Who Is Maya Laurinaitis and How Old Is John Laurinaitis Daughter?

maya laurinaitis
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Profile summary of Maya Laurinaitis
  • Name: Maya Laurinaitis
  • Date of birth: February 28, 2002
  • Maya Laurinaitis’ age: 22
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: Former WWE star John Laurinaitis (father)
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Modeling, Reality TV star
  • Years active: 2019-present
  • Maya Laurinaitis’ Instagram

If you are looking for any personal details about the life and career of Maya Laurinaitis online, you might meet dead ends because she is still upcoming in her pursuits in the showbiz industry. Nevertheless, we have a hint or two about her aspirations and the famous family giving her the push in the right direction, especially her father John Laurinaitis and her older stepsisters – the Bella twins. They are always there to boost her spot in the limelight.

Who is the 22-year-old Maya Laurinaitis?

Born February 28, 2002, Maya enjoys major fame today due to her affiliation to the Bella sisters. Her father, former WWE star and current producer John Laurinaitis married Brie and Nikki Bella’s mother Kathy Colace in 2015. The union joined the two families together and expanded Maya’s WWE circle as the twins are very popular in the ring.

As Kathy Colace’s stepdaughter, Maya has become close to the Bella sisters who treat her as their little sister. They are also doing everything possible to help her grow careerwise, including putting her on their popular TV show Total Bellas.

Maya’s educational background is not public knowledge but she seems to be a bright student. Her father and stepmom took to Instagram in 2019 to congratulate her upon her graduation from high school, a feat she achieved in 3 years. They gushed over her, with Colace expressing her love for the young lady. However, the names of the school she graduated from is not known and we can’t confirm if she has gone on to college. One thing is clear though, she’s interested in the showbiz industry.

Maya Laurinaitis is a model and budding wrestler

Her dad personally asked the Bella sisters to tutor her in the ring and they took her in. Nikki thought it was cute that John was so excited to have his daughter in the wrestling industry. Subsequently, the 22-year-old blonde beauty debuted on Total Bellas in Season 4. Nevertheless, though she once aspired to become a wrestler, Maya has confessed that she doesn’t favor wrestling as a career and would like to shift her interest.

Aside from aspiring to join her family in the wrestling arena, Maya Laurinaitis is also interested in modeling. Determined to help Maya in any way possible, Nikki linked her up to the Bellas’ lifestyle brand Birdiebee. So far, Maya has modeled some of Nikki and Brie’s apparel and the future is looking bright for her in the industry. Her first runway show at Scottsdale Fashion Week was aired on Total Bellas.

The Bella Twins retired from active wrestling in 2019. The compelling duo made the decision to quit due to several factors, including health issues. They subsequently received a much-deserved spot on the WWE Hall of Fame the next year after their retirement but the official ceremony took place in 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Maya’s stint on E! reality TV series Total Bellas

Maya Laurinaitis joined the E! reality TV series Total Bellas as a full-time cast member in 2019, as part of season 4 of the show. Total Bellas follows the personal and professional lives of the WWE twins – Nikki and Brie, from their time in the ring to their romantic partners and family members.

However, Maya’s appearance on the show was met with mixed reactions as some fans frowned at the fact that she has nothing to offer the show. The fact that she is not popular on the internet is also a concern for many. There is a widespread speculation that she just wants to use the platform to boost her popularity and a lot of people don’t think it’s fair.

Inside Maya Laurinaitis’ family of wrestlers

John Laurinaitis – image source

In addition to having two awesome stepsisters who are WWE Hall of Famers, Maya’s father, John Laurinaitis, is a former WWE star who was known as Johnny Ace as his ringname in his active days. John now serves in the WWE as a head of talent relations. In his heydays, he took part in promotions like World Championship Wrestling (WCW), All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), and the WWE.

Her father debuted in the wrestling world in 1986 and retired in 2012. Maya’s paternal uncles, Joe and Marcus Laurinaitis were also involved in the WWE as professional wrestlers. Maya is naturally athletic and excels in tennis and snowboarding but not competitively.

She is currently a Phoenix, Arizona resident but this may not be a permanent abode for the budding model if she wishes to pursue her modeling career head-on.

Who is Maya Laurinaitis dating?

It seems the 22-year-old blonde bombshell is enjoying freedom as a single lady or she just wants her personal business kept private. For now, there is no information about her dating history and she has not shared her current status.

Her Instagram account that boasts thousands of followers is filled with pictures of her with family and friends or just photoshoots from modeling gigs.

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