Who Is Gentille Chhun? Net Worth, Is She Married?

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Profile summary of Gentille Chhun
  • Name: Gentille Chhun
  • Date of birth: October 31, 1974
  • Age: 49
  • Place of birth: Cambodia
  • Nationality: American-Cambodian
  • Education: Waltrip High School, joined Houston Community College, Pheonix School of Holistic Health, MoneyWorld RE School, Airworks Aviation School
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Realtor, reality TV star
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: $15 million

Gentille Chhun is a Cambodian native who earned fame after she appeared in the reality television show Marrying Millions alongside her boyfriend Brian Bru. However, prior to this appearance, she already achieved fortune through her work in the real estate sector. Gentille bought her first house at the young age of 19 and since then, she has not looked back. The realtor has remained single into her forties but is no stranger to love and relationships.

Gentille Chhunn spent her early formative years in Cambodia

Born on the 31st of October 1974, Gentille Chhun is the daughter of a high-ranking soldier in her home country of Cambodia. She spent her early years in Cambodia alongside her siblings, a sister, and a few brothers. However, tragedy struck during the gory Khmer Rouge revolution where her dad and siblings were ruthlessly executed. According to the realtor, it was thanks to her mom’s act of bravery that their lives were saved.

With every other member of her family dead, Gentille’s mother managed to successfully sneak away with her only surviving child, and even as she grieved the loss of her husband and kids, the woman was shrewd enough to conceal costly jewelry which they leveraged for survival. Mother and child arrived in the United States of America as refugees and with their stash of jewelry; the duo was able to sustain their refugee life for a long while before going to find work.

She is quite the studious type

It was in the United States that Gentille Chhun recorded her academic achievements. The realtor first attended the Waltrip High School and later joined Houston Community College, a subsidiary of the University of Houston. The realtor’s quest for further educational qualifications took her to Pheonix School of Holistic Health, though we don’t have the details of her course of study and year of graduation.

Gentille really comes across as the studious type as she later went in pursuit of education in business which led her to join the MoneyWorld RE School. The Cambodian native also made a stop at Airworks Aviation School, earning her license as a private pilot after undergoing training.

Chhun is multilingual with fluency in three languages namely English, French, and of course her native Cambodian tongue.

Gentille Chunn started her career holding down three jobs a day

She barely hit 16 when she began working three jobs a day to make ends meet. Coming from a life of luxury as the daughter of a high-ranking military officer, the teenager’s mother wanted her daughter to lead the same life they once had in Cambodia. Thus, the determined teen worked hard at odd jobs for long years until she turned 19. During her days of toil, Chhun spent sparingly while saving up most of her earnings and consequently, the hard worker was able to purchase her first house as a teenager. She was barely 19 when she signed the papers for her very first house.

Needless to say that her decision to buy a house at that age was not solely to provide shelter for her family; Gentille saw that particular investment as the first of many more to come. Today, she is a successful real estate investor with assets worth millions under her belt. The realtor is reputed to have sold over 85 percent of the listings under her. According to the Cambodian’s Linkedin profile, she works as a realtor under Reality ONE Group. Gentille Chhun owns a YouTube channel dedicated to lending advice to aspiring and upcoming real estate agents.

She can now boast of investments in multiple businesses which include rentals. Besides, she is the proud owner of properties in the United States that run into acres. Her future plan is to break into the Asian and European real estate market.

The real estate mogul has other career interests

Even before she broke into the real estate business, the Cambodian native was already working as a swimsuit model. However, fame only came calling after she graced the screen as part of the cast of the Lifetime show, Marrying Millions. Besides, after she achieved fame and fortune, the beautiful model never called it quits with her career on the runway, she still makes some modeling appearances for swimsuits. Though she is well into her forties, the fit as a fiddle beauty still makes a conscious effort to maintain her physique via supplementary diet and of course vigorous exercise.

Presently, she leverages her personal Instagram account to advertise wears for NOMI Boutique Online – an online boutique store that is believed to be among her numerous investments. This claim stemmed from her Facebook page which listed her as an investor cum owner of the said shop.

Gentille Chhun is also a social media star which is evident in the large number of followers she has accumulated on her Instagram handle.

Gentille Chhun’s Net worth is estimated at $15 million

For someone who started life from the scratch without any help from anyone, Gentille has really come a long way. From immigrating into the United States with nothing but a few pieces of jewelry, the Cambodian native has grown into a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $15 million under her belt.

Now, how she made this staggering wealth from nothing is very obvious. For one, Gentille Chhun comes across as one who knows how to save in a disciplined way, and secondly, she was able to put her savings to good use. Even though she was already exploring the world of modeling before 19, it was thanks to her savings that she was able to become a homeowner in the United States, thereby launching a career in real estate.

The Cambodian’s other avenues of generating income include fashion, modeling, and she is also very active on social media. More is expected from the reality television star as she has laid bare her plans to wade into the Asian and European real estate market.

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Her love life revolves around Brian

Gentille Chhun

Gentille Chhun and Brian image source

Gentille Chhun found love in the arms of Brian Bru, a construction handyman who still lives with his parents. According to reports, Gentille was looking for someone to undertake some construction work for her, and there came Brian. Though the Cambodian beauty appeared to love her boyfriend, her friends viewed him with some level of suspicion. For one, they went to dig up the fact that he was previously engaged to a wealthy woman; a fact he hid from Gentille. Again, for a man of his age to still be cohabiting with his parents speaks volumes. For these reasons, the realtor’s friends saw her as someone who has been blindsided by love.

Apart from these, Gentille’s friends also claim that they aren’t getting good vibes from Brian. Consequently, they tend to ignore the guy but surprisingly, their ill-treatment towards her boyfriend never elicited any form of defense from Gentille. She simply didn’t rise to the guy’s defense but claimed that her friends were trying to protect her.

Little wonder she practically left him at the altar after they planned to spend their lives together. According to what the property expert said in an interview session. She had to call off the wedding as she wasn’t convinced that Brian was ready to settle down. Her main excuse was that he was not ready to have kids with anyone, neither is he ready to take care of anyone; he can barely take care of himself. Besides, the viewing public never really trusted their relationship and saw them as a fake couple.

Gentille has remained single since she split from Brian as there seems to be no other man on the horizon.

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