Gussy Lau Biography – Is He Angela Aguilar’s Boyfriend?

Gussy Lau
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Gussy Lau – born June 6, 1988, is 35 years old.

Gussy Lau is a Mexican vocalist and musician best known for being the boyfriend of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, Angela Aguilar. According to the celebrity duo, they have been in a relationship since 2022 but decided to keep away from the prying eyes of the public. However, things got out of hand after a friend betrayed their confidence and shared an intimate photo of them on the internet space. The image which wasted no time going viral triggered a lot of unsolicited responses and contributions from fans. While many asked people to leave the lovebirds alone, others were rather skeptical about the relationship because of the 15-year age gap between them

Profile summary of Gussy Lau
  • Name: Luis Abraham Buelna Vea
  • Date of birth: June 6, 1988
  • Gussy Lau’s age: 35 years old
  • Place of birth: Mocorito Culiacán, Sonaloa, Mexico
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Education: University graduate
  • Marital status: Single
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Occupation: Singer cum songwriter
  • Net worth: $4 to $6 million
  • Instagram: @gussylau

How old is Gussy Lau?

Gussy Lau was born on June 6, 1988, which means his current age is 35. His place of birth is Mocorito Culiacán, Sonaloa, Mexico, where he spent a better part of his early years. It goes without saying that Lau is Mexican by nationality but his ethnic background is mixed, comprising Korean and Latino bloodlines

Lau’s given name at birth is Luis Abraham Buelna Vea and he was born to a Mexican businessman who is linked to the music industry though his identity has never been revealed. His mom on the other hand is a homemaker. Lau grew up alongside some siblings who are also linked to the music world. Gussy’s family follows the Christian faith and he remains a Christian to date.

He is quite the family man and has been severally spotted in pictures with his parents and siblings. There was a beautiful shot of Lau and his parents at SACM (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico) which he shared through his social media pages.

Her has not deemed it necessary to disclose the details of his academic journey but according to the records, he went to both high school and college in his home country Mexico.

He is a singer cum songwriter

Gussy Lau earned recognition as a vocalist and songwriter. He worked in the music industry for a while before becoming a signee of the imprint, Equinoccio Records which belongs to Pepe Aguilar, the father of his love interest. Lau joined the record label in March 2021 and became Por mujeres como tú’s interpreter; he was later featured in one of the singer’s YouTube videos.

He gained massive popularity for releasing hit tracks like Con Toda la Fuerza, Comeré Callado, Ni Juez Ni Parte, Nace Un Borracho, De Los Besos Que Te Di, Aquí Abajo, and many more.

Through his music career, Gussy has made some highly successful collaborations with the likes of Ángela Aguilar, Caliber 50 band, Los Rojos, Banda Los Recoditos, Hijos De Barron, Cuitla Vega, and Christian Nodal.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Gussy Lau offers live performances and also worked with the motion picture industry, composing some of the signature tracks used in movies.

The Mexican-born musician has proved that he has a good head on his shoulders by launching his own music studio in Mexico. He also has another handy studio at his current residence in Culiacán, Mexico.


He is a two-time Latin Grammy Award-winning musician and has been nominated twice. Gussy has earned notable mentions on both Billboard and Spotify. Below are some of his best-known songs.

  • Vivir la Vida
  • En Contra de Mi Voluntad
  • Hombre de Trabajo
  • Con Toda la Fuerza
  • Los Gustos Que Me Doy
  • Desde Que La Vi
  • Ni Diablo Ni Santo
  • Comere Callado, Vol. 2
  • Calidad y Cantidad
  • Ni Juez Ni Parte
  • Christian: Nace un borracho
  • Ya No Soy El Mismo
  • They didn’t tell you wrong

Gussy Lau is currently dating Ángela Aguilar

Not long ago, it was revealed that Gussy Lau and Ángela Aguilar are in a romantic relationship. Ángela who is a Mexican-American vocalist and songwriter is the daughter of the owner of Equiniccio Records, Pepe Aguilar.

The lovebirds first crossed paths in 2021 after Lau became a signee of Equiniccio Records. They commenced dating in mid-February but decided to keep things under wraps until April 2022 when the matter was taken out of their hands.

It happened that a close friend of the couple betrayed them by leaking a picture where Angela and Lau were seen kissing. Knowing the caliber of the people involved, the post wasted no time in going viral and Lau had no choice but to confirm that they have actually been going steady for a long time. Gussy also revealed that both his parents and Angela’s parents are aware of their relationship.

Gussy Lau made this announcement on the 6th of April 2022 through a live IG broadcast with social media influencer Chamonic, the Univisión portal reported.

On her own part, Angela was upset about their picture going viral and said it felt bad to have a trusted person let you down. Talking about the situation, Pepe’s daughter said it did not only impact her personal life, it also affected her professional life.

Her outcry elicited a response from Lau who took to his socials to apologize, telling Angela how much he loves and cherishes her. Describing the female singer as a queen and a beautiful soul who trusts people because she is good, Lau said those qualities are the greatest treasures that can be harbored by a human being.

Apart from his dalliance with Angele, there is no record of Lau’s past affairs and breakups. The Mexican musician currently lives in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau’s relationship elicited some responses on Twitter

In the wake of the couple’s intimate picture that went viral on the internet space, fans came up to condemn the situation, requesting that tweeps respect the couple’s privacy.

However, there was a section of fans who couldn’t help but express concern about the huge age difference between Gussy Lau and his love interest, Angela Aguilar.

Angela who was 18 to Lau’s 33 at the time was considered to be a baby compared to her boyfriend because of their generational age difference.

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