Who Is Keesha Smith and How Old Is The Big Brother Star?

keesha Smith
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Profile summary of Keesha Smith
  • Name: Keesha Smith
  • Date of birth: August 1, 1978
  • Age: 45
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Occupation: Actress, reality TV star, waitress
  • Years active: 2008 to date
  • Net worth: N/A
  • Instagram: @keeshfest
  • @KeeshaSmith0801

Big Brother is one reality television show that has gained global popularity. The show keeps churning out reality television stars that have gone on to write their names in gold on the fabrics of the entertainment industry. One of such stars is Keesha Smith, an American woman who started life in mundane jobs as a waitress in restaurants. Joining the cast of Big Brother marked her debut onscreen role and she has since recorded other appearances in movies.

Keesha comes across as the type of celebrity who is averse to basking in the glory of being popular, thus, she continues to maintain a low profile to date. However, some tidbits about her life have managed to filter into the public arena.

Keesha Smith was born in Burbank, in the United States of America

Born on the 1st of August 1978, American actress and reality star Keesha Smith has her place of birth captured as Burbank, in The United States of America (the world’s media capital). Though she has never deemed it necessary to mention the names of her parents in the public space, Keesha has talked about them a lot. We have seen several mother/daughter photos she shares on social media platforms, revealing how deeply she mises the woman who gave her life. The actress’ mum who died a few years ago is so dear to her heart – she has a set of rings given to her by her diseased mum which she never removes.

The waitress, actress, and reality television star is equally a daddy’s girl as evidenced in several IG photos where she’s spotted brandishing her best smile with daddy. When quizzed on the item she would love to take into the Big Brother House, Smith was quick to mention her bracelets which she said were a gift from daddy. Keesha’s appearance says she is of white ethnicity.

Smith loves to flex her nephews and nieces on the internet space, an indication that she is not the only child of her parents. However, her siblings are not known. The reality television star who has a penchant for traveling and hiking is a Los Angeles resident.

She worked as a waitress before coming to television

keesha Smith

On the set of BB-22 image source

The first job position that Keesha Smith held was in a restaurant where she was employed in her capacity as a waitress. The year 2008 is arguably the best year of Smith’s life as that was when she became a star overnight, appearing as one of the housemates in the 10th season of Big Brother. Being part of this most-watched show announced the upcoming star to the world and consequently, she started scoring a smattering of roles in other productions.

In 2010, which was a couple of years after her BB show appearance, Keesha appeared on the set of the Reality Obsessed television series as herself. Her first acting role came on the set of The Fear Chamber where she breathed life into the character of Nancy in 2009. The Fear Chamber happens to be an independent horror movie. The Kevin Carraway-directed production is all about a serial killer who was not only mass-murdering young ladies in LA but was also stealing their organs. The 22nd season of BB marked Smith’s second appearance on the show which is responsible for making her a household name. However, before then, the actress was engaged with Vitamin Patch Club as a staff member.

Some of Keesha Smith’s movie and reality TV roles

  • The Fear Chamber as Nancy – 2009
  • Big Brother Television Series as Self – Houseguest / Self / Self – Audience Member – 2008-2020
  • Reality Obsessed Television Series as Self – 2010
  • Big Brother Television Series – 2020

Keesha Smith is an animal lover

Keesha Smith is a diehard animal lover; the reality television star is a pet parent to a dog that goes by the name Gizmo. Going by the way she relates with the canine, it is very clear that Smith thinks the world of her furbaby. A day did not pass during her BB days without the actress mentioning her dog and one can easily tell that she is one proud dog mom.

Keesha also takes her love for Gizmo to social media as she floods her accounts with photos of the canine sleeping, eating, playing, or just striking poses for her to take more photos. According to the Burbank native, she has a great love for animals and her future plans involve collaborating with her best friend to start an animal sanctuary.

Tracing Keesha Smith’s Big Brother journey

Keesha Smith has appeared in two seasons of the Big Brother (US) show. She was introduced to audiences on Big Brother 10 (US) where she’s noted for being confrontational and even got entangled in a fight with fellow housemate Jessie Godderz on her (Keesha’s) birthday. While in the house, Keesha maintained a close friendship with Memphis Garrett.

In collaboration with Libra Thompson and April Dowling, Keesha initiated The Coven alliance in the house, which brought enough drama to viewers. She later joined Memphis’ The Renegades alliance but this spelled doom for her as her close friend (Memphis) was the one who cast the vote that got her evicted at the Final 4. Despite leaving the house a little too early and missing the ultimate prize, Keesha won the $25,000 America’s Choice Jury Prize at the live finale.

12 years after her first big brother foray, Keesha Smith made a comeback in Big Brother 22 (US), where she continued her friendship with Memphis and also became friends with Janelle and Kaysar. She left the show in the 16th position, after her eviction by a unanimous 13-0 vote, despite efforts by her friends Janelle and Kaysar to save her.

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What has Keesha Smith been up to since Big Brother Show?

Keesha Smith went from reality television to the movie scene but her stint in acting was rather short-lived which saw the reality star make a return to what she knows best – hospitality. Going by what we could sieve from her profile, she was a waitress at Hooters even before appearing on BB10 and they promoted her to a floor manager. After BB10 in 2009, she went back to Hooters to continue her job as a floor manager, and given the level of popularity she gained from the Big Brother show, it would be safe to say that she was easily recognized by clients at the restaurant.

After she has put in a couple of years at Hooters, Keesha Smith moved onto the next level when she scored a new position at Smith House Tap & Grill as the restaurant’s assistant general manager. She worked there for three years and in February 2014, started working two jobs at the same time – Keesha was with 3Dog Cantina as the assistant general manager for a few months and 41 Ocean Club as a manager for one year.

From September 2015 to April 2016, Keesha Smith was engaged with the Innovative Dining Group conglomerate that owns and runs restaurants such as BOA Steakhouse and Sushi Roku. The year 2016 saw the reality TV star at Paradise Cove Beach Café, working in her capacity as a front-of-house server and she has remained with them to date.

Is Big Brother star Keesha Smith married?

The Big Brother show is a platform where young people from different backgrounds meet and mingle while some even find love in the process. Nonetheless, the show is not exclusively for single people, married contestants are also allowed into the house.

Since her journey on the Big Brother show came to an end, fans have wondered if Keesha Smith went home to a significant other but she has not confirmed any information regarding her love life. There are speculations, however, that Smith is married but these are mere rumors for now. Her social media page is filled with her parents, niece, nephew, and her dear dog Gizmo.

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