Who Is Shanti Carson, What Does She Do For A Living?

Shanti Carson
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Profile summary of Shanti Carson
  • Name: Shanti Carson
  • Place of birth: California in America
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Mixed
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Occupation: Actress, movie producer, and fire eater
  • Years active: 2006 to date
  • Net worth: $1.4 million

Shanti Carson is an American actress, movie producer, and fire eater who recorded her best-known role on the set of the movie, Shortbus. The actress cum producer has since appeared in a handful of other productions, including movies and documentaries. The last time she was seen onscreen was in 2014 and fans are beginning to think she may never surface again.

What is Shanti Carson’s ethnicity?

Shanti Carson’s ethnicity has never earned public mention but her first name has been revealed to be a Sanskrit word symbolizing “inner peace.” The name is an indication that she might have a Hindu mix in her ethnic background.

Carson’s date of birth is still under the shade but according to speculations, she is a child of the 80s. her parents and siblings are not known but the Shortbus actress was born in California – The Golden State of America. This makes her a citizen of the United States. She is a current resident of New York.

Shanti Carson‘s career exploits

The American actress made her Hollywood debut in 2006 on the set of Shortbus which has remained her best-known movie to date. She also co-produced the movie. The next time she would surface in a movie was in 2007 in Pink and Tender, breathing life into the character of Vera.

In addition to functioning as a co-producer of The Lower Angels in 2014, Shanti Carson also joined the cast, playing Haily.

She was part of the documentary entitled, Apparition of the Eternal Church in 2006 which garnered mixed reactions from artists of different caliber, including moviemakers, authors, dancers, musicians, and many more. While many saw it as a beautiful piece of work, others were completely averse to it. So far, the documentary has won several awards, including;

  • Jury Prize in the category of Best North American Independent Feature Film; this was during the 2006 Indianapolis International Film Festival
  • The Festival Director’s Award during the 2006 Santa Cruz Film Festival (2006)
  • Best Experimental Festival Award in the 2008 Rome International Film Festival, USA
  • Gold Medal for Excellence in Musical, Experimental Film: Director’s Choice, during the 2006 Park City Film Music Festival

Shanti Carson is also known as a professional fire eater

Her Shortbus role

Shanti Carson

Shanti in Shortbus image source

In the John Cameron Mitchell-directed movie, Shanti Carson was featured as Leah, the wife of the lead male character. It chronicles the everyday lives of couples from different backgrounds whose opinions differ when the talk is about sexual relationships as they try to find a connection. They usually have these fascinating discussions whenever they gather at a Brooklyn-based salon.

Though the plot of the movie is quite interesting, it came with some obscene scenes. The cast members were seen performing what was described as explicit on-screen sex scenes. The movie was characterized by extreme nudity, including coitus scenes which exposed it to a lot of criticism. In addition, Shanti Carson got a lot of backlash for her role in Shortbus. Also, Prime Video rejected the production because of nudity.

Shanti Carson’s movies and TV shows

  • 2014 – The Lower Angels as Haily
  • 2007 – Pink & Tender as Vera
  • 2006 – Shortbus as Leah / The Beautiful Couple

As producer

  • 2014 = The Lower Angels as co-producer

Self credits

  • 2007 – Gifted and Challenged: The Making of ‘Shortbus’ (Video documentary short) as Leah
  • 2006 – Apparition of the Eternal Church (Documentary) as Documentary subject

Shanti Carson’s net worth

Though she fielded criticisms from all angles after making her Hollywood debut, it did not have any negative impact on the Californian native’s earning power as an actress. The big bucks wasted no time in rolling and today, her net worth is pegged at a tidy $1.4 million.

She earned a lion’s share of her wallet from her acting gigs, though her role as a producer in The Lower Angels will account for a few digits of her net worth.

How tall is she?

For a lady, the Shortbus actress stands above average height. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall which is the same as 173 cm. Shanti Carson has a commensurate 60 kg body weight to balance her height. She is distinguished by shoulder-length black hair with tresses. Shanti’s eyes are described as chocolaty brown.

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