Who is Ross Inia From Below Deck And What Is He Up To?

Ross Inia
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Ross Inia became popular after appearing on a reality television show. Bravo’s Below Deck is a reality television show that follows the high-seas drama and adventures of a charter crew aboard a large yacht where they are seen catering to some wealthy clients. The show was launched in 2013 and has had the likes of captain Lee Rosbach on the cast list from the beginning, but Below Deck keeps admitting new crew members in addition to returning ones.  It was during its sixth season that New Zealand native Ross Inia came aboard the luxury super-yacht, marking his emergence into the limelight.

The sixth season of the show which was set in Tahiti took off on the 2nd of October, and upon its finale in 2019, Ross stepped off the yacht and has not returned to the show. The father of one is currently resident in Florida and we have all the facts you need to know about him.

Profile summary of Ross Inia
  • Name: Ross Inia
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Nationality: New Zealand
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Occupation: Yachting
  • Years active: 2018
  • Instagram: @ross_inia

Where is Ross Inia from?

Ross Inia

Ross and his son – image source

Below Deck crew member Ross Inia is a native of New Zealand Māori. The New Zealander left home at a very young age with dreams of becoming a professional in the game of rugby which will hopefully take him around the world. However, some dreams are not meant to come true as the young hopeful sustained a huge career-ending injury, leading to his change of focus.

While on the lookout for a career that will still satisfy his quest for a world trip, Ross went to find work in the yachting industry and was lucky to get one, though he had assistance from a cousin who worked as a captain. The New Zealand native has spent quite some years working on a plethora of charters that range from 100’-300’. It goes without saying that the reality TV star was still able to satisfy his quest to travel as his work in yachting has taken him to a good number of beautiful destinations across the globe.

Ross has a strong work ethic and natural ability that has helped him achieve some positive growth in his chosen field. It may be too early to tell but the father of one might just make it to the prestigious position of the next “Stud of the Sea.” Through his work on yachting, Ross Inia now has the opportunity to give his only son a good life; the type he always dreamed of. When the deckhand is not on charter, you can find him at home in Florida with his son as he tries to spend quality time with the Lil man.

Inia was arrested by authorities after a rowdy night out

He was probably still on the reality television show when he had a run-in with the authorities. It happened in West Palm Beach where the deckhand went on a rowdy night with some friends. He was arrested early morning on a Saturday by some cops who went ahead to book him at a detention center in West Palm Beach.

According to reports from the West Palm Beach police department, Ross faced charges of battery on a cop or firefighter as well as disorderly conduct. The New Zealand Herald later posted a report alleging that Ross was earlier spotted at West Palm Beach alongside another deckhand Joao Franco who later shared a video of them drinking; this happened just before Ross was arrested. Duffy’s Sports Grill might just be their rendezvous spot because it matches the address reported by the police. The clash occurred in the 200 block of Clematis Street around 12:43 a.m when Ross got involved in an argument with a couple of men. A cop from the West Palm Beach who rushed to the scene to separate the fight had it hot from Ross who reportedly gave him punches on the shoulder and face.

From what we gathered from ensuing reports, the Below Deck crew member didn’t spend much time in police custody as he reclaimed his freedom the same day he went in, albeit in the afternoon. Reports also said he had to part with $15,550 as a bond amount before he was discharged.

During the season six reunion, Ross Inia threw more light on the incident, stating that it happened in December 2018 and ended up to be one big misunderstanding. According to the reality star, he can’t really elaborate on the issue as there isn’t much to it. It was something that just happened when he was out with two of his mates for a night out.

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He had a few hook-ups with his female crew members

Ross Inia started getting noticed among the Below Deck crew members after he stole a kiss from his female colleague Rhylee Gerber. The duo was in their bunk after enjoying a rowdy night out and drinking one bottle too much. The kiss sent fans into a frenzy but going by what is obvious, that stolen kiss may be nothing when compared to what transpires when the camera isn’t rolling.

According to Ross, he was also romantically interested in a few more of his costars on the yacht, this includes first stew Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier who was the Mediterranean chief stew on Below Deck. Apart from his crew members, the New Zealander also had something going on with a guest on the yacht and her name is Krystal Kelly Murphy. According to the yacht’s primary charter guest, they only started going out after the shooting was concluded, though they spoke on the yacht, it was never shown.

Ross Inia is engaged!

Taking to Instagram on Ma1, 2022, Ross Inia shared the amazing news of his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Rachel and she said yes. The memorable event took place during their first vacation together. The couple was exploring Kauai, Hawaii, when Ross popped the big question to her and she accepted.

So, in case you had hopes of a hook-up with the hunky Inia, you might want to look elsewhere as he is obviously taken.

What has Ross Inia been up to since Below Deck?

Ross only stayed on the popular show for one season which ended in 2019. When the season finale wrapped up, the deckhand disappeared from the screen but not in reality. At least he has been busy catching fun with friends and getting arrested while at it.

He is now a Florida resident and he plays the role of a dad to his son. To the best of our knowledge, Ross still earns his living in the yachting industry where he found work after his hopes of playing rugby were dashed but has not returned to Below Deck. However, whenever the yacht makes a stop in Florida, the New Zealander makes efforts to catch up with the crew for old times’ sake.

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