Who Is Jamie Luner Married To and What Is Her Net Worth Since Melrose Place?

Jamie Luner
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Profile summary of Jamie Luner
  • Name: Jamie Luner
  • Date of birth: 12th of May 1971
  • Age: 53
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Beverly Hills High School and the University of Santa Monica
  • Parents: Stuart and Sussan Luner
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 1990 to date
  • Net worth: $2 million

Jamie Luner is a Californian-born actress who is known to be quite prolific in the movie arena. Since she surfaced in the entertainment industry in 1990, the movie star has recorded a total of 64 credits and counting, creating a niche for herself in the showbiz scene. While everything about her professional life is in the public space, nothing much is known about the actress’s personal life. However, she once let the public in on her relationship with a personal trainer, John Braz, but that is not all.

Jamie Luner was born in San Francisco Bay, California

Jamie Luner

Jamie and her mom, Susan – image source

Jamie Luner grew up in the suburb of Palo Alto in San Francisco Bay, California where she was born. Her date of birth is recorded as the 12th of May 1971 and she was born into the Jewish family of Susan and Stuart Luner. While her dad Stuart earned a living as a sales representative, the actress’s mother, Susan was also part of the entertainment industry as an actress – a major reason Jamie choose acting as her career path. During Jamie’s early days in the movie industry, Susan acted as her manager for a while.

Going by what we gathered, Jamie is not the only child of her parents, The television actress spent her formative years alongside a brother named David, who is older than her by a few years.

Looking at her academic history, she graduated from Beverly Hills High School before proceeding to the University of Santa Monica. However, details like her course of study and year of graduation are not in the public space.

Her early career and other exploits

During the earliest part of Jamie Luner’s career, the actress was seen on the sets of several TV series, including ABC TGIF, Just the Ten of Us, and Growing Pains, but she gained public attention by depicting the character of the scatterbrained but sexy Cindy Lubbock in Just the Ten of Us. Following Jamie’s appearance in Nightmare on Elm Street, she took a brief hiatus from the movie world to join Epicurian Cooking School, then gained employment as a chef at a restaurant based in Los Angeles, California.

Jamie Luner rose to fame after she returned to TV

The American actress made her comeback to TV in 1993 in Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter?  following which she was featured in a good number of productions, including Confessions of a Sorority Girl and Savannah, which offered her a high-profile role. Others include Melrose Place and Profiler. When work was in short supply, the Hollywood actress recorded some guest appearances on the sets of TV series like The Outer Limits, That’s Life, and CSI: Miami.

She became more prolific in her career after the 2000s

Within a span of six years – between 2003 and 2009, Jamie Luner recorded a total of 12 appearances, notable among them are 10-8: Officers on Duty, Threshold, and Dead Man Talking, where she played a guest role. Others are TV movie projects for Lifetime Television, including The Perfect Marriage, Blind Injustice, Stranger in My Bed, and The Suspect.

Jamie has tasted the theater word in Black and Bluestein and some of her notable productions include Nuclear Hurricane TV movie in a guest role, All My Children, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and guest roles in Better Call Saul and Code Black.

