Where’s Eamon Farren From, Girlfriend, Wife, Height, Is He Related To Cillian Murphy?

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Profile summary of Eamon Farren
  • Name: Eamon Farren
  • Date of birth: May 19, 1985
  • Age: 39
  • Place of birth: North Queensland, Australia
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Education: Benowa State High School in Queensland, National Institute of Dramatic Art
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 1.83m
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Years active: 2001–present
  • Net worth: $8 million

Eamon Farren is an Australian thespian who is famous for his off-the-chain performances in projects like ‘Chained’ (2012), ‘Twin Peaks’, and ‘Carlotta’ (2014). It may not seem like it but the actor has been around the industry long enough to be called a veteran, considering the many years he has spent as an actor. Among several interesting things to know about Farren, the truth about how he’s related to Cillian Murphy has courted attention and we have the answers.

Where’s Eamon Farren, the Australian actor, from?

An Australian native, born in the North-Eastern state of Queensland, Farren was a child who moved around often. Eamon Farren was born on May 19, 1985. When he was six years old, his family moved to the Gold Coast and that was where they settled, he also spent his budding years there.

His childhood was a very happy and colorful one and the actor has said that much in a couple of interviews. Apparently, he was a real party freak and was very fond of parties, particularly by the beach. These beach parties formed a huge chunk of Eamon’s childhood memories and he’s confessed that “they’re the best parties I’ve ever been to.”

Young Eamon had always wanted to be an actor, he would usually tell his family and close friends that much with a clarity rare for a boy his age. He began to go to school with the sole intention of learning how to achieve this dream. He attended the Benowa State High School in Queensland and took up the school’s French Immersion Program. Apparently, he is somewhat proficient in the language as students receive at least four out of six lessons in French. Eamon later went on to complete his studies at the National Institute of Dramatic Art; he graduated in 2007 at the age of 22.

Now 39 years old, Eamon began his acting career when he was still a teenager

The Australian actor might have only begun to catch our attention only a few years ago, but he has been working in the film industry for close to twenty years now. As expected for any actor with veteran influences like Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman, Eamon took up very demanding roles, even though he might have been considered a bit too young. He started out by taking on mostly supporting roles, before finally making it to lead actor. Below is a rundown of how Eamon Farren’s career took off.

Eamon Farren’s early career

Like we have earlier mentioned, Farren began his career in the early 2000s. His earliest notable movie role was in the television movie, ‘The Outsider’, where he acted alongside British actress, Naomi Watts, as well as Tim Daly. He followed this up with a guest appearance in the Australian action series, ‘The Sleepover Club’ in 2002. During this period, Eamon performed with a lot of theater-based productions, in collaborations that involved some of Australia’s top theater companies, including the Belvoir Street Theater, the Sydney Theater, and the Griffin Theater.

His hard work in the theater paid off during his appearance in the 2008 stage film, ‘The Man In The Attic’. He later landed roles in movies with minor roles like ‘Lucky Country’, ‘X: Night of Vengeance’ (2011), and ‘All Saints’. In Jennifer Lynch’s 2012 horror movie ‘Chained’, he played a child who had been kidnapped and raised by a serial murderer (Vincent D’Onofrio).

For his electrifying role in the 2014 biopic ‘Carlotta’, he won the award for Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television’s Arts (AACTA) award in 2015. Farren’s stage career continued in 2014 with critically acclaimed performances such as Edward Ridgeway in ‘Switzerland’ and Elliott in ‘Girl Asleep’, the latter of which was made into a movie a year later with Farren taking up the new character of Adam/Benoit Tremet. In 2015, Eamon Farren debuted on Broadway in the stage play titled ‘The Present’, reprising the role of Kirill in its 2017 Broadway remake, which included Cate Blanchett as a cast member.

His most notable television role so far is as Richard Horne in Twin Peaks

It is no news that Farren was cast as Richard Horne in the American television series ‘Twin Peaks’ in 2017. Known for captivating his audience thoroughly in any given role he plays, the 39-year-old got his biggest television role yet, playing the mean Richard Horne in the ‘Twin Peaks’ reboot.

What you might not have known is that he never actually auditioned for the role. Apparently, a performance in a movie he’d acted on nearly six years ago impressed someone so much that they immediately offered him the role. Remember the little boy in Chained? That was Eamon, and he bagged future gigs from that one movie. Narrating how he happened upon such good luck in such a tough industry, Eamon said that his performance with Jennifer Lynch impressed her filmmaker father, the famous David Lynch. So, on a fateful Wednesday, he got a call informing him that he’d been picked as a cast member. At the time, Eamon didn’t even know the role he was going to play, but he already knew he was going to nail it.

Eamon Farren’s recent career wins will leave you in awe

Eamon currently plays Bonaparte Cust in the new Agatha Christie BBC crime movie, ‘The ABC Murders’. The ABC Murders is a three-part television drama that first aired on Boxing Day of 2018 at 9 pm on the BBC1 channel. Farren has since featured in other movie projects like ‘Winchester’ (2018), ‘Harmony’ (2018), and the popular fantasy series, ‘The Witcher‘ which he has been a part of since 2019.

Eamon Farren’s complete filmography

  • The Outsider (2002) as Levi Miller
  • The Sleepover Club (2003)
  • All Saints (2008–2009) as Caleb/Cody Frost
  • Blessed (2009)
  • A Parachute Falling in Siberia (2010) as Sales Assistant
  • The Pacific (2010) as John Powell
  • Rescue (2010)
  • X: Night of Vengeance (2011) as Harry
  • Red Dog (2011) as Dave
  • Chained (2012) Rabbit
  • Careless Love (2012) as Patrick
  • Three Sixty (2012)
  • Test Drive (2014) as Cal
  • Love Is Now (2014) as Dean
  • The Killing Field (2014) as Damian
  • Carlotta (2014) as Danny/Ava
  • Girl Asleep (2015) as Adam/Benoit Tremet
  • Mohawk (2015) as Joshua Pinsmai
  • Twin Peaks (2017) as Richard Horne
  • Winchester (2018) as Ben Block
  • Harmony (2018) as Jimmy
  • The ABC Murders (2018) as Alexander Bonaparte Cust
  • The Witcher (2019–Present) as Cahir
  • Lingua Franca (2019) as Alex
  • The Dig (2021) as John Brailsford

Is Eamon Farren married or dating?

The Australian actor is an international heartthrob and fans are always curious about his romantic life. If there is anything that fame will bring one’s way, it is an overwhelming lack of privacy. Such is Eamon’s reality as fans are constantly digging for information about who the actor might be currently involved with. It seems like Eamon is aware of the attention, and chooses to be very circumspect about that aspect of his life.

Right now, there is no news of any girlfriend or wife in the picture and even if he has one, he has chosen not to reveal her (or his) identity to the public – a decision we must respect, albeit grudgingly.

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The truth about the relationship between Eamon Farren and Cillian Murphy

The Australia-born actor has been rumored to be a kin of Cillian Murphy’s based on the fact that he shares very striking facial resemblances with the Irish actor. If you don’t remember the name Cillian Murphy, you might readily recall him from his popular onscreen character, Thomas Shelby of the ‘Peaky Blinders’ series.

As for these rumors about Eamon Farren being related to Cillian Murphy, they are unfounded as the two have no known blood relationship. However, we can all agree that since they are doppelgangers of each other, some filmmakers should take advantage of this and bring these two excellent actors together for a few movie scenes.

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