How Old Is Amanda Loy, Height, Net Worth, Is She Married?

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Profile summary of Amanda Loy
  • Name: Amanda Kate Loy
  • Date of birth: December 18, 1988
  • Age: 35
  • Place of birth: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: Steven (father)
  • Height: 4′ 3″
  • Occupation: Personal trainer, bodybuilder, reality TV star, actress, model
  • Years active: 2014-present
  • Net worth: NA
  • Amanda Loy’s Instagram: @_tinytitan
  • Twitter: @_tinytitan

Amanda Loy may be on the petit size physically but she’s stronger than many normal-sized adults. Being on the Lifetime reality TV series Little Women: Dallas may have brought her to the spotlight but Loy was already doing great things before she joined the show. Through her venture in bodybuilding, she became an icon in the field of fitness, standing out as a National Physique Committee figure competitor. Check out these revealing facts about the American reality television star.

Amanda Loy is currently 35 years old and was born with Hypochondroplasia

One look at her and you can tell she is a dwarf but her type of dwarfism may be different from others you know of. Amanda was born on December 18, 1988. She is already 35 years old but has not grown taller than a young child. This deficiency in growth is a result of a condition known as Hypochondroplasia. Her condition stopped her from growing at 4ft 2in.

Her mother was also a dwarf and that is just about the only person in her family with the condition, aside from Amanda herself. Her mom passed on in 2015 after suffering from kidney and liver failure. Being too short has changed nothing for Amanda in the pursuit of her goals. Her winning attitude takes the credit for most of the things she achieved and she would always see her height as a gift, not a curse.

Life before fame and professional bodybuilding career

Living with hypochondroplasia did not make Amanda Loy doubt her capabilities. She thrived in a career most little people wouldn’t dream of going into. Before she became a TV star, Amanda worked in a bar after leaving school at 18 years of age. An ordeal that led to her arrest for DUI in 2013 changed her course in life. According to the TV star, her mother was an alcoholic, a habit that claimed her life eventually, and in a bid to avoid turning into the same person her mom was, she decided to find a passion and it turned out to be bodybuilding.

She began her fitness journey and before long, Amanda became a personal trainer and entered figure competitions. She set a record in NPC Natural Western USA as the first dwarf to join the competition and this was in March 2014, just about a year after starting her fitness journey. To cap it all, she took the 4th position after competing with women of normal height.

Following her first attempt, Amanda Loy went back and has now recorded her seventh appearance in the contest. She has won 2nd place once, carrying the 4th position four times. An icon in bodybuilding, Amanda is now an ISSA-certified personal trainer.

Amanda Loy’s time on Little Women: Dallas

Originally from Arizona, Loy moved to Dallas to be close to her best friend Asta Young, and Asta’s husband Ty. Both friends appeared on Little Women: Dallas together in 2016. Other major cast members of the show at the time are Emily Fernandez, Tiffani Chan, Brichelle Humphrey, Caylea Woodbury, and Bri Barlup.

Loy’s bodybuilding career and her relationship dramas formed part of her storyline on the show. Her ex-boyfriend Zac came into the picture briefly in season 2 but she moved on to date a woman in season 2. The relationship also lasted for a short time. From dating the woman identified as Cassidy, Loy moved on with a man named Chase. Interestingly, Chase used to mess around with Loy’s castmate Caylea and she confessed to getting down with him just to get back at Caylea for hitting her in the face. When the second season came to an end, Chase and Amanda loaded Chase’s van with their stuff to relocate to California together.

What is her net worth?

Though the figure is not known publicly, Amanda Loy seems to have made a lot of money through her career ventures. She has successfully held down careers as a reality TV star, professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, and model.

Some reports suggest she makes at least $132,835 annually as an actress while her modeling gigs fetch over $50k. Amanda is also building a strong fan base on social media.

Who is she dating now?

Amanda Loy has been in a relationship with both men and women, mostly short-lived. Her publicized affairs are the ones we saw on Little Women: Dallas where she briefly dated Zac, Cassidy, and ended up with Chase.

She may still be with Chase or they have gone their separate ways, the latter being the most likely but one thing is certain, she is living her best days. Amanda is active on Instagram where she posts about her life and activities but hardly about her relationships.

How tall is Amanda Loy?

As a result of her hypochondroplasia condition, Amanda Loy’s physique experienced stunted growth from birth and she only managed to grow up to 4 feet 3 inches in height. All her body features come in small sizes and she has a corresponding weight of 31 kg.

From her biography, it is apparent that her mom transferred the dwarf genes to her as she too was a dwarf before she died.

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What happened to Amanda Loy since Little Women: Dallas ended?

Little Women: Dallas was canceled in 2017, just after the second season. Subsequently, Loy decided to keep a low profile and only makes occasional appearances on Instagram where she posts about her journey so far.

During the final season of Little Women: Dallas, Loy decided to try acting and stunt doubling. She even got a role as a secretary on a documentary series called, Scandal Made Me Famous. Though a minor one, the role may have launched another path in her career, on the other hand, her recent posts suggest she is ready to leave the showbiz world behind.

She is also revisiting her skills as a violin and guitar player.

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