Truths About Luke Cuccurullo From Married At First Sight, Is He Gay, Where Is He Now?

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Luke Cuccurullo – born August 19, 1987, is 36 years old.

Accused of lying on several occasions, Luke Cuccurullo, a civil engineer, faced major backlash during his time as one of the husbands of Married at First Sight. He was matched with Kate Sisk on the show and from the very first time he kissed her lips, he started losing any attraction he had toward her. Their marriage and eventual breakup remain one of the most tumultuous the show has ever seen and the drama started when Kate was walking down the aisle.

Due to the drama that surrounded their short-lived relationship, fans of Married at First Sight have often wondered what really transpired between the two. Below are some of our findings of the truths about Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk’s split.

Profile summary of Luke Cuccurullo
  • Name: Luke Cuccurullo
  • Date of birth: August 19, 1987
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Place of birth: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Rowan University
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Spouse: Kate Sisk (div.)
  • Occupation: Civil engineer and TV personality
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA
  • Instagram: @lukecukes

Why the Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk match was an unfortunate one

On Married at First Sight, a team of experts in marriage and relationship matters goes through a time-consuming survey and experiments to match couples who are mandated to get married on the show. This is done with the hope that they will fall in love with each other after meeting for the first time and getting married almost immediately.

For Luke and Kate, Dr. Jessica was responsible for bringing them together, a match the doctor greatly regretted afterward. The couple was matched during the eighth season of MAFS which took place in Philadelphia. At first, they seemed excited about their journey into matrimony and Luke admitted that Kate looked absolutely beautiful as she walked down the aisle. Kate, on the other hand, was equally attracted to her husband and things looked promising for the duo. Unfortunately, the attraction they shared didn’t last long enough to help them solidify their union.

The few weeks they spent together as man and wife were mostly awkward as they quickly grew apart. Luke was the most expressive on how their union can’t work. Subsequently, truths about the two began to unveil, painting him as the villain of the show.

Luke Cuccurullo confessed that Kate ‘repulsed’ him

In the heat of the awkwardness between the two, Kate asked Luke how he feels about her and he didn’t hold back in blurting out that she wasn’t his type. He added that she repulsed him and made him feel dead inside after sharing a kiss with her on their honeymoon.

When it was time to decide to break up or carry on with their marriage, Kate admitted that they were not meant to be together. For her, they were emotionally draining each other and it doesn’t look like they will find a way to make things work in the union. She opted for a divorce. From her revelations, we understood that Luke didn’t just say he was repulsed by her but also accused her of always wanting to have sex. On the contrary, Kate said Luke was the one initiating cuddling between them but she started the talk about them having sex during their honeymoon and he agreed. He got a condom and they had sex, an experience that obviously turned Luke off. From then onwards, his attitude changed.

Is Luke Cuccurullo really gay?

Luke has admitted to being the villain in season 8 of Married at First Sight but he vehemently refused to confirm the claims that he is gay. Coupled with the fact that most of his friends are gay, Kate also observed that his Facebook status says he’s interested in both men and women and even says he is in a relationship with a man. Luke waved these facts off as a joke he just played on his Facebook friends.

When the show’s host Kevin asked if he has been in any relationship with a man, Luke said no but Kate was not having any of it. She accused him of not just lying to her but also deceiving his Facebook friends by stating he’s gay when he is not. In all, Luke maintained his stance that he is straight, even when some Instagram users threw the question at him, he stood his ground. According to him, his Facebook has had that setting for 13 years and he doesn’t think it’s a problem.

The suspicions about his sexuality started when, after having sex with Kate, he said ‘I feel repulsed.’ No one would blame Kate for suspecting he could be gay after such an experience.

Other lies Luke told against Kate

Aside from the foregoing, a rumor originated from Luke, saying Kate is struggling with alcoholism. Interestingly, he didn’t tell her to her face but she had to hear it from other people. Kate explained that what he could be referring to was a bottle of wine he gave her which she drank. Apparently, he used it against her and started spreading rumors that she was an alcoholic.

He also told her to lie about their first night together. He didn’t want people to know he slept with his wife and that was awkward for her, even for the fans. Luke went on to pretend like he didn’t have sex with her.

Luke was accused of coming on the show for popularity, not to find love

During the last segment of the show, host Kevin asked Kate if she feels Luke was in it for the popularity the show would bring his way and she said yes. She proclaimed that Luke apparently just wanted to be on TV and wasn’t looking for love at all.

Costar AJ Vollmoeller said Luke was just “playing a game of mental warfare” with Kate during their time together. Luke later managed to render an apology to Kate for the way he treated her. She admitted that this gave her closure.

He was termed the villain of his season on MAFS and he’s cool with it

If there’s one thing he did right on the show, it’s admitting that he hurt Kate really badly. He also apologized and accepted his role as the villain. Notwithstanding, costars, and fans who wanted more explanations from him couldn’t get anything out of the man.

He appeared nervous at the reunion where we learned many truths about his relationship with Kate but refused to explain why he did the things he did to her.

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Where are Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk now?

After her unfortunate experience on the reality TV show, Kate found love again with a man whose identity was not confirmed. However, the relationship died off shortly after it began. She is now focusing on other aspects of her life, especially her career.

Luke, on the other hand, also found himself another girl whom he shared on Instagram. Another addition to his circle is a toy poodle named Studley. The dog has also made several appearances on his social media pages.

Careerwise, Luke is busy with his podcast known as Cuccurullo Conversation and also runs a dating service called Unplugged Dating. His career path has also taken him around the country on trips that have helped him discover many hidden facts about himself.

Fast facts

What is Luke Cuccurullo doing now?

Luke Cuccurullo is focusing on his thriving photography career and sharing updates with his Instagram fans.

What happened to Luke from Married At First Sight?

After his divorce from Kate Sisk, the former couple went on to live their separate lives and have both found love again.

Is Luke Cuccurullo married?

Luke Cuccurullo is not married, although he shared a wedding photoshoot with his girlfriend Sammi on Instagram which he later revealed wasn’t real.

Are Kate and Luke together?

Kate and Luke are divorced and living their lives separately.

Who is Luke from MAFS dating?

Luke has a new girlfriend named Sammi Damianna Di Giacinto. The two started dating in early 2020.

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