Feby Torres – Age, Net Worth, Family Life With Lance Stephenson

Feby Torres
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Profile summary of Feby Torres
  • Name: Feby Torres
  • Date of birth: September 3, 1991
  • Age: 32
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: University level
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Rapper, model, reality TV star
  • Years active: 2019
  • Net worth: $500,000

In as much as her time on Basketball Wives cemented her spot in the limelight, Feby Torres has a lot going on in her career life, even before she joined the show. With a net worth estimated at around $500,000, Torres is a 32-year-old successful model, influencer, and rapper. Despite all her endeavors, it was her relationship with basketball star Lance Stephenson that brought her to media prominence. What is Feby Torre up to now? We dissect the facts you need to know about the Basketball Wives star.

Feby Torres was born in Brooklyn, New York

The reality TV star and model was born on September 3, 1991, in the city of Brooklyn, New York. The American model is from a mixed background made up of Catalan, Jewish, Galician, Spanish and Portuguese. Unfortunately, that is just about the only fact about her family that has made it to the public space. Best known as an ex-girlfriend of a popular basketball, player, very little information has been made public about Torres’s family and childhood. If she has a sister or brother somewhere, she’s yet to share that with the public.

The schools she attended for her early education are yet to be revealed. What we can confirm is that she went all the way to the tertiary stage, bagging Honors in Media and Broadcasting in 2014. She did all that without the spotlight shining on her and her life was relatively normal until 2019 when she was introduced to the Basketball Wives’ audiences on VH1.

Torres became a cast member of Basketball Wives in season 8

Basketball Wives – image source

The reality TV star was introduced to fans of the show as Evelyn Lozada’s friend in 2019 when she joined the show. Evelyn is one of the six main cast members of the hit show and ex-fiancée of Carl Crawford. Subsequently, Feby made the cast list as a recurring cast member and she seems to have enough drama going on to keep audiences on their toes. She was once accused of being biased towards the ages of her costars because of some comments she dropped. We might get to see more of her on the show but only time will tell.

Aside from Basketball Wives, Feby Torres is also a musician and has even landed a hit song named Penny. She is into the rap genre and her passion for the music industry was what moved her to relocate to Los Angeles to help her career in the competitive music industry. Her time on the VH1 TV series has not only made her popular but also enriched her pocket.

Feby Torres is worth an estimated $500,000

About $500,000 has been calculated as the net worth of Lance Stephenson’s ex-girlfriend. She earns her fortune from different sources, including modeling, reality TV, and perhaps her music exploits. Her major sources of income seem to be modeling and Reality TV. She reportedly earns as much as $50k for her time on Basketball Wives and as a model, she earns an estimated $22,000 as monthly salary and more than $200,000 annually. All these contribute to her net worth of about $500,000.

Inside the Lance Stephenson and Feby Torres relationship that produced two kids

Feby Torres and the basketball player were longtime lovers before things went south for the pair. The former couple met in 2008 and established a romantic relationship that lasted a couple of years. They seemed happy together and even welcomed two children – Layla and Lance Jr, in the course of their relationship.

Things were really turning out well for the couple as they started raising a family but their castle came crumbling down in 2015. We can’t confirm the exact reason they decided to end things between them but the aftermath has not been smooth. Co-parenting has seeingly been a challenging task for the former lovers who made the headlines a lot for issues with child support.

Why Feby Torres dragged Lance Stephenson to court over child support

Following the end of their relationship, Torres got physical custody of their kids as they were still too tender at the time, and even now, they live with their mother but Stephenson did not abandon them. The basketball player was paying $6,000 as a monthly child support token to take care of the kids but Feby decided the amount wasn’t enough.

She took the matter to court, demanding the sum of  $12,000 every month to help her take good care of the children. Part of her plans for them is to take them to better schools and also make sure they reside in a nice neighborhood. Feby won the lawsuit and has also bought a nice home where she moved in with the kids.

Meanwhile, Lance Stephenson has a total of four children. Before Feby came along, he welcomed his first child, a daughter named Liara in 2008. He had Liara with his high school sweetheart Jasmine Williams. On June 6, 2017, the baller welcomed his fourth child, a baby girl named Leya. He seems to be building a close bond with his kids as he spends quality time with them. His first daughter has also shown signs of following in his athletic footsteps.

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Is Torres dating anyone?

As of the time of putting this piece together, Feby Torres is still living her best life while flying solo. Though she doesn’t lack male attention, the model has decided to keep relationships off the table for now. Her major focus at this time is to give her children a stable life and that would entail making money to sustain them, which is exactly what she is doing.

She is also busy building a strong following across social media platforms including a YouTube channel where she posts personal videos. Her time on Basketball Wives portrays her as the crazy and funny cast member who is fast gaining attention.

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