Sisi Stringer, Age, Ethnicity, Career Exploits of the Mortal Kombat Star

Sisi Stinger
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Profile summary of Sisi Stringer
  • Name: Sisi Stringer
  • Date of birth: 10th of January 1997
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Education: Dance Dynamics Musical Theatre
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: 5 feet 1 inch
  • Occupation: Acting and movie directing
  • Years active: 2018 to date
  • Net worth: N/A

Sisi Stringer is relatively new on the movie scene, having made her onscreen debut in 2020. However, from the way she is going, one would not be wrong to say she may soon be in the league of the movie greats of this world.

She started from behind the camera role as an assistant director but quickly migrated into acting roles in Bloody Hell in 2020. Sisi’s breakthrough was achieved on the set of Mortal Combat where she was cast as Mileena, the deranged twin sister of the warrior Kitana (Mileena functioned as an assassin). Though Mortal Combat is considered to be her best-known role to date, Stringer is still very much new in the movie world and has the advantage of time.

Sisi Stringer was born in Brisbane Australia

The actress cum assistant director’s date of birth is recorded as the 10th of January 1997 and she was born in Brisbane, Australia, which makes her an Australian national. Though Sisi Stringer was born in Australia, her ethnicity is traceable to the black continent of Africa.

There is absolutely nothing about her parents in the public space, thus, their identities and occupations are not known. In the same vein, it has never been mentioned whether she is an only child or grew up with siblings.

Records of her early education are nowhere to be found yet, however, it is common knowledge that the Australian actress underwent dance training at the popular Dance Dynamics Musical Theatre, and going by the records, she enjoys musical genres such as country, blues, and soul. Sisi Stringer also went for martial arts training, as well as athletics.

Her career started behind the camera

Though she is considered a relatively fresh graduate of drama school, Sisi Stringer is already taking giant strides in the world of entertainment. The actress recorded her debut in the showbiz industry in 2018; however, she majorly worked behind the screen in the short comedy movie, Matt Gaffney Must Die as an assistant director. She worked with the likes of Rick Dart, Adam Freeman, Anthony Miller, and Gene Banyard.

It took the African-Australian actress a couple of years before she surfaced in front of the camera as her debut acting role was recorded on the set of the 2020 Bloody Hell – a theatrical movie where Sisi played a cameo as a cashier. There, she shared the screen with movie greats like Ben O’Toole, Caroline Craig, and Meg Frase. However, Sisi didn’t receive much recognition from her early gigs.

Her next on-screen role was not long in coming as before the year ran out, Stringer scored a role in Children of the Corn – a 2020 supernatural horror movie where she gave expression to the character of Tanika.

She earned her big break on the set of Mortal Combat

Sisi Stringer

Sisi Stringer in Mortal Combat image source

Sisi Stringer’s breakthrough happened one year after she debuted on the screen when the actress joined the cast of Mortal Kombat in 2021, breathing life into the character of Mileena.

Mortal Kombat gained fame for its popular video game franchise of the same name. The video game was a creation of John Tobias and Ed Boon, but the movie version of the franchise belongs to the directorial portfolio of Simon McQuoid.

In the American martial arts fantasy, Sisi was featured as an assassin named Mileena. She’s a twin sister to Kitana who is a great warrior, but Mileena is best described as deranged and psychotic. Mortal Kombat became Sisi Stringer’s first major movie and has remained her best-known production to date.

Sisi’s depiction of the character of Mileena was so good that it got fans wondering if she has an interest in playing the role of her onscreen twin, Kitana in future Mortal Kombat movies. Responding, Sisi said that being featured as Kitana who is a great warrior has always been among her greatest ambitions.

Sisi Stringer has upcoming roles for 2022

From what is perceivable, Sisi Stringer seems to be doing well on the movie scene as she already has roles lined up for 2022. A good instance is an upcoming play entitled Vampire Academy – a Peacock adaptation of a project of the same name. The drama is a 10-episode show slated to be launched in 2022 where Sisi will be starring as Rosemarie Hathaway.

This is not the last we are going to hear from the actress as she seems set to become quite prolific in the industry.

Is Sisi Stringer a professional martial artist?

After she did excellently well in depicting the character of the assassin, Mileena, on the set of Mortal Combat, the skill Sisi displayed in the movie led many to believe that she is a professional in the field of martial arts.

However, that is not the truth; she is not a professional in martial arts but because of her Mileena role, she had to undergo martial arts training for four months. Besides, as someone that has excelled in dancing for up to 10 years, picking up martial arts skills was quite easier and more natural for the Australian-born actress.

Apart from her training in martial arts, Sisi also participated in related sports such as gymnastics, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. All these experiences eased the way.

Sisi Stringer’s movies and television series

  • Vampire Academy TV series – 2022 as Rose Hathaway
  • Mortal Kombat movie – 2021 as Mileena
  • Children of the Corn – movie – 2020 as Tanika
  • Bloody Hell – movie – 2020 as Cashier
  • Matt Gaffney Must Die – 2018 (Short) – assistant director

She is on Instagram as @sisistringer

In recent times, most famous people leverage social media platforms to boost their popularity and Sisi Stringer is not different from her contemporaries. The entertainer is quite visible on the picture-sharing platform, Instagram @sisistringer. Under this username, she boasts thousands of followers with over 30 posts. Her IG account is majorly used for interacting with fans.

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Stringer was speculated to be dating Daniel Gabriel

Though she has a presence on social media and has proved to be quite active, Sisi appears to be the type that prefers to keep the details of their personal life under lock and key. Her level of secrecy has forced fans into guessing about his relationship status. It was speculated that she was once an item with fellow actor Daniel Gabriel. However, this claim has been found to be completely wrong as both appear to be close friends.

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