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Who is Sergio Carrallo, Caroline Stanbury’s Husband?

Sergio Carrallo
Source - @sergiocarrallo Instagram

Sergio Carrallo – born September 28, 1994, is 29 years old.

Carrallo is a former soccer player, businessman, and digital marketer best known for being the current husband of reality television star, Caroline Stanbury.

Sergio and Caroline met after she divorced her former husband, Cem Habib. Despite their generational age difference that got millions of tongues wagging, the celebrity duo made it to the alter in 2021 and has been enjoying marital bliss since then. While they don’t share any kids yet, Sergio is acting as step-father to Caroline’s three children

Profile summary of Sergio Carrallo
  • Name: Sergio Carrallo
  • Date of birth: September 28, 1994
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Place of birth: Madrid
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Education: University graduate
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Caroline Stanbury
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Occupation: Businessman, former soccer player, TV personality
  • Net worth: $4 million
  • Instagram: @sergiocarrallo
  • Twitter: @S_carrallo
  • TikTok: @sergiocarrallo
  • Facebook: Sergio Carrallo

What is Sergio Carrallo’s age compared to Caroline Stanbury?

Sergio Carrallo is 29 years old as he was born on the 28th of September 1994 while Caroline Stanbury is 48 years old as she was born on April 28, 1976. Sergio is a Spain national born in the country’s capital city, Madrid.

Born with the full name, Sergio José Carrallo Pendás, the Madrid native comes from a well-to-do family. Though his parents’ identities have never been disclosed, it is common knowledge that they are high-income earners working in the technology industry.

His grandfather (name undisclosed) is credited as the founder of a Barcelona-based private business school. Though he has never disclosed the number of siblings he had, it is understood that Sergio Carrallo is his parents’ first child and was brought up in the Christian faith.

Sergio never disclosed the details of his high school journey but we were told that he played soccer in high school. The Spanish footballer attended Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Universidad Europea de Madrid, and also passed through The University of California. We don’t know which institution came first but it is common knowledge that Sergio studied Business Administration and Management. He is currently a Dubai resident.

Sergio is a man of several hats

Sergio Carrallo has a finger in several pies; he is listed as a former footballer, businessman, digital marketer, television personality, content creator, and celebrity spouse.

Sergio Carrallo played soccer at a professional level

As a soccer player, Sergio went professional, playing for the popular Real Madrid Football Club, the U19 division. His football career commenced in 2012 and while it lasted, he played in the attacking position. The former footballer hung his booth in 2018

Sergio Carrallo went from soccer to digital marketing

After his resignation from professional football, Sergio started working in the digital marketing field. The youngster moved to California where his dad is based; he started learning English there and eventually became an expert in digital marketing.

The former footballer went on to launch the financial management company called Venture where he wields the big stick as the Chief Executive Officer. He has since worked with big brands like Nike and Instagram.

Carrallo appeared on reality TV alongside his spouse

In 2022, Sergio recorded an appearance on the set of The Real Housewives of Dubai television series with his spouse, Caroline Stanbury. Though he enjoyed a good level of popularity during his days as a footballer for Real Madrid Football Club, his name hit the news once more following his Real Housewives stint

He is also making a name on social media

The former soccer player established a presence on several social media platforms like Instagram, and YouTube. On the former, Sergio operates a personal account @sergiocarrallo where he has garnered over 201k followers.

His handle on Twitter is @S_carrallo; he joined in September 2012 and so far, the ex-football star has accumulated over 5, 052 followers and has tweeted 3,690 times.

Sergio’s YouTube channel was launched alongside his reality TV star wife, Caroline. It operates under the username, SC & Family and they also run the podcast, Divorced Not Dead together.

Sergio Carrallo married Caroline Stanbury in 2021

According to reports, Sergio Carrallo and his spouse, Caroline Stanbury met in California, precisely in Newport Beach. The couple first crossed paths during the early part of 2020 after the initial outbreak of Corona Virus hit the US. However, the pandemic didn’t seem to deter them from finding love as the couple commenced dating immediately.

By then, Caroline was already living in Dubai with her children and Carrallo didn’t hesitate to travel all the way to the United Arab Emirates to join them.

As 2021 was ushered in, the couple went to the Himalayas for a New Year trip where Sergio surprised his love interest with a marriage proposal to which he got an answer in the affirmative. Their official engagement was eventually announced on the 2nd of January 2021 by Carolina.

The celebrity power couple eventually exchanged wedding vows a few months later on the 11th of November 2021. Their nuptials which were hosted on Mauritius Island was a secret affair with a few people in attendance. The couple later revealed the details to fans in December of the same year.

Sergio Carrallo and Caroline have been updating fans about their relationship from the onset and since their nuptials, the duo has continued in that fashion. They have since enjoyed several adventures as a couple, including South Africa, Greece, and beautiful stay-at-home days in Dubai which have all been documented on their socials.

Sergio Carrallo’s wife, Caroline Stanbury is a reality TV star

Born on the 28th of April 1976, Sergio’s wife, Caroline Stanbury is a British citizen with White ethnicity. The daughter of Elizabeth and Anthony Stanbury, the Brit is listed as a businesswoman, fashion stylist, reality TV star, podcaster, and many more. She first gained popularity by appearing on the TV show, Ladies of London, and joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai took her to another level of fame.

While she is Sergio’s first wife, Caroline Stanbury has been through one marriage and divorce before meeting the former Real Madrid star. She was the wife of Cem Habib – a Dubai-based banker and investor but their marriage came to an end in December 2019.

Do they share any children?

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are yet to have any kids together, however, Sergio stands in the position of a stepfather to the reality star’s three children. While her marriage with Habib lasted, Carolina had three children with the investor. Her first child is a girl named Yasmine Habib while her second and third children are twin boys who go by the names, Aaron and Zac.

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The age gap between Sergio Carrallo and Caroline Stanbury led to a controversy

Before they were able to settle down as husband and wife, the celebrity couple was faced with some serious age controversies. According to Sergio, he had to lie to Carolina about his real age before she could accept him. In fact, he added some years to his real age to make him look older in her eyes but in actual fact, they have an 18-years age difference with Caroline being the older one.

Afterward, Sergio’s father became another obstacle, offering to give his son a huge sum of money just to leave his girlfriend. They accused her of taking on a much younger lover for her pleasure alone. Apart from Sergio’s dad, his mum was also opposed to the union.

The duo had to join efforts in convincing the former footballer’s parents that their relationship was genuine. Sergio Carrallo later confirmed that his mum now loves Carolina as much as he does after meeting her.

Apart from the soccer player’s parents, several fans and the general public also raised eyebrows about their age difference but this didn’t stop them from going ahead to tie the knot.

Fast facts

Why did Sergio Carrallo quit football?

Sergio Carralo quit football to further his studies in the United States and later went into digital marketing.

Did Sergio Carrallo actually play soccer?

Sergio played soccer for the Real Madrid football club in Spain.

What does Sergio Carrallo do for a living?

He is a businessman and TV personality who used to play soccer professionally.

Are Caroline and Sergio still together?

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are still married.

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