a bid to survive, such as mushrooms, berries, nuts, herbs, and several others

6. She engages in sports for fun

When she is not leading her costars through a trail or going on one herself, she spends most of her free time snowboarding, a sport she loves so much, and describes engaging in it as being very therapeutic for her. She also loves to ride bikes and always loves to pass her skills and passion for adrenalin-pumping sports to the younger generation.

She can also be seen sharing moments in steam baths and saunas with her friends and family, even though this is not a sport.

7. Karla Charlton is passionate about charity

When she is not in the wilderness or relaxing and engaging in sports, she spends pretty much her other free time supporting various girls’ and women’s empowerment initiatives and charities. She once helped to raise about $5,000 to buy bicycle helmets which were given to young children to keep them safe. She is also known to promote donating to charity and worthy causes (including peaceful protests) regularly on her Instagram handle.

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8. She is also a truck driver

When she is not featured on the Gold Rush with her co-stars, she works part-time as a dump truck driver for one of her co-stars, Patrick. She hauls rocks with her truck and does a very good job at it.

9. She leads a life of secrets

Karla is one of those people who try as much as possible to keep their personal life and affairs private, never divulging any information to the press at all. To date, she has not revealed her real age to the public, as well as details of her love life. Her silence has led to a lot of speculations and rumors, but she doesn’t really seem to care as she continues to jealously guard her privacy.

10. She embraces natural beauty and home remedies for different issues

Karla is seen and known not to be given to using makeup to spice up her beauty – who needs it in the wilderness anyways, and her beauty always still shines through all the time. She is also known to have a homemade recipe for her lip balm which is very much needed to keep your lips from chapping while in remote locations.

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