Summary of Jamie Luner’s movies and TV shows


• For Better or Worse – (TV Movie) – (post-production) – 2021
• Lost & Found in Rome – (TV Movie) as Diana Jensen – 2021
• The Christmas High Note – (TV Movie) as Rachel Carter – 2020
• Tell Me I Love You as Julie – 2019
• My Adventures with Santa as La Befana – 2019
• Deadly Runway – (TV Movie) as Suzanne – 2018
• A Lover Betrayed as Tess Nolans – 2017
• Trial as Jennifer Clarke – 2016/III
• A Mother’s Revenge – (TV Movie) as Jennifer Clarke – 2016
• Flirting with Madness as Rihanne Lindstrom -2015
• The Wrong Girl – (TV Movie) as Ashley Allen – 2015
• The Cheating Pact – (TV Movie) as Ms. Walters – 2013
• Out of Reach as Dianne – 2013/I
• The Perfect Boss – (TV Movie) as Jessica Slate – 2013
• Stalked at 17 – (TV Movie) as Toni Marshall -2012
• Walking the Halls as Holly Benson – 2012
• Trust – (TV Movie) as Sandra – 2009
• Heat Wave – (TV Movie) as Dr. Kate Jansen – 2009
• Nuclear Hurricane – TV Movie) as Linda – 2007
• The Suspect as Beth James – 2006
• The Perfect Marriage – (TV Movie) as Marianne Danforth / Annie Grayson -2006
• Stranger in My Bed – (TV Movie) as Sara Hansen – 2005
• Blind Injustice – (TV Movie) as Diana Scott – 2005
• Threshold – (TV Movie) AS Dr. Savannah Bailey – 2003
• Warrior as Eldoran’s Girl – 2002
• Sacrifice – (TV Movie) as Naomi Cohen – 2000
• The Force – (TV Movie) as Stacey – 1999
• Friends & Lovers as Model – 1999
• The St. Tammany Miracle as Lootie – 1994
• Tryst as Mindy – 1994
• Confessions of Sorority Girls – (TV Movie) as Sabrina Masterson -1994
• Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy – (TV Movie) as Donna – 1994
• Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter? – (TV Movie) as Diana Moffitt- 1993

TV series

  • yA – as Susanna Cambridge – 2020
  • Murder in the First – as Cassie Siletti / Catherine ‘Cassie’ Siletti – 2015-2016
  • Code Black – as Candace Clark – 2015
  • Better Call Saul – as Dreamy Woman – 2015
  • Heartbreakers – as Teresa Stone – 2014
  • True Blood – as Amanda H-Vamp – 2014
  • Two and a Half Men – as Tracy -2014
  • The Glades – as Willa Garbett – 2013
  • Criminal Minds – as Madison Riley – 2013
  • Supernatural – as Annie Hawkins -2012
  • All My Children – as Liza Colby – 2009-2011
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – as Elizabeth Rodriguez -2007
  • The War at Home – as Jodi – 2006
  • NCIS – as Amanda Reed / Lt. Cmdr. Hamilton Voss – 2004
  • 10-8: Officers on Duty – as Senior Deputy Ryan Layne – 2003-2004
  • CSI: Miami – as Nikki Olson – 2002
  • That’s Life – as Samantha Richardson – 2001
  • The Outer Limits – as Dr. Candace Maguire – 2001
  • The Drew Carey Show – as Jenny – 2000
  • Profiler – as Rachel Burke -1999-2000
  • The Pretender – as Rachel Burke – 2000
  • Melrose Place – as Lexi Sterling – 1997-1999
  • Savannah – as Peyton Richards ¬ 1996-1997
  • Diagnosis Murder – as Kimmy Marlowe – 1994
  • Rebel Highway – as Sabrina Masterson – 1994
  • Reasonable Doubts – as Tiffany Beaman – 1993
  • Married… with Children – as Gerri – 1992
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures – as Roxanne – 1992
  • Growing Pains – as Cindy / Kara Daye / Sheena Berkowitz – 1987-1990
  • Just the Ten of Us – as Cindy Lubbock – 1988-1990
  • ABC TGIF – as Cindy Lubbock – 1990

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She once dated John Braz

Jamie Luner belongs to the league of those celebs who love to keep the details of their love life private. However, some tidbits surfaced claiming that the actress was once an item with John Braz who earns a living as a personal trainer. Their relationship which allegedly started in 1995 lasted for roughly four years before they decided to call it quits.

Since she ended things with John Braz, Jamie seemed to have tightened all loopholes in her personal life and nothing has managed to filter into the public arena since. Thus, it is not known whether she is married, divorced, or in a relationship. In the same vein, no one knows if she has had children in the past.

Jamie is one actress who loves to live a simple life, according to her, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Jamie Luner has tidied up a fortune from the movie industry

An actress as prolific as Jamie Luner is expected to show corresponding results in her bank account and the Californian native did not disappoint one bit. Her net worth was last reviewed around the middle of 2019 and it showed a sum in excess of $2 million. Obviously, Jamie earned all her fortune from depicting different roles on TV shows and in movies. This figure is expected to show some positive changes in the next review as the actress is still relevant in the entertainment industry.

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