Who Is Robyn Bewersdorf – What Happened To The Actress?

Robyn Bewersdorf
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Robyn Bewersdorf – born May 30, 1984, is 39 years old.

Robyn Bewersdorf is counted among the amateur stars we have witnessed on the internet space doing adult movies. Though she earned handsomely during her days in the trade, the former actress has long left the business and according to reports, she is now a responsible married woman and a mother of two.

Profile summary of Robyn Bewersdorf
  • Real name: Robyn Bewersdorf
  • Nickname: Tiffany Teen
  • Date of birth: May 30, 1984
  • Robyn Bewersdorf’s age: 39 years old
  • Place of birth: Naperville, Illinois, USA
  • Star sign: Gemini
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Parents: NA
  • Spouse: A pastor (name unknown)
  • Children: 2
  • Height: 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)
  • Robyn Bewersdorf’s Instagram: Tiffany_Teen

Robyn Bewersdorf is from Napierville, Illinois

A lot of porn stars don’t bring the details of their early life and family background to the public arena and former softcore actress, Robyn Bewersdorf is not far removed from the rest. Consequently, there is nothing to be said about her growing up years, her parents’ names are not known and it is equally not known whether she was born as an only child or grew up with siblings.

The only info about the former porn star is that she is a native of Napierville, II and it goes without saying that she was brought up in that region.

Her days as an actress

No one knows exactly when Robyn Bewersdorf started her career as an actress but according to her records, she was very active between 2003 and 2005. Robyn went under the moniker, Tiffany Teen to become a highly successful performer.

She snapped most of her pictures sporting some alluring lingerie and sometimes with just hands covering her privates. Though she can be hardly described as conventionally beautiful, the Napierville native came armed with a fresh complexion, bright blue eyes, and a cheeky smile, including a knack for suggestive and smoking hot poses that made her a wonder in the online world. Even after she has quit the profession for several years now, Tiffany Teen appears to still retain many of her fans.

Long after she left the trade, her yearbook pictures, including every nude photo of her started circulating on the internet space. This made the former adult actress really upset and it was just about the time she was relocating to Florida with her pastor boyfriend. Since then, fans have been wondering how someone would create that kind of collection of nude photos and expect not to be exposed in the future.

Robyn Bewersdorf is now the wife of a pastor

With the kind of life she lived as a teen, one would hardly expect someone like Robyn Bewersdorf to find love in the arms of a clergyman but that was exactly what happened to the Tiffany Teen star.

After she left the nudity business, the young American took the conscious decision to relocate to Florida. Perhaps she wanted a new beginning on a clean slate so that people won’t be able to associate her with her past life. In Florida, Bewersdorf started dating a man (name withheld) who became a pastor in the long run.

The details of their dating period never made it to the public space but from what we know, the duo exchanged marriage vows at some point and their union has endured for a long time. In addition, Robyn Bewersdorf has two lovely children to show for her years in marriage but their details are not known.

People who have seen the former porn star in recent times expressed surprise as according to them, she was totally unrecognizable. The smoking hot MILF has been replaced by a middle-aged lady who is dedicated to her family – a role you wouldn’t have ever imagined for the Napierville, II native.

Important to note that while she was still in the porn business, Robyn allegedly dated some guys, especially her schoolmates from Naperville Central in Naperville Il. Around 2003, a guy she went to school with came out to say that they actually dated.

She was raking in huge funds in her former profession

There are reports that claimed Tiffany Teen started doing live coupling on camera in 2003 and that was exactly when the former nudity model hit her big break. The reports also claim that she started splurging around town in a Toyota Supra and people couldn’t help but wonder how the hell she can afford an automobile like that.

Those who were in the same line of business with Robyn Bewersdorf alleged that she was raking in the big bucks up to $150,000. It was after she accumulated her earnings that Bewersdorf could afford to make the move to Florida where she settled down to start her life on a clean slate.

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Where is Robyn Bewersdorf now?

As Tiffany Teen, she was an adult actress but presently, Tiff is now known as Robyn and Robyn happens to be a good Christian woman. The mother of two is very active in her church and when you consider the fact that her husband is a clergyman, the claims ring true.

Of course, Tiff isn’t stripping anymore and she currently earns a living working in a photographer’s studio but this time, behind the camera.

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