Background Details of Lucila Solá, Facts About Her Career and Personal Life

Lucila Solá
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Profile summary of Lucila Solá
  • Name: Lucila Polak Solá
  • Date of birth: April 17, 1976
  • Age: 48
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Education: Nil
  • Parents: Federico Polak
  • Height: 5′ 8½” (1.74 m)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 2003 to date
  • Best known works: Pride and Prejudice, Un Buen día, Kirstie
  • Instagram: @lucilasola

Lucila Solá is an Argentine actress with a few acting credits in Hollywood. Though she started life in her home country of Argentina, actress Lucila Solá soon moved to the United States in search of better career opportunities. There, she was exposed to the moving movie world and has recorded several on-screen appearances among which is Pride and Prejudice. Lucila’s acting career started in 2003 and she is still very much relevant in the world of entertainment.

The Argentine actress has gone through some failed relationships in life; she was even married at a time but the union proved abortive after a few years. Solá’s unfortunate experience in marriage did not put her off men as she was quick to find love again in the hands of the world-famous Hollywood actor Al Pacino. Their relationship endured for many years, though it is all in the past now.

Lucila Solá was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The actress’s given name at birth is Lucila Polak and she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Federal District), on the 17th of April 1976. Though facts about her birth family are not in the public eye, the Argentine’s father has been revealed to be Federico Polak – a former spokesperson for Raul Alfonsín. Absolutely nothing is known about her mother and siblings if any.

In the same vein, nothing is known about her academic qualifications and the institutions attended but it’s common knowledge that the Pride and Prejudice actress has fluency in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Italian. The actress spent a better part of her formative years in her home country until she immigrated to the United States of America at the age of 20.

Her acting career commenced in 2003

It was in 2003 that Lucila Solá played her debut on-screen role of Jane Vasquez on the set of Pride and Prejudice. This movie also marked her big break, opening inroads into other acting gigs. Since then, this Argentine beauty has graced the screen in over 20 productions and is still relevant in the movie world. Below is a comprehensive list of all the movie roles under her belt.

Lucila Solá’s movies and TV shows


  • Cat’s Revenge as Ana – pre-production
  • Resentimental – 2016
  • A Stand Up Guy as Lola – 2016
  • Olvidados as Mrs. Sanera – 2014
  • Kirstie as Lucila – 2014
  • 10 Rules for Sleeping Around as Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Jobim – 2013
  • We Are Not Animals as Amalia Agreste – 2013
  • Un buen día as Fabiana – 2010
  • Dark Buenos Aires as Mariela – 2010
  • Moving McAllister as Petals – 2007
  • Soul’s Midnight as Iris – 2006
  • Wait – 2004/II
  • Pride and Prejudice as Jane Vasquez – 2003

TV series

  • Modern Family as Mariela Morales – 2015
  • Saint George as Dr. Claudia Fernandez – 2014
  • Bones as Bianca Silva – 2013
  • The Jadagrace Show as Miss Lopez – 2012
  • Political Animals as Eva Flores – 2012
  • The Cleaner – 2009
  • In Case of Emergency – as Rebecca – 2007
  • E-Ring as ETA Representative – 2006

Lucila Solá has been in one failed marriage

Lucila Solá who is currently in her mid-forties has recorded one marriage and one divorce. Though the details of her marriage or how they started have never been made public, the mother of one was married to Maximo Morrone. The duo exchanged vows in 1997 and their union went on to last for nine years, coming to an end in 2006.

Her marriage to Maximo didn’t work out but it saw the birth of their only daughter Camila Morrone. The former couple now play co-parents to their daughter.

She moved on with Al Pacino

Lucila Sola

Lucila and Alpacino image source

After her divorce from Maximo became official in 2006, the Argentine actress waited for three years before going to find love again. This time, she hooked up with world-famous, multi-award-winning Hollywood actor Al Pacino who according to the records has never taken a woman down the aisle but has fathered children with different women.

Her dalliance with the renowned actor which took off in 2009 endured for ten long years before they called it quits in 2019. However, we must note that they went through a brief breakup and make-up sometime in 2015.

There is one interesting fact about the Al Pacino/Solá relationship that deserves a mention; the world-famous actor is 39 years older than Lucila Solá but despite their generational gap, the duo held on to their relationship for almost a decade. During their time together, fans actually came to believe that Al Pacino got it right this time because while speaking about their relationship, the screen god mentioned that he is happy with what he has with Solá. Besides, he also hinted at the possibility of taking her on the walk down the aisle but obviously, it never came to pass. Since her split from Al Pacino, Solá is possibly single as she is yet to surface on the relationship scene again.

Who is Lucila Solá’s ex-husband Maximo Morrone?

The identity of Maximo Morrone reveals he is an actor, model, and photographer. Though an Argentine by origin, Maximo’s nationality is American as the father of one was born in the United States, precisely in Los Angeles California.

His career started in the modeling industry where he has appeared in different magazines and worked with the IMG modeling agency. So far, Solá is the only woman he has walked down the aisle with and the child the marriage produced is his only known offspring.

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Lucila Solá’s only daughter is a model

Actress Lucila Solá wasted no time in becoming a mother after her nuptials with Maximo. On the 16th of June 1997, she welcome a beautiful baby girl whom they named Camila Morrone. Camila toed the same career path as her dad and is currently walking and working for various fashion and cosmetics brands among which is Victoria’s Secret.

Even in her early 20s, the runway queen is already recording some high-profile relationships. In fact, her current boyfriend is none other than the movie superstar Leonardo DiCaprio who is almost double her age and a close friend of her mum’s ex-boyfriend Al Pacino.

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