How Old Is Brianna Adekeye, Is She Still Yachting?

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Brianna Adekeye – born on April 24, 1991, is 33 years old.

Brianna Adekeye is a reality TV personality, artist, model, and yachtie. The reality TV star is known for her appearance on the fifth season of the Below the Deck reality show on Bravo. The American reality show follows the lives of crew members who live and work aboard a superyacht during charter season. This was not just a job for Brianna but she’s passionate about traveling the world and enjoying the pure form of nature.

Profile summary of Brianna Adekeye
  • Name: Brianna Adekeye
  • Date of birth: April 24, 1991
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Occupation: Reality TV star, artist, model, yachtie
  • Years active: 2014 to date
  • Net worth: $1.5 million

How old is Brianna Adekeye from Below Deck?

Brianna Adekeye is currently 33 years old as she was born on April 24, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. The identity of her parents is not public knowledge but she has often talked about how close she is to her dad. Brianna grew up as an only child in LA.

Her early educational background is not public knowledge. We can only confirm that she got certifications to become a yacht stewardess when she discovered her passion for the job.

Brianna Adekeye became a yacht stewardess in 2014

The free-spirited Brianna Adekeye joined the yachting world as a stewardess in 2014. She was actually on vacation – on a “booze cruise” in Marina del Ray when she picked up an interest in yachting.

By the time her vacation ended and she went back home, she was sure that her next career venture would be on a yacht. Thus, she began certifications to become a stewardess for yachts. After a few years of gathering experience, Brianna was scouted by an agent and she joined Below Deck in 2017. She debuted on the show’s 5th season which first aired on September 5, 2017.

Coupled with her passion for travel and love of nature, her new career venture seemed a perfect one until she landed a tough job that made her change her mind.

After working on a very large yacht as a stew, which she described as her most challenging gig on the job, Brianna decided to go freelance. The yacht she worked on at the time is a 98-meter and she was placed under a strict chief stew. The experience left her disconcerted about being a yachtie.

What is Brianna Adekeye doing now?

While she is no longer on the Bravo reality TV show where fans nicknamed her the coolest crew member, Brianna still nurtures her love for the job. After leaving Below Deck show, her next job took her to a 98-foot yacht that proved to be challenging. Subsequently, she opted for freelance yachting.

As a freelance yachtie, Brianna is able to jump from one ship to another while still traveling the world. When she’s not traveling the world, Brianna indulges in other activities like surfing, playing the ukulele, listening to music, and reading some books. She loves to stay indoors sometimes to have some quiet time to herself.

Truths about her relationship with Nico Scholly

Brianna and Nico Scholly met on Below Deck but Nico was there before her. He was introduced to audiences in season four when he warmed his way into many hearts with his dedication to his duties. He came back for season five as a lead deckhand which was when Brianna joined the show as a stew.

Nico and Brianna spent a lot of time together while on Below Deck and subsequently developed feelings for each other. The two had a fling on the show with Nico breaking things off with his longtime girlfriend Melissa just to be with Brianna. Their romance on the show was something fans looked forward to.

Are Brianna and Nico still together?

It was good while it lasted but Brianna Adekeye and Nico Scholly are no longer dating. After calling off his long-term relationship with Melissa to be with Brianna, Nico enjoyed a brief hot romance with the reality TV star but things went south sooner than everyone expected.

Nico soon regretted his actions that involved breaking up with his girlfriend to be with Brianna, thus, he ended his budding affair with the stew and went back to Melissa. According to him, Melissa is the one he really wants to be with. Nico also left the yachting world, as well as the TV show for good. He has carved a career in another field but hopes to get a boat that will help him retain his passion for yachting.

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Who is Brianna Adekeye dating now?

Brianna is presumed to be single at the time of writing this piece but she previously dated Irish musician Michael Quinn. She started a relationship with Quinn after leaving Below Deck. Brianna was traveling through Ireland when she met the musician who played in the band, Meltybrains. Quinn has also played for fellow singer Dermot Kennedy.

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