Oliver Dench Biography – How Old Is The English Actor?

Oliver Dench
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Oliver Dench – born September 9, 1992, is 31 years old.

Dench is a British stage, television, and movie actor best known for his stellar performances, including in projects like Ride, Pandora, Hotel Portofino, and Noughts + Crosses. The Brit is a Reading native where he spent his formative years. Dench has always displayed a healthy dose of interest in the performing arts and according to the entertainer, he was obsessed with Shakespeare at a point in his life. Today, he has recorded gigs in theatre productions, television, and movies.

Profile summary of Oliver Dench
  • Name: Oliver Dench
  • Date of birth: September 9, 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Place of birth: Reading, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: Britain
  • Education: The Henley College
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Occupation: Movie, TV, and stage actor
  • Years active: 2012 to date
  • Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Instagram: @o_dench
  • Twitter: @OliverDench

How old is Oliver Dench?

Oliver Dench is an English actor born on the 9th of September 1992 and he is 31 years old. Dench is Brit by nationality as he was born in Reading in the UK. However, his ethnicity mix is not known.

Oliver has never revealed the identities of his parents in the public space thus, their names and professions are not known. With that said, sources have revealed that he is the only child of his parents.

Dench has not equally said anything about his early academic journey but according to some online sources, he attended a private high school. When the time came for the blossoming thespian to proceed with further studies, he chose to pitch his tent at Henley College.

Is Oliver Dench related to actress, Judi Dench?

When Oliver Dench came into the entertainment industry bearing the same last name as Oscar award-winning movie superstar, Dame Judi Dench, fans couldn’t help but wonder whether he has any blood ties with the entertainment icon.

In no time at all, internet surfers were able to dig up facts confirming that the two thespians are actually related. Judy is listed as Oliver Dench’s great-aunt from his maternal side.

Judy is one actress that has written her name in gold on the fabric of the movie world. Throughout her career life, the actress has been nominated for eight Academy awards and has won one in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her contributions to Shakespeare in Love.

When the talk is about British Cinema, Judy earns pride of place as one of its best actresses, as well as the most successful.

Oliver’s maternal grandfather, Jeffery Dench was also famous as a theater actor. He is Judy’s brother, though he never attained the same level of fame as her.

Oliver Dench commenced his acting career on the stage

According to Oliver Dench, his grandfather made him to be obsessed with Shakespeare during his formative years. It was this childhood obsession that informed his decision to start his entertainment career in the theatre.

His debut appearance on stage was recorded in 2012 when he played Young Scrooge in Christmas Carol. In 2013, Dench joined the stage cast of Romeo and Juliet as Paris. The year 2014 saw him portray the role of Various in One Man Hamlet. He was the Morris we saw on the set of the 2014 stage production of The Witch of Edmonton. Dench recorded two stage productions in 2015 – as Borachio in Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.

In 2017, Dench depicted the character of Tom in School Play and his last stage appearance was noted in 2022 when the thespian played the role of Cliff in Cabaret.

Oliver Dench’s theatre roles

  • A Christmas Carol as Young Scrooge – 2012
  • Romeo and Juliet as Paris – 2013
  • One Man Hamlet as Various – 2014
  • The Witch of Edmonton as Morris – 2014
  • Much Ado About Nothing as Borachio – 2015
  • Romeo and Juliet as Romeo – 2015
  • School Play as Tom – 2017
  • Cabaret as Cliff – 2022

Oliver Dench is currently working with Revolve Theatre Company as its Artistic Director. Alongside his colleagues Tom Smith and Joe Morris, he co-formed Henley-on-Thames in Revolve Theatre Company; this happened in 2014.

Henley-on-Thames launched its debut show during the Henley Fringe Festival. In his dramatic monologue, Dench played the entire 15 roles in Hamlet.

Oliver has a few movie credits

Oliver Dench’s movie credits are just four, he made his big screen debut in 2013, playing Bartender on the set of One Night at the Aristo, marking his big break. Oliver showed up in Technology as an Orphan in 2018 and played a voice role in Lifeline the same year. He has one movie, Queen of the Redwood Mountains in post-production.

Oliver Dench’s movie roles

  • One Night at the Aristo as Bartender – 2013
  • Technology as Orphan – 2018
  • Lifeline as Voice – 2018
  • Queen of the Redwood Mountains – post-production

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His roles on television

Oliver Dench’s television career kick-started in 2016 when he was featured in a key role as Will Palmerston in the TV series Ride. His next TV role came in 2018 as Sam Warner in The Athena. In 2019, the movie and TV actor joined the cast of Noughts + Crosses as Anthony in a single episode, and between 2019 and 2020, Oliver got busy depicting the character of Xander Duvall in Pandora.

In 2021, Dench scored two television roles in two episodes of Domina as Iullus and one episode of Whitstable Pearl, playing Max Azarov. In 2022, he depicted the major character of Lucian Ainsworth in Hotel Portofino.

Today, Oliver Dench is best known for the television roles he played in Ride, Pandora, and Noughts + Crosses.

Oliver Dench’s TV roles

  • Ride as Will Palmerston – 2016 to 2017
  • The Athena as Sam Warner – 2018 to 2019
  • Noughts + Crosses as Anthony – 2019
  • Pandora as Xander Duvall – 2019 to 2020
  • Domina as Iullus – 2021
  • Whitstable Pearl as Max Azarov – 2021
  • Hotel Portofino as Lucian Ainsworth – 2022

The actor is on social media

Oliver Dench has registered his presence on several social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, the British actor operates under the moniker @o_dench with a few thousand followers and still counting.

His Twitter handle which was launched in July 2019 can be located @OliverDench but his followers are still growing. As his popularity in the movie industry grows, the actor is expected to gain more followers on social media platforms.

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