Who Is Heidi Mark? Meet Vince Neil’s Ex-wife

Heidi Mark
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Profile summary of Heidi Mark
  • Name: Heidi Mark
  • Birth name: Heidi L. Tenety
  • Date of birth: February 18, 1971
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • Nationality: Finnish/American
  • Education: Santaluces Community High School,  Lantana, Florida (1989) and Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth, Florida
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Ex-Spouse: Terry Mark (1993-1994), Vince Neil (2000-2001)
  • Children: 2, Deuce & Georgia
  • Height in ft/inches: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Height in cm/m: 170 cm (1.7 m)
  • Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
  • Body measurements in inches: 34C-23-33
  • Body measurements in cm: 86C-58-84
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Occupation: Actress, model
  • Years active: 1994 – present
  • Net worth: Est. $1 million
  • Instagram: @heidimark

Heidi Mark (born Heidi L. Tenety, February 18, 1971) is a 53-year-old Finnish-American former Playboy Playmate, model, and actress who has over 30 movies and TV series credit under her name, including but not limited to The Young & The Restless (1994), Swimsuit: The Movie (1997), and Rock Star (2001). In the latter, she played the role of a rock star’s wife.

Heidi has some experience with the role she played in the 2001 movie as she was also well-known as the wife of American musician Vince Neil at the time. Their marriage ended that year but there is still a lot to learn about Heidi Mark, including the details of her marriage to Vince. Read on to find out.

How old is Heidi Mark?

Heidi Mark is 53 years old. The former Playboy playmate was born Heidi L. Tenety on February 18, 1971, in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. Heidi was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Her birth status indicates that she is an American citizen. However, Heidi can claim dual citizenship as a result of her father’s foreign citizenship status.

Speaking of fathers, we don’t know too much about Heidi’s father except for the fact that he is a citizen of Finland who arrived in the United States sometime before Heidi was born. Several sources have also revealed the fact that he was a lawyer with his own law firm as Heidi reportedly worked at the said law firm before venturing into show business.

The same unidentified status applies to the woman who gave birth to Heidi, even though her case is more mysterious in the sense that besides not knowing what her name was, we don’t know what Heidi’s mother did for a living. Heidi Mark has been quite secretive about the details of her birth family and this has also not impacted any knowledge of any siblings she might or might not have had.

Heidi Mark received her high school diploma at Santaluces Community High School, Lantana, Florida, in 1989 before going on to bag a Bachelor’s degree in an as-yet unknown discipline from Palm Beach Community College, Lake Worth, Florida.

She began her acting career in 1994

Heidi Mark made her debut in the movie industry in an episode of the 1970s hit TV series The Young & The Restless. She appeared in a solitary 1994 episode of the show as Sharon Newman. By the end of the year, Heidi had appeared in four other different TV series, featuring in solitary episodes of each of the four series.

Heidi’s IMDb page shows that she has more than 30 movies and TV series to her credit, including Rock Star (2001), Man of The Year (2002), Life Without Dick (2002), and Ocean Ave. (2002-2003) amongst several others. Heidi’s most recent acting credit came in 2017 when she appeared in the 2017 TV movie comedy titled The Women Behind The Women: Behind Steel Dragon.

Heidi Mark’s movies and TV shows

TV series

  • The Young and the Restless as Sharon Newman #2 (1994) – 1973
  • Fortune Hunter as Karen – 1994
  • Thunder in Paradise as Alison Wilson – 1994
  • Silk Stalkings as Christine – 1994
  • Red Shoe Diaries as Rebecca – 1994
  • California Dreams as Dancer – 1995
  • High Tide as Dee Dee – 1995
  • Married… with Children as Ashley – 1995-1996
  • Baywatch as Holly / Topless Con-Artist – 1995-1996
  • Head Over Heels as Nikki – 1997
  • Love Boat: The Next Wave as Cruise Director Nicole Jordan / Nicole Jordan – 1998-1999
  • Hope Island as Stella Cooper – 1999
  • Ally McBeal as Alice Gaylor – 1999
  • Charmed as Darla – 1999
  • Third Rock from the Sun as Miranda – 2000
  • Dharma & Greg as Allison – 2000
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 as Amy – 2000
  • Diagnosis Murder as Ashley Wellers – 2000
  • Providence – 2001
  • The Judge as Brittany Hill – 2001
  • Ocean Ave. as Jazz De Guise – 2002-2003


  • Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan as Bebe Quinn – 1995
  • Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise (Video) as Holly – 1995
  • Thunder in Paradise 3 (Video) as Alison Wilson – 1995
  • Weapons of Mass Distraction as Cricket Paige – 1997
  • Steel Chariots as Amber – 1997
  • Swimsuit: The Movie as Amber Montana Dakota – 1997
  • Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story as Annie Banks – 1998
  • Rock Star as Kirk’s Wife – 2001
  • Life Without Dick (Video) as Crossing Guard Stripper – 2002
  • Man of the Year as Carol – 2002
  • The Women Behind the Women: Behind Steel Dragon as Kirk’s Wife – 2017

Heidi Mark used to work as a model

Before venturing into the world of acting, Heidi Mark took the route many actresses before have taken. She began working as a model for many brands including working as a Hooters Girl. These opportunities essentially paved the way for her to become an actress, even though she hung on to some of her more lucrative modeling gigs thereafter.

While she was on the set of The Young & The Restless, Heidi posed for Playboy magazine. The spread made her an American sex symbol, a symbol her employers on her first outing as an actress were far from comfortable with. She was subsequently let go by the showrunners of the 1970s series. Heidi was unperturbed and went on to eventually become a Playboy Playmate.

What is Heidi Mark’s net worth?

Heidi has been in the show business for over 3 decades both as a model and as an actress. In that time, she has been able to acquire a healthy net worth currently estimated to be around the $1 million mark. No one gets a prize for correctly assuming that she acquired the majority of that net worth over the course of an impressive showbiz career.

We cannot completely disregard the possibility that she acquired some of that net worth from her nasty divorce from Vince Neil, even though there is currently no way to be sure for certain since the contents of the settlement were sealed.

What is Heidi Mark’s height?

At 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), one would easily conclude that Heidi Mark is well above the average height of women in the current American society. At that height, she dwarfs the average American woman, actresses included, by at least 3 inches, given the fact that the average American woman stands at a rather diminutive 5 ft 4½ inches.

Heidi also weighs a healthy 48 kg (106 lbs) and her body measurements are 34C-23-33 inches (86C-58-84) being measured for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. Heidi Mark has not officially disclosed her exercise routines but one would assume that they include a regular visit to the gym. Heidi has a full head of luxurious blonde hair and a pair of exquisite blue eyes to round off the classic looks of a White American model.

While detailing the ordeal she endured at the hands of her ex-husband, most people who weren’t already aware of the fact, got to know that Heidi had breast implants. She must have replaced the ones allegedly damaged by said ex-husband.

Heidi Mark was married to Vince Neil for about 1 year

On May 28, 2000, Heidi Mark exchanged marital vows with Vince Neil. Born Vince Neil Wharton on February 8, 1961, Heidi’s ex-husband was the lead singer of the American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. Heidi met Vince through her makeup artist in 1993 and after incessant persuasion on his part, she agreed to go out with him even though she was married at the time (more on that soon).

After around seven years of dating, Heidi and Vince eventually got married in May 2000. Their marriage, which already had a myriad of issues at the time, fell apart within just over 15 months. Heidi filed for divorce in August 2001, citing irreconcilable differences which were later alleged to be related to domestic violence and alcohol abuse.

Neil’s lawyer refuted those claims, claiming that Heidi was the violent one before the divorce was finalized on August 29, 2001. Heidi and Neil had no children together.

Heidi Mark has since remarried

Sources close to the actress and model claim that she has since remarried an as-yet, unidentified man. Those sources also claim that she has 2 children, named Deuce and Georgia, with her current husband, even though their dates of birth have been withheld from the public.

At this point, it becomes necessary to note that before her relationship with Vince commenced, Heidi was married to a man known as Terry Mark. That marriage was dissolved in 1994, around the time she commenced her nearly 8-year relationship with Vince Neil.

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