What Happened To Cheryl Pollak?

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Profile summary of Cheryl Pollak
  • Name: Cheryl Pollak
  • Date of birth: August 31, 1967
  • Age: 56
  • Place of birth: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Eisenhower High School
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
  • Occupation: Actress, director, and producer
  • Years active: 1987-2002
  • Net worth: NA

When you whet the appetite of movie lovers and disappear without an official statement, there are bound to be questions about your whereabouts and that is exactly where Cheryl Pollak has found herself. Though she doesn’t have a lot of big acting roles in her resume, Pollak was really prolific in the late ’80s down to the ’90s but in recent times, she has gone AWOL. A look at the actress’s journey from the top might let us into her world and probably shed light on what she has been up to.

Cheryl Pollak is an Arizona native

With little time spent in the spotlight, a lot of details have not been revealed about Cheryl Pollak but we can confirm that she was born on August 31, 1967, and her place of birth is in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The identity of the family she hails from is still missing from the picture, as such, her parents and any possible sibling are not known to the public.

For her education, Pollak finished high school at Eisenhower High School located in Rialto, California, USA. She graduated with the class of 1985 and not long after that, her career picked up steam. We can say she went on to bag a college degree as most acting aspirants would do to give themselves a Plan B, in case the entertainment industry fails them but there is no proof of that. Notwithstanding, she seemingly did a good job with her venture into the performing arts as she landed different roles in succession over the years.

She began her career in a series of Jordache jeans commercials before her acting debut in My Best Friend is a Vampire

Brad Pitt and Cheryl Pollak

Pollak didn’t just go straight to acting, she toed the same path as most actors by starting with commercials for brands. A series of Jordache jeans commercials helped her get the attention she needed in the entertainment business and it wasn’t long before her debut film role came around.

Cheryl Pollak debuted as a film actor in My Best Friend is a Vampire, this was in 1987 and she played Darla Blake in the film. The next year, in 1988, she played Diana in 21 Jump Street and Frances in The Dark Side of the Sun. Two more roles graced her resume in 1989 and from 1990 to the early 2000s, there was no paucity of acting jobs for Pollak who kept busy with performances in projects like The Maze (1997), No Strings Attached (1997), Melrose Place (1994), Hotel Malibu (1994), The Height (1992) among several others.

She gradually fizzled out of the spotlight at the dawn of the new Millenium in 2000. She didn’t appear in any project but in 2001, she played Gloria Goldberg in Jag followed by Time of Fear in 2002. That was the last time she acted in any role. So, what has Cheryl Pollak been up to?

Cheryl Pollak’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • Roomies as Cindy – 1987
  • Ohara as Nancy Rostoff – 1987
  • Head of the Class as Martha Cabot – 1988
  • Mama’s Family as Kim – 1988
  • 21 Jump Street as Diana – 1988
  • What’s Alan Watching? (TV Special) as Alyssa – 1989
  • Thirtysomething as Lauren – 1989
  • Alien Nation as Kirby Sikes – 1989
  • Hull High as Camilla – 1990
  • The Hidden Room as Young Woman – 1991
  • Quantum Leap as Katie McBain – 1991
  • The Heights as Rita MacDougal – 1992
  • Hotel Malibu as Stephane ‘Stevie’ Mayfield / Stephane “Stevie” Mayfield – 1994
  • Melrose Place as Susan Madsen – 1994
  • Live Shot as Nancy Lockridge – 1995
  • Early Edition as Dr. Suzy Pietro – 1999
  • Jag as Gloria Goldberg


  • My Best Friend Is a Vampire as Darla Blake – 1987
  • Date with an Angel as Rhonda / Cashier in Market – 1987
  • Perfect People as Irene – 1988
  • The Dark Side of the Sun as Frances – 1988
  • Swimsuit as Rosy Campbell – 1989
  • Night Life as Charly Dorn – 1989
  • Pump Up the Volume as Paige – 1990
  • For the Very First Time as Mary Margaret – 1991
  • The Marla Hanson Story as Marla Hanson – 1991
  • Crossing the Bridge as Carol Brockton – 1992
  • Bay City Story as Sarah Chapman – 1992
  • Sin & Redemption as Maryanne – 1994
  • The Maze as Martha – 1997
  • No Strings Attached as Nicole / Tina Kelso – 1997
  • Betty as Betty Monday – 1998
  • Art House as Shiloh – 1998
  • Time of Fear as Cheryl Hammer – 2002

Where is Cheryl Pollak now?

The last time we saw her onscreen was in 2002 and since then, no movie or TV show has cast the American actress. Moreso, she left the spotlight without any explanation or official statement about her retirement. This has prompted the question – where is Cheryl Pollak and what has she been up to? The truth is, the actress totally disappeared from the radar and nothing has been heard about her recent endeavors. However, it was rumored some time ago that she tried her hands as a director and producer in some short films and videos. Overall, she has a total of 9 credits as a producer, 6 credits as a director, 1 credit as a writer, 3 credits as a production manager, and 34 credits as an actress. Nonetheless, her latter efforts only lasted until 2012 before they fizzled out like her acting career.

Without much information to go by in the effort to decipher what Pollak has been up to, it might be safe to say she decided that acting is not her forte after all. Though she did quite well in the roles assigned to her in the past and there is no doubt she is a good actress, Pollak only landed minor roles that left her more as an extra than a supporting actress. Perhaps the roles stopped coming or she later decided to pitch her tent somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, the former actress seems to be happy, at least in her family life. In fact, raising a family may have influenced her decision to leave the spotlight and the competitive acting industry.

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Cheryl Pollak has been married for more than 20 years

Richard Murphy has been Cheryl Pollak’s husband since 1999 and they are still pushing strong with no scandal raising an ugly head. Pollak’s husband seems to be a stranger to the spotlight. His occupation is not known but he’s certainly not a popular person as efforts made to reveal facts about him proved abortive. Perhaps their decision to live their lives away from the spotlight is the reason for the longtime marriage.

Though we know the exact year they got married, other details about the family are not available. If they have children, the couple is yet to share with the public. However, if the Instagram handle here is really hers, she definitely has three grown-up children whom she is very proud of.

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