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Who Is Peter Artemiev, Julia Fox’s Ex-husband?

Peter Artemiev
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Peter Artemiev is a Brooklyn, New York-based private pilot, best known for being the ex-husband of Italian-American actress, model, and moviemaker, Julia Fox.

Peter and Julia met sometime in 2018 and commenced dating immediately. The couple seemed to be in an almighty rush to get married which they achieved within one month of knowing each other. However, their union turned out to be short-lived as the duo barely lasted a couple of years before calling it quits with their relationship. They share a son called Valentino Artemiev who was born on the 17th of January 2021, long after they had gone their separate ways.

Profile summary of Peter Artemiev
  • Name: Peter Artemiev
  • Place of birth: New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: University graduate
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Spouse: Julia Fox (ex-wife)
  • Occupation: Pilot

Where does Peter Artemiev come from?

According to reports, Peter Artemiev is from New York, Brooklyn to be precise. Coming from NY makes him a citizen of the United States but ethnicity-wise, he is White. Peter’s roots are in Russia; this deduction was made from his ex-wife’s statement after they tied the nuptials. The Uncut Gems star, Julia Fox said it has always been her dream to wed a Russian man.

Peter hasn’t said much about his academic history but he completed higher education before going on to train as a pilot.

Peter Artemiev is a pilot

Upon the completion of his flying training which was accomplished in New York, Artemiev started working as a private pilot. The pilot bases his operations in Brighton Beach airport in Brooklyn.

Apart from his job as a pilot, Peter Artemiev also has an interest in the business world. He has been listed as an investor and entrepreneur by several sources, however, they failed to disclose the kind of investment or merchandise he deals in.

How did Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox’s relationship start?

According to reports Artemiev and Italian-American actress, model, and moviemaker, Julia Fox met sometime in 2018, however, where and when exactly they met have never been disclosed. The moment they locked eyes with each other, the chemistry between them was so strong that they made it to the alter a month later.

Talking about their relationship, the city girl from Manhattan said it has always been her dream to date a Russian dude from Coney Island. In fact, the actress narrated how she literarily dreamed Peter Artemiev up and manifested him. Julia also let on that she didn’t give any other man attention for four long years, staying single until she met Artemiev.

They wedded in 2018

The couple eventually exchanged wedding vows in November 2018 and their ceremony was a quiet one hosted at the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

At the couple’s wedding ceremony, Fox who was obviously living her city girl dream was besotted with her new husband. According to the American model and actress, she said people never knew that they were about to get married as she was wearing cowgirl attire, even Peter came in a cowboy booth and they looked so cute. Julia revealed this months later during an episode of her podcast.

The truth behind Julia Fox’s divorce story

In May 2020, Julia fox was in an interview session with GQ when the actress confirmed that they were actually getting divorced.

Fans started suspecting a split earlier when Fox deleted all the images and videos with Peter Artemiev from her Instagram handle. The actress went ahead to file for divorce in February 2020 and the proceedings were finalized in July. The couple’s union only managed to survive for a couple of years.

Talking about what led to their split, Fox said Artemiev was an absent husband and dad, labeling their relationship as toxic. Advising fans, the mother of one told other women to get out if they happen to find themselves in similar situations.

Post-divorce, Fox told GQ that they still remain friends even though they have long gone their separate ways, she also stated that Peter would love to have more than that but it isn’t happening.

Not long after their divorce, Peter Artemiev’s ex announced that she has moved on with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West. One week after they commenced their relationship, Kanye and Julia shared a photoshoot, telling fans about their blossoming relationship. Julia also told PageSix how excited she is about dating Kanye, she also said the future was uncertain but if what she was experiencing then was any indication, then she was all for it.

However, the news of  Kanye and Fox’s split rented the air on the 14th of February 2022. Their much-anticipated romance was short-lived after all.

Peter Artemiev is a father

Peter Artemiev

Peter, Julia, and their son Valentino image source

Julia gave birth to the only child of their union, Valentino Artemiev on the 17th of January 2021.

Though the actress confessed that she was glad to become a mother, she also heaped accusations on Peter, alleging that he intentionally put her in the family’s way but it is a blessing that she wouldn’t want to change.

Recently, Peter Artemiev was accused of abandoning his son with Julia. On the 21st of December 2022, the American actress took to her Instagram handle to ask, “Have you seen this deadbeat dad?”

Going on, Julia said she doesn’t want a situation where her son would feel that his dad abandoned him or loved alcohol and partying more than him.

“… This man left me with a 5-month-old and a dog and a home and ALL THE BILLS. It’s wrong!!! It’s not fair!!!” Fox said.

On his own part, Artemiev wasted no time in denying Julia’s allegations. Talking to PageSix, the Brooklyn-based pilot said he was dismayed to learn of the outright false statements made by Julia Fox, his co-parent, who is obviously struggling.

However, out of the respect he had for her privacy and in a bid to protect his child, Peter declined to make further comments about the issue.

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The couple reunited for their Valentino’s 1st birthday

When their son Valentino clocked one, Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox buried their differences and reunited to celebrate their son’s big day. They went as far as posing for photographs and had a day out in Manhattan with their bundle of joy.

Reports say the reunion was made possible after Julia tendered unreserved apologies to Peter for describing him as a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic.

In the birthday pictures, we saw Julia and Valentino decked out in black outfits alongside Peter who donned black pants topped with a green button-down shirt.

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