Inside Taylor Novack’s Marriage With Chad Duell, What Is She Known For?

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The entertainment industry has been riddled with a plethora of sour relationships which usually end in divorce. However, we have also noted a distinct sect that would not stay in a marriage long enough for it to even hit the rocks and perhaps end in divorce. These are the short-gone marriages that are usually annulled. Now the word annulment brings celebrity couples like Taylor Novack and Chad Duell to mind.

The duo met and dated for a while before going ahead to tie the matrimonial knot in 2012. However, fate and providence seemed not to be in support of that particular union as it crashed in no time, making the list of one of the known short-gone marriages in the industry.

Profile summary of Taylor Novack
  • Name: Taylor Novack
  • Date of birth: NA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2012 to date

What is Taylor Novack known for?

Chad Duell’s ex-wife Taylor Novack also earns her living in the entertainment industry as an actress. However, it is glaring that she has not scored many acting roles since she surfaced on the showbiz scene. Taylor is best known for the short drama entitled Treehouse. The drama which was shown in 2012 belongs to the directorial credit of Mars Mraz.

In the plot where an unemployed father tries to put food on the table for his young daughter, Taylor can be seen playing the role of Michelle. Other characters in the drama were brought to life by stars like Drew Pollock who played the role of John, Julia Thudium breathed life into the character of Laura, and Shaun Montano essayed the role of Jesse. Marshall June joined the cast as a cop, Chokri Dhaoudi as a store clerk, and Mike Miller as a man.

Taylor Novack who is also popular in the cinema industry did not start out as an actress. She first walked and worked on the runway for some big fashion brands before deciding to pitch her tent in the moving movie world. Taylor has a host of hobbies which include photography, reading, traveling, and internet surfing. There is no telling what she will venture into next.

Taylor Novack and Chad Duell commenced dating in 2010

Taylor Novack

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With the duo being part and parcel of the entertainment industry, it would be safe to surmise that they met in the line of duty. Chad was just a blossoming young man in his early 20s when he crossed paths with Taylor Novack. We were not told whether they commenced dating immediately but the records show they became an item sometime in 2010.

Dating within the circle of celebs can be quite daunting but the duo was able to sustain their relationship for a couple of years. Barely a year after they became an item, Chad proposed to his love interest while they were both in Orlando, Florida, on a vacation. The couple started making the move to cement their love by exchanging marriage vows two years after they met.

The couple got married in 2012 after dating for a couple of years

After two solid years of togetherness, Taylor Novack and her boyfriend felt they were ready for married life. This informed their decision to take their relationship to the next level. It all went down on a beautiful Saturday the 15th of September 2012, when the couple hosted both family and friends who came to witness their wedding.

The ceremony which took place in Arizona at a private residence, precisely in Cave Creek, was an eventful one. It was quite a busy weekend for the Daytime Emmy nominee Chad Duell who described the day as being quite amazing despite the hot weather. The General Hospital star described their wedding as unbelievably beautiful and admitted that having friends and family gather together for their big day was just great.

The union ended within a short while

Considering all the enthusiasm expressed by Taylor Novack’s husband at their wedding, one would likely expect their union to last a bit longer as it appeared to be founded on love. However, the reverse turned out to be the case as things suddenly went sour and their union hit the rocks almost immediately. We were not intimated on the exact number of days they lasted as a couple but reports from Soaps in Depth said they had to go for an annulment and have the marriage dissolved within a short while.

After he found himself back in the bachelor’s fold within a very short time, the Emmy nominee threw some light on the reasons why their union couldn’t endure. According to Chad Duell, it happened too soon when they weren’t even ready, thus, it couldn’t work out. They apparently rushed into marriage when they would have remained unmarried until they know each other well enough.

Duell seems to have moved on with his life

Following the end of his marriage with Taylor Novack, Chad Duell wasted no time in moving on with his life. The actor quickly hooked up with Kristen Alderson – his co-star on General Hospital (Chad’s character, Michael Corinthos, and Kristen’s character, Kiki Jerome also had a thing on the show). Their relationship endured for three years and only came to end following Kristen’s move to Pennsylvania after she exited from the show. The duo even tried extending their time through a long-distance relationship, but it all came to naught and they had to call it quits.

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After Kristen came Courtney Hope

In 2016, Chad hooked up with Courtney Hope, an actress known for her role in The Bold and The Beautiful. The duo dated for one year before deciding to co-habit which saw them move in together in 2017. During the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the lovebirds isolated together. Their relationship has endured for almost five years and still counting, perhaps Duell got it right this time.

On Novack’s side, nothing has been heard about the actress’s love life, thus, it is rather difficult to say whether she moved on or not.

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