What Happened To Arryn Zech, How Old Is She?

Arryn Zech
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Profile summary of Arryn Zech
  • Name: Arryn Zech
  • Date of birth: October 4th, 1990
  • Age: 33
  • Place of birth: Rota, Andalucía, Spain
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Charlie Zech (father) Brenna Zinn (mother)
  • Education: North East School of Arts High School in San Antonio, the University of Texas at Austin
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Occupation: Voice actress, blogger, gamer photographer, writer
  • Years active: 2011-date
  • Net worth: $500,000

With her more than a decade of wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, it is safe to say that Arryn Zech, who is currently 33 years old, does know her onions. She is best known for playing Blake Belladonna on RWBY and contributing to a lot of Rooster Teeth projects. However, these are just a few of the notable works she has on her resume. Also, her personal details are worth knowing as you will discover some lesser-known facts about the voice actress who doubles as a writer, and photographer, among other professions.

Arryn Zech was born in Spain but she grew up in the United States

While Arryn identifies as an American, she was actually born in Rota, Spain. Her family must have relocated to the United States in her early years, where she grew up in the city of New Braunfels, Texas. Consequently, she identifies as an American.

Charlie Zech and Brenna Zinn have been identified as her parents who raised her in Texas. While her dad, Charlie is a cyclist, he also has photography as one of his interests. Brenna on the other hand writes romance novels. Zech inherited her Jewish-Germanic background from her mother.

Arryn graduated from the North East School of Arts high school in San Antonio, Texas. She earned a certificate in Musical Theatre from the institution of learning, indicating her early interest in the arts. Nevertheless, she steered away from acting a little when she bagged a Bachelor of Journalism degree in Copy Editing and Design from The University of Texas at Austin. But the acting bug that bit her was strong enough to pull her back to the stage to keep her acting career alive.

Her best-known role is in RWBY

Playing Blake Belladonna, a voice role on RWBY, is still the most prominent role Arryn Zech has landed. The anime premiered in 2013 and has churned out two seasons with more in the works. A Rooster Teeth series, RWBY Volume 9 is scheduled for release in 2022. In the web show, Arryn joins other stars – Barbara Dunkelman, Kara Eberle, and Lindsay Jones to form the four main characters.

Zech is lending her voice to the character Dr. Emily Grey in the longest-running web-based series, Red vs. Blue. The web show was created by Rooster Teeth and she’s known to have contributed a lot to the Austin-based production company’s content.

Beyond Rooster Teeth shows, Arryn Zech has done voice roles in other animes. Her voice role as Nagisa Natsunagi in The detective is Already Dead is one of them. Overall, her classical voice and ability to display different acting methods make up her major skillset. She’s also a blogger, photographer, and writer, and indulges in gaming too.

One of her most recent works is the movie Loren & Rose, which is in post-production. She has equally done voiceovers for video games like RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and Smite.

Arryn Zech’s movies, series, and video games

  • The Flying Carsons: Part 1 – Hunter (Short) (post-production)
  • Loren & Rose as Auction Attendee (post-production) – 2021
  • RWBY (TV Series) as Blake Belladonna – 2013-2022
  • The Detective Is Already Dead (TV Series) as Nagisa Natsunagi – 2021
  • Death Battle (TV Series) as Blake Belladonna – 2021
  • Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (TV Series) as The Ripper – 2020
  • RomComPods (Podcast Series) as Zoey 2020
  • Vote for Love (TV Series) as Zoey – 2020
  • RWBY: Volume 7 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2020
  • Honeymoon for One (Podcast Series) as Ashlynn – 2020
  • Kaguya-sama: Love is War (TV Series) – 2020
  • RWBY: Volume 6 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2019
  • Red vs. Blue (TV Series short) as Emily Grey / Control / Emily Grey / … 2013-2019
  • RWBY Chibi (TV Series) as Blake Belladonna – 2016-2018
  • RWBY: Volume 5 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2018
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (Video Game) as Blake Belladonna (English version, voice) – 2018
  • RWBY: Volume 4 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2017
  • Lethal Weapon (TV Series) as Waitress – 2017
  • The Big Spoon as Coffee Shop Customer – 2016
  • RWBY: Volume 3 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2016
  • Charades (Short) as Molly – 2015
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Video Game) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2015
  • Lazer Team as Ruby Lakes Cheerleader (uncredited) – 2015
  • Rooster Teeth Shorts (TV Series) as Villager with Bicycle / Arryn – 2014-2015
  • RWBY: Volume 2 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) – 2014
  • iBlade (TV Mini Series) as Gretchen – 2014
  • Smite (Video Game) as Blake Belladona (voice) – 2014
  • RWBY: Volume 1 (Video) as Blake Belladonna (voice) 2013
  • The Men Who Stare at Ghosts (TV Mini Series) as Scared Customer – 2011

Does Arryn Zech still work at Rooster Teeth?

The voice actress announced her exit from Rooster Teeth in August 2015, explaining that she would be leaving at the end of the following month. According to her, she would be moving to Los Angeles to try new ventures. She also used the opportunity to announce she’s no longer in a relationship with director Miles Luna and it was a peaceful breakup.

Currently, Arryn Zech is no longer an official staff of Rooster Teeth but she still has some of the company’s projects she’s contributing to. The actress still voices Blake Belladonna and Doctor Grey for the company. Leaving Rooster Teeth did not mean the end of her career as she has also made three guest appearances on Always Open. Most importantly, her departure from Rooster Teeth was a peaceful one and she’s still on good terms with the staff members.

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Where is Arryn Zech now?

Her contract with Rooster Teeth was officially terminated in 2015 when she made it known that she was leaving. Consequently, Zech is now based in Los Angeles and as expected, she is busy taking her career to the next level. The actress is more focused on her efforts as a voiceover, film, and television actress.

Nevertheless, she’s still doing voice work for Rooster Teeth. She has also maintained a good relationship with her former employer. The actress is also active across social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where she keeps in touch with thousands of fans.

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