Arryn Zech Shares Her Truth On Emotional and Verbal Abuse From Ex-boyfriend Bob Morley

Arryn Zech's relationship with Bob Morley

Breaking up a relationship is hardly easy, especially when your personal business is always scrutinized by the media. Arryn Zech can relate to this as a result of her troubled relationship with Australian-Filipino actor Bob Morley and their eventual breakup which was far from amicable. When she decided to share her experience online, a lot of speculations started springing up and she deemed it fit to clear the air. We trace the timeline of Arryn Zech’s relationship with Bob Morley, what really happened between the two actors?

Arryn Zech and Bob Morley dated for over 3 years and broke up in 2019

With no accurate details on how and when they met, we can confirm that the two actors dated for over three years before the relationship came to an end. This is clear from the revealing details Zech shared about her ex. From our calculations, they probably started dating in 2015. While dating the Australian-Filipino actor and television director, Zech lived with him and everything seemed fine from the outside until the bubble burst.

They broke up on Valentine’s Day in 2019 and at the time that Zech was still trying to pick up the pieces and move on, Morley, who is known for playing Bellamy Blake on The 100, started flaunting the new girl in his life.

Arryn Zech and Bob Morley – image source

Bob Morley may have cheated

When his relationship with Arryn Zech came to an end, Bob Morley didn’t waste any time in going public with a new relationship. This time it was with Eliza Taylor, his The 100 costar and to cap it all, the duo announced that they are already married. According to them, they got married after four months of ending things with Arryn but what does Arryn Zech has to say about this?

 “But then he cheated and ended it with me, just as he cheated and ended it with his girlfriend before me, with the same girl, no less,” she said. 

In her Twitter rant, Arryn spilled the beans on her ordeal during her relationship with Morley. According to the RWBY star, Bob Morley was having an affair with Eliza Taylor before their breakup. The alleged affair had been going on for about six months before the 2019 breakup but this is entirely different from the picture Morley painted.

The disturbing part is that he used to bring Eliza home and even forced Arryn to be friends with her, insisting that there was nothing going on between him and the actress. Arryn narrated how she would observe how they looked at each other and often whispered things into each other’s ears. She even asked him if he was attracted to Eliza and he said no, only to go on and marry her after their breakup. Her suspicions were confirmed when she caught them on cameras they set up in their home, Morley apparently forgot to turn them off.

Truths about the emotional and verbal abuse Arryn Zech suffered at the hands of her ex, Bob Morley

In her July 3, 2020, Twitter tell-all posts, Arryn Zech shared intimate details of her relationship with Bob Morley. Her aim was to set the record straight on certain misconceptions making the rounds about her time with Morley. She had used her Twitch stream to share things about how she was abused by Morley and subsequently, The 100 fans took it too seriously.

Since the Twitch platform she used didn’t have many people who needed to hear her truth, she took to Twitter to share her story. Arryn revealed that while her relationship with Morley lasted, he constantly abused her verbally and emotionally. The situation worsened when she came out as bisexual. He would abuse her with words and accuse her of uncountable things. Their relationship really went down south the moment she revealed her sexual orientation.

 “When he found out that I am bisexual, he was furious,” she continued. “Saying things like I would obviously never be enough for him, that I wanted to be with women, or that I’d cheat on him. After that day, I brought up my sexuality again. I was silenced and afraid it would just set him off.” 

It was so bad that when she was sexually harassed during a convention, instead of being a supportive partner and helping her get through the ordeal, Morley accused her of cheating. He also succeeded to an extent to keep her far from her family and friends, claiming they don’t mean well to her.

In spite of everything, she still cared for him. Following her breakup from Bob Morley, Arryn went through therapy to recover. Now she sees herself as a survivor who was once a victim of abuse. For now, both Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are yet to dispute Zech’s claims about the outcome of her broken relationship with the actor. It has been more than a year since she spilled the beans to reveal the lesser-known parts of her past relationship but nothing has been said by her ex to clear his name, leaving the media with just Zech’s account of what transpired between them.

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Arryn Zech dated Miles Luna before Morley but she’s now single

Apart from her troubled past relationship with Bob Morley, Zech dated Miles Luna. However, that relationship does not have enough facts in the public space to help us know when it started and why they called it quits. We do know that she dated Miles before Morley. Luna is a fellow voice actor and also contributes to RWBY as a co-creator, and writer, and equally lends his voice to Jaune Arc.

It would appear that Arryn Zech is currently single. Since her breakup with Bob Morley, the Rooster Teeth actress has not been linked to any other man or woman. Though she identifies as bisexual, we are yet to see her in any homosexual relationship. Watch this space for updates if Arryn Zech’s relationship status changes in the future.

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