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Vicki Schreck
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Vicki Schreck – born November 14, 1961, is 62 years old.

Among the entertainers who kept our screens alive in the 1970s and early 1980s is Vicki Schreck. The Los Angeles, Californian native made her debut at the age of nine on the set of Dream No Evil. However, she didn’t seem to have the opportunity of joining the league of superstars in Hollywood, but she will always be remembered for the characters she depicted in Freaky Friday, What’s the Matter with Helen?, How the West Was Won, and several others. The former child actress recorded her last appearance in 1981 as a member of the cast of Big Bend Country and she has never surfaced on the radar again since then.

Profile summary of Vicki Schreck
  • Name: Vicki Schreck
  • Date of birth: November 14, 1961
  • Age: 62 years old
  • Place of birth:  Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Years active: 1970–1981
  • Net worth: Under Review

Vicki Schreck is a Californian native

From what we’re able to gather from the kept records, Vicki Schreck was born on the 14th of November in 1961, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Her birth took place in Los Angeles California, indicating her American nationality but details about her ethnicity are not available in the public arena. Likewise, nothing is known about the actress’s family background, both her parents and possible siblings if any are not known.

On her academic qualifications and institutions attended, nothing is captured in the media, we only know that she was still a little girl when she scored her first role in the movie. Thus, it goes without saying that she was studying and acting at the same time. However, nothing is known about the level she attained in her education.

She made her on-screen debut at the age of nine

Vicki Schreck was barely nine years old when she made her on-screen debut in a juvenile role on the set of Dream No Evil in 1970. Her first appearance heralded several others as the Californian native appeared again the next year, this time, she joined the cast of What’s the Matter with Helen? in 1971. It marked her first prominent gig and was equally a juvenile role where she depicted the character of One of Adelle’s Kiddystars.

In the movie written by Henry Farrell and directed by Curtis Harrington, a couple of middle-aged women took the decision to relocate to California, following their son’s involvement in an infamous murder that led to them being convicted. Upon their arrival in the United States movie capital, the duo was not eager to go, launching a dance school for kids as they tapped their way to fame. The movie starred the likes of Shelley Winters, Debbie Reynolds, and Dennis Weaver.

The youngster would wait a couple of years after What’s the Matter with Helen? before making her next appearance. She became part of the television series Love, American Style in 1973, playing Lisa. Before the end of the year, Vicki was spotted in the TV series The Brady Bunch where she was featured as Woodside Girl. Two years down the line, particularly in 1975, the television movie The Easter Promise had her on set as Terry.

One of the best-known roles of Vicki Shreck occurred on the set of Freaky Friday

Vicki Schreck’s next prominent role was Freaky Friday which perhaps has remained her best to date as it was rated 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Also, it happens to be her only movie that managed its way on the rating list. In the movie which came to light in 1976, a woman and her daughter found themselves in a strange situation on an odd Friday when their personalities were inexplicably switched, making one live the other’s life throughout that fateful day.

The movie which belongs to the directorial portfolio of Gary Nelson has Mary Rodgers as the writer; she takes the credit for writing both the book and the screenplay. The characters in the plot were brought to life by veteran entertainers like Jodie Foster, Barbara Harris, and many others. Vicki breathed life into the character of Virginia in the production.

The year 1976 appears to be the actress’ most prolific as she made several appearances following her role in Freaky Friday. She played Ruth in the television series Sara and the television movie entitled Addie and the King of Hearts featured the Californian native on set. Also in 1976, The Waltons TV series cast her in the role of Bridgette ‘Muffin’ Maloney.

Vicki Shreck appeared in How the West Was Won in a total of 26 episodes

Vicki Schreck

A scene from How the West was Won – image source

In the coming years, Vicki Schreck started making appearances in How the West Was Won, marking another prominent role in her career life. In the television series, the American actress breathed life into the character of Jessie Macahan who was fondly referred to as Jessie. The series which had its entire run in three years commenced in 1976, ran through 1977, and 1978, and terminated in 1979.

How the West Was Won revolved around The Macahans, a family originating from Virginia, headed by the patriarch Zeb Macahan. The Macahans eventually embarked on a journey across the United States with the purpose of moving to the American West to pioneer a new home, as well as a new land. Al Ruddy and Jim Byrnes take the credit for the creation of the series and movie stars like Bruce Boxleitner, James Arness, Kathryn Holcomb, and others bought the characters to life. Vicki Schreck appeared in a total of 26 episodes before the series’ conclusion.

Here is what we know about her financial standing

Vicki started earning good money in the entertainment industry at nine years of age, but we cannot place our hands on her exact annual remuneration. However, the earnings obviously improved after she successfully pulled off her debut role. On her net worth, the estimation is not known but there are sources that have gone ahead to peg it at a tidy $1.2 million but this is still unfounded.

Where is Vicki Schreck Now?

For the ensuing five years after How the West Was Won, Vicki did not make any on-screen appearance which may be due to the fact that she was out of roles, or perhaps she decided to take a long hiatus. However, she surfaces again in 1981 as one of the cast members of Big Bend Country where she essayed the role of Plantation Girl.

Since then, Vicki seems to have dropped off the radar as nothing else was heard from her in the acting sphere. It is possible that she has channeled her energy into another career path that does not attract media attention. However, we will not be so surprised to see the Californian native grace the screen one last time as she is still very much alive and kicking.

Around May 2002, the former movie actress was spotted in Glendale, California, where she was working as a Gymnastics Instructor. Equally, nothing is known about her marital life but she must have gotten married at some point in her life as she was raising a couple of teenage boys when she was last seen in 2002.

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Complete list of Vicki Schreck’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • Love, American Style  as Lisa – 1973
  • The Brady Bunch  as Woodside Girl – 1973
  • How the West Was Won as Jessie Macahan / Jessie – 1976-1979
  • Sara  as Ruth – 1976
  • The Waltons as Bridgette ‘Muffin’ Maloney – 1976

Movie roles

  • Dream No Evil as Grace as a Child – 1970
  • What’s the Matter with Helen? as One of Adelle’s Kiddystars – 1971
  • The Easter Promise (TV Movie) as Terry – 1975
  • Freaky Friday as Virginia – 1976
  • Addie and the King of Hearts (TV Movie) – 1976
  • Big Bend Country (TV Movie) as Plantation Girl – 1981
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