Luzelba Mansour Bio – How Old Is She and Where’s She From?

Luzelba Mansour
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Profile summary of Luzelba Mansour
  • Name: Luzelba Mansour
  • Date of birth: December 17, 1972
  • Age: 51
  • Place of birth: Capilla de Guadalupe, Mexico
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Education: University of California
  • Spouse: Zaki Mansour (divorced)
  • Children: Alexa Mansour and Athena Mansour
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Occupation: Actress, Lawyer, Entrepreneur
  • Years active: 2015 to date
  • Net worth: $6 million
  • Luzelba Mansour’s Instagram

One of the most beautiful American actresses to emerge from Mexico, Luzelba Mansour is a multifaceted woman. Her talent soars above the entertainment industry to include a career as a lawyer and entrepreneur. Her acting career is not a robust one yet with just a few credits to her name but the actress has a lot to know about her life and career.

Luzelba Mansour was born in Mexico but resides in the United States

Born on December 17, 1972, Luzelba’s place of birth is in Capilla de Guadalupe, Mexico. Her parents are Natalia Marquez and Jose de Jesus Lozano who raised her alongside 3 siblings – 2 brothers and 1 sister. We can’t say what growing up was like for the actress but she had enough stability to attain a university degree. She also evidently shares a very close bond with her mother who appears on her Instagram page more than anyone else. Her father worked on a strawberry farm and also washed dishes in a restaurant, however, that life is now behind the.

Mansour studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating with a degree in law. She’s still active as a lawyer while digging into other career fields like the real estate industry. The actress is not one to settle on a single career but likes to spread her wings.

Her acting career made her popular

While she studied law in school, Luzelba Mansour didn’t limit herself to the profession. Her relocation to the United States made it easier for her to extend her reach to acting. She is a TV actress with just a few credits under her belt. Luzelba became a prominent figure through her appearance in Rica Famosa Latina (2014). Her costars on the Estrella TV reality show include Geraldine Bazán, Sandra Vidal, and Niurka Marcos. Her other TV appearances can be traced to Rica La Noche and Miss Latina Cosmopolitan contest. She also served as a judge on the Queen of the Universe beauty contest.

Noches con Platanito (2013) and Glitterbomb (2018) are some of the notable works under her belt. However, her scanty filmography doesn’t mean she’s sitting ideal, instead, Luzelba is busy in the real estate industry, securing the bag.

Luzelba Mansour’s movies and TV shows

  • Rica Famosa Latina (TV Series) as Self – 2015-2017
  • Noches con Platanito (TV Series) – 2017
  • Glitterbomb (TV Series) as Self – 2018

Other career exploits

Acting is something she enjoys doing and the art is responsible for putting her name out there but that is not the only thing she’s involved in. Luzelba Mansour is also a real estate entrepreneur and works as a lawyer, all these endeavors work together to give her an estimated net worth of $6 million with an estimated salary of about $130,106 – $228,488.

Luzelba Mansour is a fitness enthusiast

Eating right and working out are some of the ways Mansour keeps us wondering her age. The mother of two looks pretty young and the reason is obvious. She takes her exercise routines very seriously and seems to adhere to a special diet plan. Her weight and ripped body are enough evidence of how effective her routine is. The 51-year-old mom of two still looks stunning in any outfit.

Mansour was once married to a finance manager

Luzelba was married to Zaki Mansour, an Egyptian finance manager. The marriage lasted long enough to produce two kids (daughters) named Alexa Mansour and Athena Mansour. While Alexa was born in 1996, the younger daughter, Athena was born in 2002.

Sadly, the marriage between Luzelba and Zaki Mansour has hit the rocks as the two are no longer together. The reason behind the split is yet to be made public.

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A look at the career life of Alexa Mansour

Alexa has followed her mother’s footsteps into the entertainment industry and also doubles as an Instagram model. On Instagram, she is known for her sensual avatar which she posts often. One of her videos titled Undress Me went viral on the internet.

She began as a child model, apparently supported by her mother who was already active in the entertainment industry at the time. Alex modeled for Ford and made several appearances on magazine covers, smoothly navigating her way into Hollywood.

Alexa played one of the main characters in Earthtastrophe in 2016 as Zoey and the same year, she played the title role in Kim and Me. Luna Garcia and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit are some of the projects she has appeared in. The young actress also speaks three languages – Spanish, French, and English.

The young actress is popular on Instagram, including other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Collectively, she has several thousands of fans.

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