Candace Rice Age, Net Worth Since Floribama Shore, Relationship With Codi Butts

Candace Rice
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Candace Rice – born December 29, 1992 is 31 years old.

One of the distinguished cast members of Floribama Shore, Candace Rice Joined the show to share and garner life experience along with seven other young adults. She was involved in the entertainment industry before joining the show but none of her previous endeavors brought her to the spotlight like Floribama Shore. On the reality TV show, she didn’t just gain more experience but also had the time of her life with other cast members.

Profile summary of Candace Rice
  • Name: Candace Renee Rice
  • Date of birth: December 29, 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Place of birth: Memphis, Tennessee, The United States
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2017-present
  • Net worth: $30 thousand

How old is Candace Rice?

Candace Rice is currently 31 years old. Having joined the cast of a popular television show, Candace Rice became a celebrity with much attention on her background and personal life and she has not been stingy with the details. From what she has shared so far, the reality TV star was born in 1992 on December 29. Her birthplace is recorded as St. Louis (original) Memphis, Tennessee in the United States.

Her early background details are not available but she attended school up to the tertiary level in her place of birth where she studied at The University of Memphis and graduated with a degree in Journalism & Communications. Her family members are not known either as she is yet to share details about her folks and if she has siblings somewhere. Candace, however, had to move to Los Angeles, California, in order to launch her entertainment career.

Career venture before Floribama Shore

Before Floribama Shore shot her to stardom, Candace Rice was an ordinary girl living her normal life away from the spotlight. A Journalism & Communications graduate, the reality TV star was involved in TV hosting and programs. She worked in the media industry as a reporter but the career path that takes the center stage in her life is the one she had in the modeling industry. At 21, Candace was offered a spot in commercial and fashion modeling where she was making waves before joining the cast of Floribama Shore.

As a media personality, Candace Rice has hosted many TV shows and also interviewed various high-profile people in the entertainment world. Nina Ellis-Hervey is one of the people she interviewed for Comcast for the Naturals In The City Hair & Wellness Expo 3 event in 2014. Candace also interviewed Darius Benson.

The reality TV star also has her footprints in the acting industry with works like #Washed (2018), and Wade’s World (2015) in her filmography. Her acting career is still in its budding stage but she seems to be loving every moment of it.

Candace Rice’s experience since she joined the cast of Floribama Shore

One of the original cast members of the MTV reality series Floribama Shore, Candace Rice left her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, to start her reality TV career on the set of the southeast United States-located series. She joined the cast of the show to start the series on 7th November 2017. The show started with eight cast members – Candace Rice, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Nilsa Prowant, Gus Smyrnios, Aimee, Jeremiah Buoni, and Kirk Medas.

The first day Candace entered the beach house in Florida where the show was placed, she had an awkward experience. Apparently, her roommate – Kortni, left her own bed to pee on Candace’s bed and the latter didn’t find it funny. She had gone out to the bar with Jeremiah and when she returned, her bed was wet with Kortni’s pee. Candace couldn’t understand why it had to be her bed but she spent her remaining time on the show gathering valuable life experiences with fellow cast members. She is the one who prays over the meals as she takes her faith very seriously.

Despite being on a popular reality TV show, Candace has always tried to maintain a humble personality. She doesn’t see herself as a celebrity but as an average girl who is fortunate to be on TV. The only thing she aims at in her career life is to achieve all that she has ever dreamed of without losing her true self.

Candace Rice’s movies and TV shows

  • Floribama Shore (2017)
  • #Washed (2018)
  • Wade’s World (2015)

How much is Candace Rice worth since she joined Floribama Shore?

Before she attained her popularity on the show, Candace Rice had a regular life without any media attention. Her career ventures were just modest and the income wasn’t high enough to attract attention. Thus, no estimates were made on her net worth. However, by the time she joined the Floribama cast, she did not only become popular but also earned big bucks.

She is now estimated to have about $30,000 as her net worth. However, it is not clear how much she bags from the reality show per episode. Going by Jersey Shore, a similar show that Floribama Shore was pinned from, the cast members might not be earning that much in salary. Jersey Shore had cast members like Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation making $150,000 per episode when the show was at its peak. At this time, the show was drawing in about 7 to 8 million viewers while Floribama Shore was yet to attain 1 million viewers. Notwithstanding, the estimates were made between 2009 and 2012 and a lot has changed since then.

What’s her relationship with Codi Butts?

The two have one of the most complicated relationships on Floribama Shore. Their relationship status has not really been established, though Candace made it clear in an interview with Life & Style Mag that she is enjoying her single life. On many occasions, Butts made his feelings for Candace known and the two also agreed to go on a date but to date, the true nature of the relationship is not established.

Their relationship took a complicated turn in season two when she made up her mind to cancel the date they were supposed to go on. This was because she was seeing someone else at the time. Nonetheless, on social media, the two still post pictures of each other with lovely captions. Codi has also hinted that he still has hope of getting down with Candace Rice.

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Who is Candace Rice dating?

From what we gathered, she is enjoying single life. This status follows her awkward date with a guy named Matthew with whom she took a walk on the beach. She was really looking forward to the date and even made a new hairstyle but things didn’t go as planned. Their outing started on a good note until Matthew mentioned he likes strip clubs. Candace didn’t like this and it promptly turned her off.

The Memphis native has since been dating casually while leaving her options open and the only one she sees as the love of her life is her pet pooch, Fifi.

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