How Old Is Sara Al Madani From Real Housewives Of Dubai?

Sara Al Madani
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Sara Al Madani – born in 1986, is 38 years old.

Dr Sara Al Madani is a highly-decorated Emirati lady who has made a name in different fields, including as a fashion designer, restaurant owner, tech-preneur, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She is also one of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Dubai which she joined in 2022.

Profile summary of Sara Al Madani
  • Name: Dr. Sara Al Madani
  • Date of birth: 1986
  • Sara Al Madani’s age: 38 years old
  • Place of birth: United Arab Emirates
  • Nationality: Emirati
  • Education: Sharjah American International School, Eton University
  • Parents: Asma Al Madani (mother), Abdul Wahab Al Madani (father)
  • Marital status: DIvorced (twice)
  • Children: Makotum (son)
  • Occupation: businesswoman
  • Instagram: @sara_almadani_
  • Twitter: @sara_almadani_
  • Facebook: Sara Al Madani
  • TikTok: @sara_almadini_

Sara Al Madani is a 38-year-old United Arab Emirates Native

An Emirati local of Bahraini and Emirati descent, Sara Al Madani was born and raised in the UAE. She is actually the only cast member of the Real Housewives of Dubai who was born and brought up in the city. The part of the UAE where Madani grew up is called Ajman but she later relocated to Sharjah when she landed a government job. Madani has now settled down in Dubai where she is making great exploits as a businesswoman.

Madani’s parents have been identified as Asma Al Madani (mother) who is an Emirati and Abdul Wahab Al Madani (father) who is of Bahraini descent. There is no mention of any sibling she may have spent her childhood with. She seems very close to her dad and he has made many appearances on her social media pages.

From her profile, it is obvious that Sara Al Madani is accomplished in her endeavors and she has the right academic background to leverage on. She is an alum of Eton University where she bagged an honorary doctorate degree In Business administration leadership and women empowerment. Before that, she completed her high school education at Sharjah American International School and went on to study direction and acting at the American University of Sharjah before she dropped out. Nevertheless, she is now an honorary doctorate degree holder in her field.

Sara Al Madani launched her first business at age 15

Sara Al Madani has been linked to about ten companies that span across technology, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and restaurant businesses. She has been building a career in business since the age of 15. Sara Al Madani was just a 15-year-old teenager when she launched her own fashion company called Sara Al Madani Fashion Design.

Today, Madani is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the UAE. Her establishments include a digital marketing company known as Social Fish which creates content for other companies. Madani’s latest project is a groundbreaker, a tech company that combines wedding planning. The company is called Proposal Cupids.

Aside from being a successful businesswoman, she is also a prolific public speaker with more than 200 keynote speeches delivered at esteemed institutions in the UAE. Her major goal in her exploits is to inspire young women to be self-confident and pursue their career goals irrespective of societal restraints.

Sara Al Madani has served her country as a board member at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the UAE SME Council in the Ministry of Economy. Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, the ruler of the UAE emirate of Sharjah, made her the board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) in 2014 and this is why Sara Al Madani is called Her Excellency.

Her awards and titles

  • Board member at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Board Member at the shjSEEN Board of Trustees. (Sharjah Chamber of commerce and industry)
  • Board Member of the SME Projects and Enterprise Council. (Ministry of Economy)​Business:
  • Founder & Owner of Rouge Couture now known as Sara Al Madani Fashion Design. (Found in 2002)
  • Owner/partner in Shabarbush restaurant. (Found in 2016)
  • Owner of Social Fish innovative idea consultancy.
  • Hulatek (Los Angeles-based technology company).​Recent achievements:2011 – SME stars of business Awards
  • Emirati entrepreneur of the year award2012 – L’Officiel Arab Woman Awards
  • Young designer of the year award 2012 – Emirates Woman Award
  • Appreciation award for being innovative in the fashion industry 2013 – Emirates Woman Award
  • Best strategic and financial planning award2018 – Ecosystem Influencer of the Year Award2018
  • GCC Inspiring Women Leaders award

She joined the Real Housewives franchise to portray a nice image of Arab women

The RHOD is Sara’s first time on TV. While she has done her fair share of public speaking, being followed around by cameras all day felt different for Sara who admitted that it wasn’t easy to adjust to. However, the camera crew helped her feel comfortable during the shooting.

When the franchise approached her to be on the show, she hesitated but her personal resolve to represent Arab women in a positive way influenced her decision to join the show.

“I looked at it as an opportunity for me to use it as a window, to show the world and the West how Arab women are stereotyped in a very wrong way. And that we’re not who they think we are,” says Sara to Women’s Health Magazine.

What Sara Al Madani had to say about the RHOD backlash

The Real Housewives of Dubai aired for the first time in June 2022 to rave reviews but some viewers begged to differ. The show attracted backlash from social media users who criticized the setting for not representing housewives in the UAE.

Speaking to Arab News, Al Madani said:

“I do not represent anyone’s wife. I do not represent Emirati women. This is not a documentary. I am representing Sara, and Sara lives her life the way she wants. This is what the UAE is about. It is about giving you the freedom to achieve, be whoever you want to be, and to accept you with tolerance”.

She also emphasized that the cast members of RHOD are from different cultures and religions and must not be expected to live their lives in a particular way that suits a small group of people. According to Sara, after the first two episodes of the show, she got used to it and began to have fun while the cameras did their filming. She hopes to use the medium to tell the world that women in the Middle East are respected, appreciated, and can achieve their dreams. Sara stars on the RHOD with Caroline Stanbury.

What is Dr. Sara Al Madani’s net worth?

Sara Al Madani’s net worth according to online sources was $ 15.8 million before she signed the Bravo contract. Thus, she is probably worth much more now than now, considering her pay from being on a renowned reality show and the impact it will have on her business endeavors. Madani on her own part has not made her financial power public knowledge.

Is Sara Al Madani married?

Sara Al Madani is a single mom of one child, a son named Makotum whom she had in her first marriage. The reality TV star has been married twice and both ended in divorce. Her first marriage started in 2013 but she filed for divorce a year later. At the moment, she is a single mother who has made raising her son a top priority.

Madani has been vocal about her personal life, embracing the fact that she is divorced. She doesn’t allow the stigma people often dump on divorced women to weigh her down.

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