Is Stevin John Done With Blippi? All About The YouTuber

Stevin John
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Profile summary of Stevin John
  • Name: Stevin John
  • Alias: Blippi
  • Date of birth: May 27, 1988
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Place of birth: Ellensburg, Washington
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Engaged
  • Spouse: Alyssa Ingham (fiancee)
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Occupation: YouTuber
  • Years active: 2013 to date
  • Net worth: $16 million
  • YouTube: Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids
  • Instagram: @steezymfliek
  • Facebook: Blippi

Stevin John is a YouTube personality known by the alias, Blippi on YouTube. John started his YouTube career as early as 2013 when he went under the moniker, Stephen Grossman. However, his career as Stephen J. Grossman bred a lot of controversies that led him to change his stage name to Blippi and start all over again. As Blippi, John specializes in producing children’s videos and the sale of kiddies paraphernalia.

Stevin John is an American by nationality

Stevin John was born as Stephen J. Grossman on the 27th of May 1988 but he goes with the stage name, Blippi. Information about his family background is not known but according to the children’s entertainer, he spent his growing up years in Ellensburg, Washington, surrounded by cows, horses, and tractors. His childhood dreams have always been to end up as a fighter pilot or a limousine driver.

His early career was in the US Air Force

John was part of the US Air Force where he served as a loadmaster under the C-17 Globemaster airplane at the 4th Airlift Squadron. His daily itinerary included performing the calculations plus planning cargo placement; this is in a bid to keep the aircraft within the permissible center of gravity limits during flights

Stevin John garnered popularity as Blippi on YouTube

Blippi is hardly Stevin John’s first brush with fame on the internet space. Before coming out as Blippi, Stevin John was an LA moviemaker who used to perform on YouTube as a twee, 21st-century clown. He went under the moniker, “Steezy Grossman” to create comedy videos. Part of what he produced then were low-budget, low-brow videos with titles such as “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man.”

Upon relocating to Ellensburg, John witnessed his nephew (a toddler) watching YouTube videos that were very low quality and that was when the idea to produce Blippi occurred to him. He thus created the Blippi character as an adult male dressed up in bright clothes and dancing around the US deserted soft play center on YouTube. The 27th of January 2014 saw the release of the debut Blippi video featuring Stevin John as Blippi. He single-handedly accomplished all the filming, graphics, and editing.

Before coming out as Blippi, John had to effect a change of name from Stephen J. Grossman to his present name, Stevin John. He is inspired by other children’s entertainers and educators such as Mr. Rogers. Blippi is presented as an educational character that thinks and acts like a typical child.

With his childlike demeanor, John became an internet sensation among the younger generation as children just can’t get enough of the dancing clown. Presently, he is garnering over 400 million views monthly and the total views on all his channels are calculated in billions. Blippi also has more than 15.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Stevin John later delved into business

We must not neglect to mention the business arm of Blippi where John markets children’s merchandise like dolls, costumes. action figures, books, bikes, and T-shirts, including a replica of the comedian’s glasses and hat. He also sells Blippi birthday party plates, decorations, and many more. He has a standing licensing deal with K-Swiss; both parties signed on dotted lines for the company to market Blippi-branded powder blue plus orange kids’ sneakers.

His success has also birthed a massive cottage industry of unlicensed “Blippi-inspired” merchandise. There are orange and blue cake pops, knit caps, and tutus he doesn’t make a profit from. The Blippi Empire is quite large and he achieved it in a few years.

In addition to all these, Stevin John also earns from tours, meet and greets, and more, In his YouTube with live-action videos, John explores children’s museums, playgrounds, zoos, and farms, including pieces of heavy machinery.

Parents consider, Blippi to be a welcome island of what is best referred to as wholesome entertainment. Kids who watch Blippi videos are not likely to be abused or gored. The comedy is very safe, and parents can relax and give their children free rein on the channel.

Stevin John is also Steezy Grossman

Stevin John began making videos on YouTube earlier than Blippi but he went under the moniker, Steezy Grossman – a boy born as poop by parents who had anal sex. He leveraged the Steezy Grossman alias to create such videos as Underwear Man and Turdboy.

There was this controversial video from Steezy Grossman’s channel in 2013, featuring John on a toilet performing the Harlem shake before pooping on a naked friend. After Buzzfeed unearthed this gross video in 2019, John spoke in self-defense, saying he regretted producing the video and only did so because he believed it was funny but he now knows that it is tasteless and stupid. He wiped away the video from internet search engines and social media with the aid of DMCA takedown notices.

Is Stevin John done with Blippi?

Stevin John is not done with Blippi. After Stevin John has recorded appearances in hundreds of episodes of Blippi on YouTube from 2014 to date, parents recently noticed that his character has been replaced by a different person. This triggered loads of questions from the public who wished to know if John is done with the children’s show and whether they are going to be seeing the new person in subsequent videos.

The curious parents finally got their answer from one of the commenters on the Blippi Facebook page. According to the commenter, the new person isn’t the new Blippi, he is just someone to fill in for Stevin John on occasions like live performances. John said he is still very much in the game and is still making videos that will drop in the nearest future.

Personal life of the YouTuber

John recently changed his relationship status from boyfriend to fiancée. According to the children’s entertainer, he popped the big question to his girlfriend Alyssa Ingham who has been going steady with him for some years and got an answer in the affirmative.

Stevin John and his fiancée, Alyssa Ingham soon announced that they were set to become first-time parents in October 2021, Ingham was seen holding an ultrasound scan printout of their baby while kissing John.

Their son named Lochlan David John was born on the 9th of March 2022. Talking about Lochlan who weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and with a length of 20 inches, the proud father described his baby boy as “so cute” “ we love him so much”, John said, and having him with them has been heaven.

John who has been a hand’s-on fiancée since his Alyssa became pregnant is excited about teaching baby Lochlan everything. The couple is planning to have a destination wedding but their major preoccupation was the pregnancy but now their son takes priority over everything. However, wedding bells are still expected.

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