What Does David Toborowsky From 90 Day Fiance Do For A Living? Is He Still With Annie?

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David Toborowsky – born May 21, 1968, is 56 years old.

David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan were first introduced to audiences in season 5 of 90 Day Fiance. They have since become one of the most loved couples to ever grace the set of the hit TLC series. Nonetheless, the fan-favorite couple had to jump more than a few hurdles to get to where they are at the moment.

One of the issues that threatened the couple’s love initially is the financial problem they had to battle with when they came back to the United States after their whirlwind romance that emanated in Thailand. Contrary to widespread conception, 90 Day Fiance stars earn much less than what is obtainable on other shows in the same category. Thus, the stars have to look for alternative sources of income to get by. A little investigation reveals that David is actually a graduate with a degree in Aviation and Health Administration but for some reason, he couldn’t get a job.

Profile summary of David Toborowsky
  • Name: David Toborowsky
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1968
  • Place of birth: Edison, NJ
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: NA
  • Parents: NA
  • Height: 4′ 10¾” (1.49 m)
  • Occupation: Reality star, teacher
  • Years active: NA
  • Net worth: NA

David Toborowsky is now a teacher

Interestingly, his wife is one of his students. Now a college professor in Louisville, Kentucky, David teaches English as a second language which he finds exciting. His students are mostly online Chinese learners. Being from a country where English is not widely spoken, Annie is benefitting a lot from David’s classes and has applauded his teaching skills as well.

Annie, on the other hand, took time to adjust her immigration status to allow her to get a job and a driver’s license. She has her papers now and has been utilizing the opportunity to travel and also secure a job to support her family. Her social media posts hint at her interest to serve the nation through the army.

In spite of their current status, the couple was struggling to survive a while ago. Even after David got his job as a college professor, their financial problems refused to go away but before then, it was hell for the two when their love was still young.

They put up in a friend’s refurbished firehouse and a storage facility

When they landed on US soil for the first time as a couple, David and Annie had the worst time trying to survive and put a roof over their heads. At the time, there was no money to rent a house, thus, they resorted to living in a refurbished firehouse a friend offered. Along the line, the friend decided to sell the property and the two were faced with the challenge of looking for an alternative.

With no money to pay rent still, David Toborowsky and Annie moved into a storage facility. According to the reality TV star, obstacles threatened to tear them apart but love prevailed and kept them together through thick and thin. They have since emerged at the other side of the tunnel, happy and content with what they have now which is a lot compared to where they started.

How much are 90 Day Fiance stars paid?

The 90 Day Fiance cast members get $1,000 for each episode they appear in while a $2,500 bonus is paid if one appears in the Couples Tell All that airs on the season finale. At the end of a season, depending on the number of episodes they appeared, a cast member can make as little as $15,000 which is much less than what is obtainable on some other similar shows.

For taking part in the Before the 90 Days spin-off, cast members get a meager $500 or sometimes $1,000 for each episode. There is no doubt that the pay would have increased with time but the difference is not much. This subtly explains why David and Annie still struggled financially despite being on a reality TV show. Nonetheless, some 90 Day Fiance stars make bank with their stint on the show.

Aside from 90 Day Fiance, other reality TV shows David has been on include The Domenick Nati Show (2016), 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (2018), 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk (2019), 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined (2020), 90 Day Fiancé Pillow Talk: Happily Ever After? (2020), 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Other Way (2020), and The Family Chantel: Pillow Talk (2020).

How did David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan meet?

It was in Thailand, while David was traveling, that the pair initially met. He was visiting Annie’s native country, Thailand when they met and fell in love instantly. The 24-year age difference between them couldn’t stop this magical union from blossoming. When they joined 90 Day Fiance, David was 51 while Annie was 27. This is perhaps one of the things that endeared them to audiences.

Interestingly, the financial woes that plagued the couple started before David met Annie. He had just come up for air after battling a few issues that had to do with finances, as well as health and personal problems. David had just gone through a divorce from a woman to whom he was married for 20 years, he had a stroke, lost his job, and even lost his home. Consequently, his friend, Chris Thieneman was the one helping him out financially and also went with him to Thailand where he met Annie.

David was in Thailand to take his mind off things and ended up meeting the woman of his dreams who now rocks his world. Having met Annie at his lowest point, it didn’t take long before they bonded. According to David, “she was just so sweet and she made me feel so young.” It was really love at first sight for him.

They met in a bar

David was having a drink one evening when fate brought them together. Annie was singing while David tried to drink his sorrows away and her voice caught him off-guard. He offered to pay for her drink and a few moments later, they were having a good conversation while David was already swooning in admiration for her.

Annie, on her own part, didn’t fall as quickly as David. Nonetheless, she connected with him quite fast as he talked in a way that made her laugh and she loved it. Things moved pretty fast and the couple soon had a wedding to plan.

David asked Annie to marry him 10 Days into their relationship

Regardless to say she accepted, despite the hasty manner in which things unfolded between them. But these two didn’t need years or even months of courtship to see they are meant to be together. Just 10 days after their first meeting, David popped the question by simply saying ‘You know, I would love to marry you.’ Not a romantic approach but it worked perfectly as she accepted the proposal.

They had a traditional engagement party in Thailand and before the union was finalized, David had to cough up a lot of money to pay Annie’s dowry. The requirements include the equivalent of $15,000, more than $6,000 worth of gold, and two water buffalo as per tradition.

Despite being financially unstable due to divorce and other issues, David tried to provide the required items. His friend Chris also chipped in to make it a reality. Eventually, he further won Annie’s heart with the way he showed respect for culture and family. The couple soon got their visa and came back to the States to start a new life.

Are David and Annie still together?

When Annie and David met, he was in a difficult place in his life with a fresh divorce around his neck and substance abuse issues, as well as financial woes. Notwithstanding, she found a reason to love him amid all that. He has always shown devotion to Annie with respect for her culture and this moved her to tears at the early stage of their relationship.

According to Annie, he tries his best to make her happy and that’s why she is still sticking with him against all odds. So, yes, David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan are still waxing strong in the blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, Annie’s sense of humor, combined with her husband’s burning desire to make her happy, has turned the couple into social media stars and equally made them popular on spinoffs like 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.

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Why David Toborowsky is getting a cosmetic procedure

While most men would go for the toned, ripped torso and biceps, all that David wanted to fix on his body was his hair. The reality TV star has been at war with hair loss and has apparently been struggling with insecurities over it.

At 51, with a young 27-year-old wife, David decided to get a restoration procedure to help him grow more hair. This is actually one of the ways he has tried to please his wife as he revealed that he made that decision so he could look good for his wife. David endured hair loss for years due to financial problems but now that they are a bit stable, a hair transplant has become necessary.

For Annie, there’s nothing wrong with her husband’s hair but she pledged her full support for whatever choices he wants to go with. According to her, if it makes him feel good about himself then she is cool with it. In the meantime, the hair restoration was a success but the outcome is still unfolding, though he seems to have more hair now.

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