Celeste Desjardins – Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About The Taken Actress

Celeste Desjardins
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Profile summary of Celeste Desjardins
  • Name: Céleste Penelope Marie Desjardins
  • Date of birth: June 14, 1996
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Education: N/A
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Occupation: Actress, model, dancer, social media sensation
  • Years active: 2014 to date
  • Net worth: N/A

Celeste Desjardins is a Canadian actress known for depicting several roles on both the big and small screens. Far from being just an actress, Celeste has widened her horizon and is known for her stint in the modeling industry. The entertainer is light on her feet as a dancer and she is also becoming known on social media as an Instagram sensation. Desjardins may be the type that loves to keep their personal life under lock and key but we have managed to sieve out some vital points from records.

Celeste Desjardins is Canadian by birth

Born with the given name Céleste Penelope Marie Desjardins, the Canadian actress goes by Celeste Desjardins. Her date of birth is June 14, 1996, and she was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, where she also spent a better part of her growing up years. Desjardins appears to be the type of celebrity who loves to keep the details of the family background away from prying eyes, thus, nothing has been said about her parents. In the same vein, she has never mentioned a thing about sharing her formative years with a sibling which makes it difficult for one to decipher whether she is an only child or not. The only certainty about the actress is that she is of white ethnicity and is bi-lingual with fluency in both English and French. She has a dog called Bowie.

There is no record of Celeste Desjardins’ academic history and it is hard to tell the level she attained in school and the academic institutions she attended have never been mentioned in the public space.

She is fast making a name in modeling

Modeling has always been one of Desjardins ‘strong points and the actress is not doing badly in that field. The talented beauty has modeled for some skincare products and is leveraging social media in selling her modeling prowess to fans. Needless to say, she is fast attracting the attention of fans in their numbers.

Her movie portfolio is increasing

Celeste Desjardins

Celeste Desjardins (L) on the set of a movie image source

Celeste Desjardins is a woman who wears many hats but the most prominent among the entertainer’s careers is acting. While the up-and-coming star is just beginning to create a niche for herself in the moving movie world, she has already recorded appearances in several high-profile movies. Her first appearance on the big screen was recorded in 2015 when she breathed life into the character of Charlotte on the set of Lead with Your Heart. The next year being 2016, the youngster showed up in Lost & Found, playing Claire Broman – this was where she shared the screen with movie greats like Benjamin Stockham and Justin Kelly. 2017 was when she acted in the role of Michelle in Christmas Wedding Planner and in 2018, Desjardins was Tia Scott in Zombie at 17.

After depicting the character of Meagan in A Very Country Wedding in 2019, the Canadian actress started the obsession serials in 2020 – Obsession: Stalked by My Lover, Obsession: Escaping My Ex, and Obsession: Her Final Vengeance. She essayed the role of Madison Turner in the three installments of the series. Also in 2020, Celeste Desjardins played Leyla Brooks on the set of Christmas by Chance and she has one project in postproduction, Skate God, slated for release in 2022. The Canadian entertainer will be seen as the character of Vanity when the film finally hits the movie stand.

Celeste Desjardins movie roles

  • Lead with Your Heart as Charlotte – 2015
  • Lost & Found as Claire Broman – 2016/III
  • Christmas Wedding Planner as Michelle – 2017
  • Zombie at 17 as Tia Scott – 2018
  • A Very Country Wedding as Meagan – 2019
  • Obsession: Stalked by My Lover as Madison Turner – 2020
  • Obsession: Escaping My Ex as Madison Turner – 2020
  • Obsession: Her Final Vengeance as Madison Turner – 2020
  • Christmas by Chance as Leyla Brooks – 2020
  • Skate God as Vanity (pre-production) – 2022

Celeste Desjardins has recorded some notable stints in television series

Celeste Desjardins’ gig on the small screen precedes her movie roles. The Canadian entertainer first joined the Haven television series as Samantha in 2014 – one year before she made her movie debut. The next year, she surfaced in Good Witch where she was featured as Brenda. Celeste was featured as Sydney Knight in Flower Shop Mysteries in 2016 and in 2017, she made a couple of appearances in The Bold Type as Natalie and on the set of Taken as Cali Mills.

Her TV roles

  • Haven as Samantha – 2014
  • Good Witch as Brenda – 2015
  • Flower Shop Mysteries as Sydney Knight – 2016
  • Taken as Cali Mills – 2017
  • The Bold Type as Natalie – 2017

She is poised to make it big on social media

When she first appeared on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram, Celeste Desjardins was relatively unknown. However, the tide seems to be flowing in her favor as the actress’s following has already exceeded 100k and is fast growing. Celeste has also established a presence on other platforms in the social media space.

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Desjardins has some great dancing moves

Right from her growing-up years, Celeste Desjardins has always displayed an interest in dance, music, and theatre. Thus, by the tender age of three, she was already neck-deep into dance lessons where her classmates dubbed the youngster the class clown. By age four, she has become quite light on her feet as a dancer and continued honing her skills and polishing off the rough edges as time rolled by.

The actress made a lion’s share of her fortune from acting

Since she appeared in the movie scene, Desjardins’ net worth has always been an object of speculation. Several sources have different figures for her total fortune, one even pegged it at a tidy $1.5 million but the truth is that Celeste’s net worth is still under review. One thing that is clear about the actress’ bottom line is that she accumulated a lion’s share of it from her acting roles.

She is in a relationship with Leon Draisaitl

It is true that Celeste Desjardins doesn’t flaunt her love life but she doesn’t try to hide it either. She was an item with a colleague in the modeling industry who goes by the name, Jeff Finner. Though the fine details of their relationship are not known, they are apparently no longer a couple.

Celeste is now dating Leon Draisaitl, a German ice hockey player. Draisaitl plays as a forward and alternate captain for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League. We don’t know how they met but Celeste and Leon seem smitten with each other. Their relationship is also Instagram official, with both sharing lovely pictures of each other on their pages.

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