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Who is Dina Manzo’s Daughter, Lexi Manzo

Lexi Manzo
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Lexi Manzo – born January 25, 1996, is 28 years old.

Lexi Manzo is an American reality star and businesswoman best known as the daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Dina Cantin. Lexi appears on the set of the Bravo network series alongside her mother. Apart from the TV show, she is also a shrewd businesswoman and has launched her own jewelry line known as Shop Nou.

Profile summary of Lexi Manzo
  • Name: Lexi Manzo
  • Date of birth: January 25, 1996
  • Lexi Manzo’s age: 28 years old
  • Place of birth: The United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: University graduate
  • Parents: Dina Manzo and George Hadjiapostoli
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: Reality star and businesswoman
  • Instagram: @bohochicken

Who is Lexi Manzo?

Lexi Manzo is Dina Cantin’s daughter. She was born on the 25th of January 1996, however, her exact place of birth is not known publicly but it is common knowledge that she is an American by nationality. Also, Lexi’s ethnic background is said to be mixed.

She is the daughter of reality television star, Dina Cantin who has been married three times and divorced twice. In fact, fans never knew that Dina was already a mother until she appeared on the set of Real Housewives of New Jersey with her. Dina has also made other television appearances in productions like Tainted Dream and Dina’s Party.

Lexi is the product of Dina’s first marriage with George Hadjiapostoli and she was named Alexia “Lexi” Hadjiapostoli at birth. However, the youngster got her official name Lexi Manzo from her mother’s second husband, Thomas Manzo. While Thomas and Dina’s relationship lasted, Lexi shared a close bond with her stepfather. However, Dina is now in her third marriage to David Cantin. Lexi’s second stepfather.

Other notable people in Lexi’s family are Chris and Jacqueline Laurita, as well as Caroline and Albert Manzo.

The details of Lexi’s academic journey have never been disclosed but she is an alum of Fordham University where she bagged her first degree.

Lexi is very close to her mom

Lexi and Dina share a great mother-daughter bond. The RHWONJ star is always singing her daughter’s praises on social media. On the occasion of her 24th birthday, Dina shared an Instagram video where Lexi was seen dancing and wished her a happy birthday. Lexi reciprocated the gesture on Mother’s Day, wishing her mother a Happy Mother’s Day via Instagram.

Dina has never missed an opportunity to celebrate milestones in her daughter’s life. When Lexi launched her jewelry line, her mom was there to boost her confidence. The proud mama took to Instagram to tell the world to go check out @shopnou_, bragging that all the jewelry on display was designed by Lexi whom she described as having beauty, brains, heart, and hustle.

When Lexi celebrated her 21st birthday in New York, her mom left New Jersey for New York to witness her enjoy her first legal drink.

She followed Dina Cantin into reality TV

As earlier mentioned Lexi Manzo was first spotted when Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered its first season as she played a very important role in her mom’s life. While the show unfolded, fans and the viewing public witnessed a wonderful and authentic chemistry between mother and daughter.

On the set of the reality show, Lexi was revealed to be a high-energy figure and feisty girl who enjoyed causing havoc. However, she was never nasty nor did she pose a threat to anybody. This is why she was greatly missed after she failed to show up for the second season. It later came to the fore that Lexi went to pursue her academics but she was available to join the sixth season as fans continued to enjoy the cute and charming mother-daughter chemistry.

Lexi Manzo is a wheeler-dealer

Apart from reality TV, Lexi Manzo is also a successful businesswoman with her own website called BohoChicken where she blogs about charities, fashion, reading, and more.


She is the proud owner of the jewelry store Shop Nou. The business is quite successful, making money from the sales of multi-colored stone bracelets. simple pendants, sparkling dangle earrings, including bits and pieces which she made herself. Lexi leverages her IG handle in marketing her jewelry.

The celebrity kid is also in the clothing business, she works with the popular brand, Mother Denim as a marketing assistant.

A look at Lexi’s love life

Lexi Manzo has recorded two known relationships since she came to the limelight. The businesswoman and reality TV star started going steady with Tyler Mateen in 2018. Tyler is known to be the brother of Justin Mateen, the former Chief Executive Officer of the popular dating app called Tinder.

The couple’s relationship was really beautiful while it lasted; we saw a lot of social media posts about them via Lexi’s handles. They were once spotted together at a beach sharing a kiss. There was also another beautiful picture where the lovebirds were seen playing in the snow.

All the above-mentioned images were seen via Lexi Manzo’s IG handle, including the ones where the couple was seen enjoying vacations in exotic places and zip-lining in the bush.

Though the lovebirds never made an official announcement about the end of their relationship, Lexi last uploaded a picture of them together on the 30th of March 2019.

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She is now dating a Pakistani man

The American reality TV star wasted no time in finding a new love interest. In April 2020, news broke that Lexi Manzo is now the girlfriend of a Pakistani businessman who goes by the name, Fazeel Khan. Fazeel is a real estate dealer who owns and runs a good number of bars in different parts of the US. He also owns choice properties in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami.

Lexi Manzo’s relationship with Fazeel seems to be taking the same direction as her dalliance with Tyler as it is only the reality star who posts about them on social media. To date, Fazeel has never deemed it necessary to share a single post about Lexi, nor has he acknowledged her as his girlfriend through his socials.

Soon, speculations started to go around about Fazeel with many claiming that he is nothing but a social climber who always loves to be photographed with female celebrities. Others were of the opinion that it was Fazeel’s wealth that is the main attraction for Lexi. This claim is buttressed by the fact that the real estate businessman showers her with expensive gift items, including handbags, footwear, clothes, and more.

Fazeel lives in New York and Lexi has visited him severally and stays over in his apartment. Lexi Manzo also knows other members of Fazeel’s family like his mom, Nyla Khan who works as an interior designer. Nyla is a socialite who lives a life of partying and luxury. She once posted a picture she took with Lexi in December 2020 through her IG handle. Nyla then went to the comment session to say how much she loves the celebrity kid.

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