Lacey Blair – Get To Know The Diesel Brothers Star In 5 Facts

Lacey Blair
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Profile summary of Lacey Blair
  • Name: Lacey Nicole Blair
  • Date of birth: July 1, 1994
  • Age: 29
  • Place of birth: Potosi, Missouri
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: Eddie Blair (father), Tamara Blair (mother)
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Occupation: Model, reality TV star
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: $700 thousand (estimated)
  • Instagram: @lacey_blair

Lacey Blair is a model and reality TV star but while she might appear all girlie and sexy in her pictures and videos, Lacey is a badass mechanic who doesn’t hold back from taking on heavy-duty vehicles like trucks. The hot mechanic credits her success in a male-dominated career path to the passion she has for automobiles and this is what makes it possible for her to give her best in every work that comes her way. Her craft earned her a spot on Diesel Brothers and the reality TV show shot her to prominence. Notwithstanding, she had a lot going on in her life before her reality show appearance. Let’s meet the unconventional mechanic that is Lacey Blair.

Lacey Blair was born and raised in her hometown of Missouri

For the most part of her life to date, Blair has loved vehicles and her interest is specifically drawn to trucks. Her date of birth is July 1, 1994, and she was born in Potosi, Missouri. Blair has always shown gratitude for the exposure she got in her place of birth, apparently, that was where she picked her interest in cars. In fact, she was raised around cars which exposed her to the rudiments of working on them.

Her parents – Eddie and Tamara nurtured her in an environment where cars occupied a special place in many hearts. Her dad is an avid car enthusiast which is the most likely place she picked that passion from. He manages Blair Heating and Cooling in Potosi as a heating contractor. Having such a father figure in her life also means her love for cars manifested at an early age. That passion led her to leave Missouri for Utah for the filming of Diesel Brothers.

Blair became a star on Diesel Brothers in late 2019

Lacey Blair has been doing wonders with cars before she joined the reality TV show in 2019. She was already a star on YouTube and other aspects of her online ventures but the show helped in taking her to the next level. In fact, Blair’s online presence and the fame it brought her should be given credit for attracting Discovery Channel. The channel subsequently came for her in late 2019 and she joined the other automobile experts on Diesel Brothers where she has since become one of the fan favorites.

Joining the show boosted her personal endeavors online and she has also filled her YouTube channel with content from her works with David “Heavy D” Sparks and David “Diesel Dave” Kiley. Lacey Blair has a special interest in trucks and has attended a lot of truck shows. Her job with Hostile Wheels has taken her across the country for different truck shows.

She is also an Entrepreneur

Another passion that Blair is harnessing in her career life is fashion. Aside from owning an automotive shop, she also managed a hair salon when she was still residing in Missouri. The hair salon is known as Town & Country while the car company is named LB Motorsports and though many suggest she sold the businesses off, the salon appears to still be operational. The automotive shop sells automobiles, aircraft, and boats.

In addition to the foregoing, she also has some commercial rental properties under her belt and also rum Monat Network Marketing. Through her influence, she serves as a mentor to women in different places in the country. Blair left her life and businesses in Missouri to start her life a reality TV star in Utah when she joined Diesel Brothers.

She is a model and YouTube star

One look at her Instagram pictures and you will easily conclude she is a model and that is not far from the truth. She has been a Gauge Girl before, a title given to pretty women who have been featured on the pages of Gauge Magazine. The tabloid is a top online publication for custom car and truck features.

On YouTube, Lacey entertains and educates her subscribers with her meticulous makeup tutorials. Despite her love for fashion and stuff like that, she is still into motorsport which is her first love. Thus, on YouTube, she shares a lot of her motorsports adventures with her fans. Her presence on the video-sharing platform has grown tremendously and this translates into money for the mechanic.

Being a social media influencer, she also has endorsement deals that rake in as much as $400 or $700 for each sponsored post. Her deal with Monat Global earned her a Cadillac Escalade ESV as the brand recorded remarkable growth after getting her endorsement. In true Lacey Blair style, she modified the automobile to withstand harsh terrains as seen in the video below.

Blair has a store on Poshmark and has her own merchandise line

Her passion for fashion is still burning and she loves to share it with her fans. Thus, she has a store on Poshmark where clothes and accessories are sold at affordable prices. She also has her own line of merch called Lacey Blair Co. The clothing line has a variety of shirts, and hats, and most of them carry the slogan “Bad A$$ women supporting Bad A$$ women”.

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Who is Lacey Blair’s boyfriend?

As a beautiful and talented woman, Blair is expected to enjoy enough attention from men and that is exactly the case. In fact, she once came close to marrying one. During her Gauge Girl interview, Lacey opened up about her love life, suggesting she might be getting married soon. She revealed the name of her boyfriend as Zach and they seemed serious with each other. However, she leveraged one of her YouTube videos to share that she was no longer dating Zach.

The hot mechanic may have ended her relationship with Zach but she is not single. Lacey is currently dating a fellow car enthusiast who goes by the name Craig Scanlon. Though we can’t confirm when their relationship started, her Gauge Girl interview suggests it was after her appearance in the magazine.

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